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From Marsha M. Linehan–the developer of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)–this comprehensive resource provides vital tools for implementing DBT skills training. The reproducible teaching notes, handouts, and worksheets used for over two decades by hundreds of thousands of practitioners have been significantly revised and expanded to reflect important research and clinical advances. The book gives complete instructions for orienting clients to DBT, plus teaching notes for the full range of mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance skills. Handouts and worksheets are not included in the book; purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print all the handouts and worksheets discussed, as well as the teaching notes. The companion volume is available separately: DBT Skills Training Handouts and Worksheets, Second Edition. New to This Edition *Handouts and worksheets (available online and in the companion volume) have been completely revised and dozens more added–more than 225 in all. *Each module has been expanded with additional skills. *Multiple alternative worksheets to tailor treatment to each client. *More extensive reproducible teaching notes (provided in the book and online), with numerous clinical examples. *Curricula for running skills training groups of different durations and with specific populations, such as adolescents and clients with substance use problems. *Linehan provides a concise overview of “How to Use This Book.” See also DBT Skills Training Handouts and Worksheets, Second Edition, a spiral-bound 8 1/2″ x 11″ volume containing all of the handouts and worksheets and featuring brief introductions to each module written expressly for clients. Plus, Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder, the authoritative presentation of DBT. Also available: Linehan’s instructive skills training videos for clients–Crisis Survival Skills: Part One, Crisis Survival Skills: Part Two, From Suffering to Freedom, This One Moment, and Opposite Action.

Marsha M. Linehan
The Guilford Press; Second Edition, Available separately: DBT Skills Training Handouts and Worksheets, Second (October 20, 2014)
504 pages

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“DBT skills are useful not only for individuals who suffer from persistent emotion regulation difficulties, but also for individuals in extreme circumstances and people who have ordinary problems. This updated manual provides the ‘flexibility within fidelity’ in teaching these skills that practitioners and treatment adopters need. New, improved, expanded, and much clearer skills–they’re all here! Skills trainers and their clients will benefit from Linehan and her colleagues’ decades of systematic research and time spent developing, testing, and refining these skills, empowering practitioners to confidently offer multiple ways of understanding and practicing new behavior. Experienced skills trainers will notice the evolved richness and depth, while the explanations and teaching points will provide new trainers and students with an excellent foundation for skills training with both adults and adolescents. Providing a solid evidence-based foundation for core clinical training curricula, this manual and the accompanying volume of handouts and worksheets will be essential across the mental health disciplines.”–André Ivanoff, PhD, Columbia University School of Social Work “Mental health professionals–whether or not they use DBT as their major therapeutic orientation–will find the second edition of Linehan’s skills training manual and its companion volume of client worksheets and handouts invaluable. Skills such as mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance should be part and parcel of any therapist’s repertoire. The manual clearly spells out the theoretical basis and rationale for emphasizing these skills and provides a detailed account of how to use the patient material. Especially useful are descriptions of troubleshooting common problems. Therapists are sometimes at a loss to figure out how to help clients with complex problems; these books can significantly help us improve our effectiveness.”–Judith S. Beck, PhD, President, Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy “Linehan’s pioneering work has guided many–myself included–to incorporate mindfulness into compassionate clinical care in a structured format. The second edition of Linehan’s DBT skills training manual and the companion volume of handouts and worksheets reflect two additional decades of wisdom and innovation, further bolstering these indispensable resources.”–Zindel V. Segal, PhD, Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry, University of Toronto–Scarborough, Canada “DBT is a proven evidence-based treatment that combines the best of our science with the knowledge and compassion of Marsha Linehan–an exceptional researcher and clinician whose innovative work has advanced the field and shifted many individuals from lives of suffering to lives of hope. These outstanding second editions offer guidance on how to implement DBT skills training, while providing the tools needed to deliver this state-of-the-art treatment. They will stand as the authoritative guides for teaching DBT skills, partnering with clients to build lives worth living, and helping us to address our national and international priorities of saving millions of lives lost to suicide worldwide. These ‘must-have’ books belong on the shelves of every clinician and will be valuable course texts.”