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100 days of multiplication problems. Discover the difference a couple minutes of practice can make. These are reproducible practice sheets to help students learn their multiplication facts and recall them with fluidity. This book focuses on digits 0-12. An answer key is included in the back of this book, so students can easily check their own work.

Humble Math
February 7, 2019
108 pages

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A few minutes of math a day can help students tremendously. Whether you’re looking to sharpen skills over the summer or supplement learning throughout the school year, Humble Math is working hard to provide resources that will help your child succeed. From the Back Cover       Completing practice problems on a regular basis can help students learn basic math facts. Timed tests can also help develop fluidity and instant recall of these facts.       Make these timed tests fun. Help your student set achievable goals and think of rewards and incentives for them to earn when these goals are met. Do this right and kids will look forward to taking another test each day.         Don’t forget to expose your student to many different types of math problems. Visual problems and word problems are important for a child’s development too. <div id="

  • My son doesn’t know his multiplication tables and teachers are not supposed to set rote memory time anymore. I think this is disastrous because math is so much harder when you don’t know your facts. I am a library teacher who does occasional homework help and I watch 8th graders struggle with basic problems as a result. This workbook is popular with teachers who teach rote on the sly. Each page in this workbook has 60 problems, with several pages per tables. We’re still working on our 3X tables in my home. You set a stop watch, let your kiddo work, and record their speed and accuracy in the upper right hand corner. My son hasn’t improved his speed but he gets full accuracy every time. It’s his favorite homework activity. Your child might pitch a fit at first, but once he or she starts getting full accuracy and better speed, it will be satisfying, and make other math work much easier.
  • The book has been updated and the misprint has been corrected. There is also an answer key. I found the book very helpful to use with my child.
  • I purchased this to review multiplication with my child over the summer. While I’m perfectly capable of grading this it’s too time consuming. There is no answer key. I don’t have time for that.
  • My son has loved using this book to improve his math skills. We put it in a binder with some dry erase markers, so it can be used over and over. Especially on pages he has trouble with. He likes to time himself to see how much he’s improved! Highly recommend!
  • There is no key to the timings and Day 12 says its x2, but it is x3 so totally defective. My students noticed and it is too late for a return. If you are not a teacher, may be a cheap alternative. However, does not do Mad Minute or any other decent program justice. You can probably find free worksheets better than this option. Not happy its ‘archived’ as far as returns go.
  • Perfect for my two 8 yr old learned his multiplication all on his own off this!
  • This was a perfect addition to our “extra homework/practice” materials for my 3rd grader. I love that they are timed tests, and kiddo loves the challenge as well. Each time he does one of the tests, he’s determined to beat his precious time. Each test is a great mix of all multiplications. Keeps the kiddo on his toes.
  • Most math curriculums in 2020 are heavy on theory and light on repetition, and while the theory side of things is important too, practice makes perfect! These worksheets are perfect for some quick math practice to reinforce the basics so they can be automatic, which is a must for doing higher level math. And because they only take a minute, they don’t feel like torture the way a lot of math practice easily could. Definitely a must-have for kids who are not being drilled on math facts at school and accordingly can’t do basic operations in their head instantly!
  • Seven pages of each multiplicating number page. Each page has 60 questions.There are no word problems, just equations.I’m really happy with the booklet. I am homeschooling my daughter this year for Grade 4. Last year she was in Grade 3 public school. I noticed she was a bit rusty with her multiplication tables so this book has helped. I don’t time her. The pages are not perforated but the questions are distanced 1 inch away (I measured) from the spine so it would be easy to cut the pages out with scissors or a box cutter.The price of the booklet is very reasonable.I definitely recommend this multiplication equation book.
  • I get my eldest sons to do one lesson daily. It’s a great way to memorize multiplication facts – there’s an answer key in the back of the book although I just correct them without as I find it faster. They don’t memorize math facts in school anymore which causes difficulty when a child gets to older grades.
  • Child does one sheet a day, she loves how she gets faster each day. Daughter is 10, she did this last year at school. So it’s definitely suitable for 9 and 10 year olds. If your kid loves multiplication, then give it to them at 8. For us it’s more about repetition and building speed than it is about learning the times tables.I think we will buy another book in this series when we have finished this one.
  • Great product for traditional practice. The times tables for 1 to 9 only go up to multiplying by 9. It includes opposite operations as well in each set such as 1×9 and 9×1 in the ones multiplication fact section. But, once you get into the 10 to 12s multiplication facts it includes facts like 12×1, 1×12, 2×10, 10×2,etc. The numbers are stacked vertical vs horizontally written.It was a thicker book than I expected. Good value for lots of practice!
  • Snelle levering. Fijn boek stimuleert het leren en automatiseren van de tafels.Wij oefenen sinds een week elke dag met de stopwatch en de kinderen zien het als een leuke uitdaging om steeds sneller te worden. Stopwatch is handig! Hier een succes!
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    File Size: 35 MB