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The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible details every step of the complex mushroom cultivation process, making it hands down the largest and most comprehensive book ever written on the subject.Readers will learn how to produce their own magic mushrooms quickly, safely, and effectively. The book features over 40 step-by-step photographic instruction guides to each step of the process, including: sterilizing the equipment to produce mushrooms; how to build the containers used during home mushroom cultivation; safety measures for preventing contamination of the mushroom cultures; and a guide to consuming magic mushrooms safely and enjoyably.Dr. Mandrake uses his doctoral studies in mycology to detail the history and botany of psilocybin mushrooms to give readers an idea of their prevalence throughout human history. The book is highly detailed and comprehensive, allowing readers to learn the entire process required to produce perfect magic mushrooms every time.

Virginia Haze
November 15, 2016
380 pages

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Virginia Haze is a prolific writer and photographer with many books under her belt. She has grown mushrooms for years under the tutelage of Dr. Mandrake and brings her skills as a writer, photographer, and magic mushroom cultivator to this title.Dr. K Mandrake holds a Ph.D. in mushroom botany and is currently working at the forefront of research into the medicinal qualities of psilocybin. He works as a consultant for commercial mushroom producers around the world.They both live San Francisco. <div id="

  • There is good information sprinkled throughout the book, but it is sprinkled thinly and without much thought. A perfect example is the chapter on PF TEK. The ingredients for the cake are precise measurements of water, vermiculite, brown rice flour, and spores. Period. On the very next page are photos captioned with step by step instructions for making the cakes that include adding instant coffee and gypsum. Huh? Where did those come from? At the far other end of the book coffee and gypsum are mentioned for making bulk substrate. The information is rationed randomly and disconnected as well as including some basic misinformation and gaps in sequence. Use this book as a general guide but double or triple check with redundant sources before accepting anything in the book as gospel.
  • I went from not knowing a darn thing about growing to knowing enough to successfully grow with just this book, so I’m happy with this purchase. I suffer from migraines, which is why I am interested in the contents of this book. It does touch on microdosing for cluster headaches or migraines, but the authors obviously do not have migraines so it’s vague. But, I am now migraine free and this book was the tool that brought me there, so I absolutely recommend this book.
  • Awesome book. Alot of consolidated information in this book. Saves alot of time scanning articles on the internet. It’s all here in one book.. there’s also alot of humor in the book as well.. alot of hidden gems.
  • Psilocybin is being experimented with by the medical community, is legal in different parts of the world, and may start being legalized in the USA. I have an entire library on this subject over the decades. I like the fact that the authors include guidelines and advice for safe usage. I still need to write my own little guide in that regard.I was pretty certain I did not have much to learn and I learned some things and I was surprised that they shared insights that (in my opinion) has been ‘insider’ secrets. This book is well written with great pictures.Being responsible with such knowledge, and being responsible in life and living is what empowers freedoms. If you are irresponsible with knowledge and experiences that is what leads to fear, laws, and all sorts of icky stuff. Do your research, do things right and from what I have read this book is an invaluable resource for new explorers, new amateur mycologists interested in this topic, as well as experienced people.I was going to write a book like this myself, I’m glad I don’t have to, someone else did it and they did an outstanding job!!Be safe out there, knowledge is power, use it wisely ­čśë
  • I’ve read several other books, and countless online tutorials and forum posts on this topic, and this book has all of that info and more. A well organized and useful book that includes detailed color photos of each step of a variety of methods and all of the steps to take in your growing efforts. It covers from total beginner to more advanced bulk methods, each thoroughly explained and photographed. All on high quality paper. An excellent book at a very fair price. If you want to explore and experiment, or if you’re just curious, this is THE book to start with. And no, I don’t know the author, and I’m only writing this review because I bought the book, was surprised at the quality of the content, and found it very helpful. As for the legality issue and the prudish US laws, you’ll have to decide for yourself where you stand and how you feel about that.
  • Received, read and impressed. After reading, I find the information easy to understand. I found the down to earth way of writing, which includes cuss words, gives a feeling of being spoken to by a buddy. If you’re looking for friendly, easy going information which is to the point with no B.S. then this book is for you. Learn what steps to take to become a self-sustaining fungal farmer.Highly recommended.