–Joan Rosenbaum Asarnow, PhD, Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles “I used DBT Skills Training Manual, Second Edition, as a text in my graduate course on cognitive-behavioral/empirically supported therapies. The inclusion in one volume of relevant theory, examples, and pragmatic instructions for implementation is most useful for the classroom. It is a state-of-the-art work that is affordable, well designed, and readable, and will be practical for students long after graduate school. I could also see it serving as an instrumental training resource for interns in outpatient, inpatient, and residential treatment settings.”–Marla M. Sanzone, PhD, Adjunct Clinical Professor, Professional Psychology Graduate Program, George Washington University “Since its introduction to the literature over two decades ago, Marsha M. Linehan’s skills training manual has revolutionized the treatment of individuals with borderline personality disorder, and also the practice of psychotherapy in general. Now in a second edition, the manual and accompanying volume of handouts and worksheets provides clinicians, educators, students, and patients with a resource that can guide even novice clinicians to become more effective and knowledgeable in treating our field’s most challenging cases. Of interest to the psychoanalytically informed reader, the second edition has elaborated DBT’s attention to interpersonal concerns, with robust consideration of interpersonal dynamics replacing the approach to enhancing effectiveness presented in the prior edition.”–Lois W. Choi-Kain, MD, MEd, Director, Adult Borderline Center and Training Institute, and Program and Medical Director, Gunderson Residence, McLean Hospital; Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School“Marsha Linehan is a pioneering and well-respected researcher and clinician. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) has become a therapy of choice for BPD since the publication of her first manual in 1993. DBT has been recommended in guidelines of the English National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)….Ideal for therapists, trainers, and students, the manual can now show the extent to which theory is underpinned by research on outcomes, quoting studies conducted since the publication of the first edition. The research base now includes core skills training for a variety of disorders and not only for those with a diagnosis of BPD and suicide risk. This makes the manual relevant to therapists treating varied clinical and non-clinical populations. The skills for helping clients with emotion regulation and distress tolerance should be in the repertoire of every mental health practitioner and addictions worker. There is a wealth of material in these manuals, now that over 20 years the skills have been tried, tested and refined by Linehan and her colleagues and made accessible to all. Trainers will find that the teaching points in the training manual are clear, with more practical examples citedan excellent foundation for students. The rationale for emphasizing particular behavioral skills is given as well as an explanation of how to use the material with clients….The training skills manual, along with the handout and worksheet volume are valuable resources for practicing clinicians in the field of mental health and addictions, whether or not DBT is their main orientation.” ― Alcohol and Alcoholism Published On: 2015-05-01“The book is well organized, progressing from a rationale for the use of DBT to specific session structures and skills training. It includes an incredible wealth of knowledge well beyond the scope of this short review to cover, but it is sufficient to say that therapists will find detailed instructions for a complete DBT course based on the latest research and clinical practice. This includes tips for therapists in side boxes, summaries of main points, and references to pertinent handouts. The companion workbook…is highly recommended along with this manual. *****” ― Doody’s Review Service Published On: 2015-07-21 About the Author Marsha M. Linehan, PhD, ABPP, the developer of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), is Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Director Emeritus of the Behavioral Research and Therapy Clinics at the University of Washington. Her primary research interest is in the development and evaluation of evidence-based treatments for populations with high suicide risk and multiple, severe mental disorders. Dr. Linehan’s contributions to suicide research and clinical psychology research have been recognized with numerous awards, including the University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award for Psychology and the Career/Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. She is also a recipient of the Gold Medal Award for Life Achievement in the Application of Psychology from the American Psychological Foundation and the James McKeen Cattell Award from the Association for Psychological Science. In her honor, the American Association of Suicidology created the Marsha Linehan Award for Outstanding Research in the Treatment of Suicidal Behavior. She is a Zen master. <div id="

  • The BEST book on DBT Skills from THE expert in the field!! This is an amazing and comprehensive book! All worksheets and handouts are free to access or print out from a website. I highly recommend this book! Please mark if you find my review helpful. Thank you so much!
  • I would like a refund on this purchase given that it is missing 48 pages I paid for the whole book.I’ve already taken notes in it so do not wish to return it at this point.Info on my purchase: Ordered on July 11, 2020 (1 item)DBT® Skills Training Handouts and Worksheets, Second EditionLinehan, Marsha M.Sold by: Amazon.com Services LLC.Buyers Beware.The CONTENT by the author is FANTASTIC. My complaint is with the printing of this softcover book and the supplier above.
