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The most comprehensive identification guide to the birds of North America, Eastern Region.Discover 706 species of birds known to breed east of the 100th meridian in the United States and Canada with this indispensable reference guide to birdwatching! Published in association with America’s preeminent authority, the Smithsonian Institution, this birdwatching book includes:    • Full-page profiles that combine precise descriptions, annotated photographs and artworks to highlight the key field marks of the species in each plumage    • Similar species are shown and distinguishing characteristics are noted    • Further information on the bird’s habits describes the typical song and other vocalizations, behavior, breeding, nesting, population and conservation concerns.    • Typical flight patterns, nest locations, and shapes are described with clear icons and amplified in the text. Each bird’s range during summer, winter and migration is clearly shown on a map. From the Eastern Bluebirds and American Kestrel to the Blue Jay and Carolina Wren, this bird identification book reveals each species’ characteristics and behavior in unprecedented detail. It also details each bird’s life history in a concise and user-friendly format.The most commonly seen birds are shown in clear, full-color photographs along with images of similar bird species to make differentiation easy. You’ll also learn more about rare birds and vagrants that occasionally stray into this region.Handbooks: Birds of North America – Eastern Region is the perfect bird field guide for both armchair bird enthusiasts and dedicated bird watchers in the United States and Canada.

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April 1, 2001
752 pages

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By partnering with the Smithsonian Institution and by using the popular photographically-rich design of the DK Handbook series, the books [Smithsonian Handbooks of Birds of North America (Eastern Region and Western Region)] promise to catch the attention of veteran and novice birders. With 750-plus pages per handbook, each species receives it’s own full-page profile, including a concise overview and color photos. The books also cover songs, behavior, breeding, population and conservation issues. (Birder’s World, June 2001) About the Author Fred J. Alsop, III, is a professor, ornithologist, and writer who currently teaches at Eastern Tennessee State University. Alsop is known for his work on Birds of New England, America’s Backyard Birds, Birds of North America, and Habitat Partitioning and Niche Overlap of Two Forest Thrushes in the Southern Appalachian Spruce-Fir Forests. <div id="

  • This book is a superb piece of craftsmanship. The cover and pages are of high quality, the illustrations are beautiful, and there’s that overall feeling of “substance” when you hold it (all book lovers know that feeling I’m referring to). But be advised, this is a handbook, NOT a field guide. The book is organized in “taxonomic order”, not by physical attributes of birds. For example, at the beginning of Kaufman’s Field Guide to Birds of North America, it tells you where in the book to begin your identity for a bird based on its observed physical characteristics (e.g., Ducks/Geese/Swans, Birds of Prey, Wading Birds, etc). So one can quickly turn to the appropriate page to begin browsing illustrations, based on what he/she spots in the field.To use the Smithsonian guide, however, one has to know, for example, that the red-winged blackbird is a member of the Icteridae bird family, and then know where to find the Icteridae section in the book to begin your browsing (and by the way, the family names are not in alphabetical order); or, one can look up the bird in the index and then turn to the appropriate page, but that assumes that the reader knows what they are looking for. In short, the book presumes a knowledge of bird taxonomy that many (probably most) birders don’t posses. So this book is not meant to be taken to the field for quick reference; instead, it’s more of a desk reference that a birder can use to learn more about a specific species once they’re back home. Nothing wrong with that; but if you buy this book, don’t mistakenly think you’re purchasing a field guide.
  • I was truly expecting a simple and small pocket-sized handbook with some pictures and descriptions of the Northeastern birds but what I got was so much more!WoW!!This book has beautiful and amazing colorful pictures of these creatures with features, behavior, migrations, habitats, and so much more. Truly a Smithsonian standard of books!
  • All the Smithsonian bird books are such an enjoyment to read, but I live in the Eastern section of the North East so this book really covers the birds in my area. If you live in the Northeast this book is a must have.
  • This is a great book!! I bought it for a 2 year old Bird Lover. He reads it daily with his Daddy. It can be simplified for right now but as the boy grows it will meet his needs.Evidently there is a small problem… per the “expert”… there is no mention of a Road Runner’s love of chasing balls nor its preference for Tuna Salad. 😉
  • I got this for my pre-k classroom during our Birds of Winter unit. It was a huge hit! They loved looking at all the pictures and putting bookmarks on the pages they liked. Sometime we would read little facts about the birds. They were especially interested in the diagrams about where each birds lives and which ones we might find in our area. I was nervous about bringing it into the classroom because it’s a room of 4/5 yr olds, but we ended up keeping it around forlong time after our unit was over.
  • My wife and son love the details with pictures provided about the birds and information on how to attract more or the different species. My wife like the space provided at the bottom of each page to note date when they have actually been able to see each species described in the book. She said the detailed explanations are exactly what she was looming for-great Mother’s Day gift!
  • I love this book. It has a map for each bird so you know where it is found. It also describes similar birds that look like them. Update was looking up Green Finch. It says to look at Bullfinch. However, there is no Bullfinch in book. I have several Green Finch in yard and couldn’t locate in book.
  • I purchased this book but returned it. I returned the book because after reading it, it was for the Easter region and I needed western region. I looked through it and really like all the great bird watching info. Will buy a Western version.
  • This is a great book. Have the western region as well, although I don’t seem much difference between them. Al kinds of birds that are only in the west that show up here as well.I like the extensive behaviour section, great photos and nice organization. I use this book with others to give me a well rounded birding guide. Add and I am well set.
  • Love using this reference book with my children to identify and learn about the birds in our backyard. Great pictures. Quick delivery. Item as described. Happy!
  • Very detailed bird book
  • For all you bird watchers: This book is well illustrated and I have given to many birdwatchers as gifts. Their response was positive and welcoming.
  • Exactly what I wanted. Tons of information
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