  • There’s a lot of critical information missing if one wants to learn mycology as a hobby. Several sections are missing info on how much of something to add (water to a manure based substrate mix) or how long to do something (sterilize agar before pouring to plates).Another issue is the book jumps around way too much. In teaching the reader how to create a bulk substrate for monotubs it jumps into how to get gypsum from drywall before providing any substate recipe. Industrial gypsum is cancerous compared to food-grade gypsum and given the mushrooms are growing from this mix, I’m not sure why this is advised.The book then goes on to give a manure-based substrate recipe and talks about field capacity but there’s not been clear direction on where the liquid was added to the mix that would cause you to have to test for field capacity or how much liquid was supposed to go into this mix 20% vermiculite 80??% manure mix. It’s questionable if it’s 80% because the book says you can add some gypsum as if it’s optional. Yet it just went through telling you how to make gypsum from cancerous drywall so why is it all the sudden optional and there are no suggested amounts.What adds to the confusion is it goes on in the next section to talk about prepping the monotub (which you’d want to do right before mixing the substrate and spawn) and then jumps backward in the following section to talk about pasteurizing (which is where I think you’d want to do your field test once finished). Pasteurizing takes over an hour, so why prep the monotub first?There are several sections like this. I ultimately bought The Mushroom Cultivator as well as Radical Mycology to make up for what I couldn’t get from this book. I’d highly suggest forking over the money to get Paul Stamets Mushroom Cultivator to have one book that seems to cover cultivating in all the detail you’ll ever need.The pictures are very pretty and glossy though.
  • All the information you need to cultivate and learn how to safely use this magnificent natural food source in your home. Step by step photo instructions on the PF TEK growing method. Valuable information on various species, the chemical composition and the effect it has on the brain, history and amazing facts. Well worth the read.
  • If you’re looking to get into this hobby this book Is perfect. Ive read this front to back, back to front and ALWAYS refer to this if I’m unsure.Why I like this book:-Bright clean up to date photos, this one alone is a winner, it’s great to read something but I find it a lot easier to follow with pictures that clearly show how in simple steps how something should be performed and how it should look and sometimes unfortunately shouldn’t look if you get it wrong which is all to easy if you don’t follow the correct procedures.-Well written and humorous, ignore the negative reviews, they don’t know what they’re talking about.Can’t wait for the next book.Mush love!
  • I originally bought “growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms” by Paul Stamets as my “mushroom bible” for growing normal, (not magic) edible mushrooms but found that it was very dated both in information and writing style and the pictures were all in black and white which was not good for identification.I was recommended this book by the chap who owns the UK based Gourmet Woodland Mushrooms site who apparently isn’t shy talking about/advising on his use of magic mushrooms (despite me not wanting to hear it…). He said that this was a great book of reference for all mushrooms because a lot of the information was non-specific to magics and could be applied to the normal, edible mushrooms that I was interested in.I have to say, he was right! It’s a great reference book for any mushrooms. It shows things like the life cycles of mycelium and techniques which can be applied in any situation. All the pictures and diagrams are excellent qulity and all in colour. A lot of the information about magic mushrooms will be wasted on me but it’s worth it for the non-specific stuff alone that has helped me with ideas about improving my yields on things like lions mane, shitake, hen of the woods etc.Really happy. Only gripe is that it looks like nobody proof read the book – at all :’) there’s a few spelling and grammar blunders.
  • This is an awesome reference for beginners and takes you into intermediate level for better results once you feel more confident. The steps with photos make it so much easier to follow. Good humour makes it a fun read so itÔÇÖs not all serious, scientific text and the science lingo is at a minimum. You couldnÔÇÖt ask for more starting out and quickly feel confident following it.
  • Sicher ist Dr. Alraune (Mandrake) ein Pseudonym, was durch die spezielle Materie erkl├Ąrlich ist. Nein, dieses Buch ist weder eine Pilz-Bibel noch ein definitiver F├╝hrer zur Pilzzucht psychoaktiver Arten Es ist “nur” ein sehr ausf├╝hrliches Handbuch zur Zucht der bekanntesten und am leichtesten kultivierbarer Art,Psilocybe cubensis. Es ist eine Vertiefung des Buches von 1976 von Oss und Oeric und auff├Ąllig ├Ąhnlich mit Beschreibungen und Bildern gemacht. Sicher noch ausf├╝hrlicher als der Klassiker. Aber schon 1977 kam das Buch von S.H.Pollock ” Magic mushroom cultivation “heraus, das aber durch den fr├╝hen Tod des Autors heute sehr selten ist. Hier werden schon weitere Arten beschrieben, so auch in den bekannten B├╝chern von Stamets,der auch das Pollockverfahren der Zucht von Dauerformen (Sklerotien),die heute in Holland eine Rolle spielen, beschreibt. Leider machen sich englisch sprechende Autoren nie die M├╝he, auch durch fehlende Sprachkenntnisse, deutsche Arbeiten zu erschlie├čen und sind da schlicht unwissend. So kam schon vor 20 Jahren(!) das Pilzzuchtbuch von B.M.Schuldes und S.Lanceata heraus, das bei P.cubensis auch hier nicht benannte, sehr vorteilhafte Substrate wie Holzkompost erschlie├čt und weitere,14 (!) aktive Pilzarten kultiviert. Im ebenfalls schon 20 Jahre alten Buch “Alles ├╝ber Psilos” von A.Adelaars wird die sehr leichte Kultivierung der aktiven Myzelien von 13 Arten als Fl├╝ssigkultur beschrieben. Das sind definitive F├╝hrer zur Pilzkultur, auch wenn dort eine farbige Darstellung der Arbeitsschritte nicht m├Âglich war.Also, es wird die detaillierteste Kultivierung der Psilocybe cubensis f├╝r die Heimzucht dargestellt, aber nicht mehr.
  • It pertains to be ‘ A BIBLE ‘ on the topic, hmm, NOOOOO – it is NOT a field guide and NOT an educational aid as there are NO pictures of actual mushrooms in the environment within it or any information to help you find, locate and identify them. It is a very simple ‘ how to ‘ guide for growing mushrooms at home – that is all, nothing else. Lots of colour photos / plates and handy tips / information on how to do this , but hardly ‘ A BIBLE ‘ on psychedelic mushrooms – if you want that, try Paul Stamets book Psilocybin mushrooms of the world ‘ ; a great field guide and educational aid to finding / identifying shrooms in the wild, over the world.
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