  • I recently purchased this DBT Skills Training Manual to supplement my use of the companion manual that has the handouts and worksheets. I have been in a DBT therapy program for a year and am very familiar with the skills already. I need to have further explanation of the principles in order to assimilate these skills into my daily life. They need to be automatic.That being said, I do not find this teaching manual to be overwhelming as some others have reported. I target the sections that offer expanded explanations of key points in the modules and skip the material covering how to teach the skills for a group.I would strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with the “student” version of this book or having some background in the skills before launching into the training manual. In other words don’t buy the two books together.
  • The new skills in this manual were worth waiting for. One request though, please, please, please activate the text-to-speech option for this book. Perhaps it was an oversight by the publisher, but there is no reason to have this option disabled. I am dyslexic and I appreciate the depth of understanding I am able to achieve when reading and listening simultaneously. For me the text-to-speech is a necessary accommodation and not a luxury.
  • I bought this to learn DBT from the ground up. It is extremely comprehensive and designed to teach a clinical professional how to use and administer DBT. Not designed as a self help book and I knew that going in which was fine.What was not fine was that the book literally came unglued as i read through it. Especially as this would be something that would be referenced back to several times by the person reading it, makes it even worse that it fell apart.Giving 3 stars because you can download a free electronic copy from the publisher web site if you buy the book, and it’s quality content.
  • I had to purchase this for grad school. I’m cheap so I got a used copy, it came without any marks, notes, or damage at all. Turns out it comes with free online access (I logged in with my student email address) to guilford.com so you can download all of the handouts and worksheets for use with clients. I’ve learned that doing DBT-adherent treatment as Linehan intended is quite a commitment and it would be impossible without the handouts and worksheets. Other reviewers have had difficulty getting online but I guess I was lucky. I’ve seen spiral-bound versions of this manual which I would recommend since it’s the kind of book that you need to reference repeatedly for the teaching notes, etc.
  • The content here speaks for itself. Marsha Linehan’s work has been important to many people, and I was really looking forward to having the latest versions of her work as ebooks for reference.The kindle version is a major problem on both my devices though (Ipad4 running IOS8, and Samsung S4 android smart phone — both with kindle app). The book isn’t really an ebook at all; it’s like a very clean scan of a printed book, with set page breaks and two columns of text. At best, you can either see a whole page (on an ipad in portrait orientation), then zoom in the way you would with a photo to read part of that page. You cannot change text size or spacing, nor does the text wrap to fit the screen. This makes reading uncomfortable on a tablet and pretty much impossible on a smart phone — unlike basically every other ebook in existence.No idea why they did this, but it’s a dealbreaker for sure. The book was not cheap, and luckily I already had a print version.This really needs to be fixed — it’s as if the publisher doesn’t understand the concept of kindle at a really basic level . . .
  • The content I’m sure is valid but the delivery of the ideas and concepts leave much room for improvement. I’ve never been more frustrated with reading such verbose and cluttered writing from a textbook in my 10 years of higher education. Again, I’m not invalidating the contents of the book but I sincerely wish DBT had been written in a style with less rambling and clutter and more structure and brevity. I rarely take the time to write reviews but after reading several consecutive sentences repeating the same single idea, I became fed up. Hopefully the author revises her text or another author publishes are more well-written version.
  • I am currently working through this book with my CPN, i have PTSD, there are some exercises to do in this book that do require a Therapist to go through them with you, some say do not do this exercise if I do have PTSD, but I’ve found this book extremely helpful and a few exercises have helped me calm down after having a flashback, as it’s been written by a American lady some of the wording is confusing for someone living in the uk, but generally it’s working out ok for me.
  • Learnt a lot about DBT but still not fathomed how to change the hydraulic fluid in my JCB!
  • The manual and contents are perfect. Exactly what I needed.However, this is sold as new and the copy I received did not appear to be in new condition, although fine to use if I wanted second hand I would have saved some money and ordered second hand. Unfortunately I need this for work so can’t return and wait for another one. Not impressed with the vendor, very impressed with the author
  • I bought the book as I started to see a therapist who recommended some of the practices. As I am curious, I wanted to understand the concepts and it really has helped me look at things in different ways, which both helps the way I look at myself but also in how I respond to and reflect on events around me, including a deeper understanding of people I encounter.
  • Very challenging book, full of lots of exercises to help cope with distress….very american so bit cringe at times. Don’t agree with everything in it but there’s plenty of different exercises to choose from. I’m dyslexic so am relieved to be studying this in a group environment, where I can ask for explanations. It’s a bit wordy for me and repetitive. Hopefully after a year, I will understand it better?
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