The Prepper’s Survival Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Survive After the Society Collapse | Stockpiling, Home-Defense, Canning and Other Life-Saving Strategies to Survive to the Worst-Case Scenario PDF AZW3 EPUB MOBI TXT Download

★ BEST PREPARED FOR THE WORST ★Are you concerned that you are not sufficiently prepared for a disaster? Do you wish to protect yourself and your family from natural or man-made disasters? If the answer in your thoughts was “HELL, YES”, then keep reading…Earthquakes, tidal waves or nuclear catastrophes triggered by wars between nations are eventualities that those who care about their families and their safety cannot ignore.Whether it’s a nuclear disaster, global warming, a violent hurricane or an unlikely zombie apocalypse, YOU NEED TO BE PREPARED FOR WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO FACE, ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones.The solution may seem simple: dig a bunker and be prepared to be locked in there for as long as it takes.But how will you manage your food supply when supermarkets are gone?How will you ensure a renewable water supply for the bunker’s inhabitants?How will you know if the medicines you brought with you will be enough to solve any health problem that arises?The exact answers to these and many other questions are contained in “The Prepper’s Survival Bible”.Thanks to this guide you will be able to cope with even the worst situations by learning how to:✅ Prepare for a sudden emergency situation by packing the bare essentials to survive in your pack;✅ Manage your shelter’s water supply as best you can, learning how to distill it and taking all precautions to obtain clean water;✅ Properly store your food sources, protecting them from the action of bacteria and mold, learning how to get new ones based on the type of nature surrounding your bunker;✅ Defending your home from those who would want to breach it to steal the safe place you have created with hard work and dedication and the food and water supplies you have accumulated;✅ Prepare yourself to deal with any health issues related to possible disasters that will happen with the right medications;✅ Cooking with the “Canning” method, which will allow you to provide sustenance for you and your family even when your pre-cooked food supplies run low;…AND MUCH MORE!With this 6-book-in-1 guide, there will no longer be any aspect of post-disaster survival that escapes you, making you ready to defend those you truly love from any eventuality.NO LONGER WILL YOU FEAR ANY SCENARIO, you’ll know how to move to retrieve food and water, defend your property from attackers, and ensure the safety of your family.DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER, disaster is closer with each passing moment.Scroll up, click on “Buy Now” and start preparing as best you can!

Liam Long
November 25, 2021
262 pages

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  • I’m 25 pages into the book and horrified enough to write the first negative review that I’ve ever written… from telling people to put out grease fires with water to telling people to spend money buying cardiac monitors… as a former firefighter and a current paramedic, I say don’t walk away from this book, RUN! There are many great prepping books out there, this is NOT zone of them.
  • I’m amazed this book got 5 star reviews from anyone. The information is very generic. It’s difficult to follow because of the style it’s written and there were multiple paragraphs that were obviously not looked at by an editor. Grammatical errors and incorrect wording. I bought this for a Christmas present for my daughter. I’d be embarrassed to give it to her. Returning and continuing to look for a better written book!
  • This book isn’t cheap and if you are going to sell something like this at least have someone proof read. It mentions water storage in multiple chapters and is incomplete. Large spaces and gaps exist that are obvious formatting issues and the substance is pretty mediocre. It constantly says research this or research that which, uh, is why we bought the book. And you would think there would be detailed instructions for things like long term barrel water storage instead of purchasing bottled water. I wouldn’t waste your money on this book, the internet has better info for free
  • The author just put a bunch of rambling about survival to sell a book it is way over priced. Has some good jelly canning recipes, the herbal section is not useful at all. The herbal section is so lacking in information and herbs that you will need to know. For the price of the book the pictures could have been in color. Over all I would rate this book a waste of your money.
  • Poorly organized, not “hands on” and very notional. OK for the most un-inquiring of minds, but not for those who want more detailed advice. Half of the book is about canning and recipes. Food preservation is important, sure – but it felt like the author gave this book only half a thought. Would like to return, but may use for heat and light instead.
  • If you are looking for an easy-to-use survival guide, this is a great choice! It’s filled with a ton of information on how to survive an emergency or even a long-term situation. There are tips about finding and preserving food, sanitizing your water, starting a fire, and more. It definitely made me think about how well we were prepared for a disaster! I love that the steps are easy to follow and clearly laid out, which made the whole process feel less overwhelming! This book is a must-have for any house!
  • This book aims to help you be prepared in case of emergencies or disasters. This involves the author teaching the reader how to pack a bag that can keep you alive for 3 days, as well as how to live off the land. I appreciated the survivalist skills, things like hunting, fishing, foraging, etc. These are definitely arts that have been lost through the years. So, having this book prepare you is great and helpful. There is also info on how to prepare your home for surviving the collapse of the world. This involves collecting stock piles of stable foods. Overall, this is a helpful book.
  • I’m not a prepper, but I find it an interesting thing to learn about. I’ve heard about it from people online and didn’t understand what it actually meant. This book helped me to understand what prepping is and why people do it insightful good info
  • I can’t fathom how ANYONE would rate this as 5 stars. Either this is the single greatest use of bots, fake accounts and friends to write up bogus reviews, or people are reviewing something else entirely.A CHAPTER is between 1 and 4 pages long.A BOOK is between 6 and 10 chapters.A PAGE is double spaced, thick margined and padded out with black and white stock photos unsuitable for print. Total content is roughly 10,000 words, at a push.It’s like the author has taken the subject, given it to a ghostwriter with little grasp of english and even less knowledge of the topic and just copy/pasted everything from random google searches. The rest is just common sense laid out in bullet points (even the BULLET POINTS ARE INCONSISTENT!!).This is the single WORST book I have ever had the misfortune of buying.Save your money. You’re not going to learn anything you don’t already know.
  • Poor use of language. Badly written. Would NOT recommend
  • Very interesting book that teaches you how to be prepared for whatever could happen, like disasters, heartquakes, tornados and so on. It could seem useless but sincerely, after the events of the last period, better be prepared. I really liked this book: it explains how to stock food and what you would need in case of emergency. I found it complete and really heplful in making me understand what the priorities in case of emergency are. Recommended!
  • This book can be defined as a real bible on survival, it has 392 pages of which offer a fluid reading and without grammatical errors. The text of the book prepares you for the worst, teaches you to survive in desperate cases and greater danger, I can tell you that I enjoyed reading the book, I loved the techniques, secrets and strategies to survive as long as possible. I recommend reading because everything is possible these days.
  • With this guide you will learn to be prepared for that to face events such as earthquakes, tsunamis or nuclear catastrophes triggered by war between nations. This book is written very clear and detailed right away the author helps you to understand how to survive and manage food supplies, to prepare yourself in a sudden emergency situation, to better manage the water supply and much more. I recommend the purchase.
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