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Lehne’s Pharmacotherapeutics for Advanced Practice Nurses and Physician Assistants, 2nd Editionbuilds on the same foundation of clearly explained, up-to-date, and clinically current content as the trusted Lehne undergraduate text, while focusing on the information that advanced practice nurses and Physician Assistants specifically need for safe and effective prescribing. Three introductory chapters provide foundational content for new prescribers in the areas of prescriptive authority, rational drug selection, prescription writing, and promoting positive outcomes of drug therapy. Core drug chapters are focused on the drugs that prescribers will most commonly see in clinical practice. A sharp focus is also placed on pharmacotherapeutic decision-making, with Black Box Warnings and new bulleted Key Prescribing Considerations features. The second edition features completely new chapters on Genetic and Genomic Considerations, Muscarinic Antagonists and Immunomodulators, and updated content throughout. It’s everything advanced practice nursing and Physician Assistant students need to be safe and effective prescribers!Introductory chapters tailored to the specific needs of prescribers cover topics such as prescriptive authority, rational drug selection and prescription writing, and promoting positive outcomes of drug therapy.Carefully focused pharmacotherapeutic content reflects the drugs most commonly seen and used by prescribers, with emphasis not on the first drug discovered or developed in each class but on the agents most often used today. Primary care drugs are addressed first in each chapter as appropriate, followed by acute care drugs.UNIQUE! Prescriber-focused pedagogical aids further reinforce the most important information for prescribers.Integrated coverage of Canadian trade names appears throughout the text and is highlighted with a familiar maple-leaf icon.Integrated coverage of interprofessional collaboration addresses the growing global interest in interprofessional collaboration and incorporates opportunities for interprofessional collaborative practice throughout.NEW! Genetic and Genomic Considerations chapter addresses our growing understanding of the importance of genetics and genomics in pharmacotherapeutic management of disease.NEW! Immunomodulators chapter covers the growing role of this innovative therapy in cancer treatment.NEW! Increased emphasis on the needs of prescribers includes new Key Prescribing Considerations specifically tailored for advanced practice nurses (APNs) and Physician Assistants (PAs), revised introductory disease content, and refocused illustrations. NEW! Expanded delineation of acute care drugs now extends to the cardiac, neurologic, hypertension, and male and female reproductive chapters. NEW! Significantly revised content on laboratory drug monitoring has been refocused on the needs of APNs and PAsNEW! Updated content on drug legislation, opioid addiction, and legalized marijuana addresses these key areas of change for prescribers.NEW! Illustrations, tables, and boxes have been substituted for text to highlight treatment guidelines (including decision-making algorithms) and drug mechanisms of action.NEW! Improved legibility includes the elimination of “small type” and a more user-friendly graphic design. NEW! Updated content covers the areas of drug legislation, opioid addiction, marijuana.

Laura Rosenthal DNP ACNP
Saunders; 2nd edition (March 12, 2020)
944 pages

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Everything advanced practice nurses and Physician Assistants need to be safe, effective prescribersThe advanced practice nursing and Physician Assistant guide to prescribing drugs safely and effectively One of the most trusted resources in nursing pharmacology, re-engineered for advanced practice nurses and Physician Assistants All the pharmacotherapeutics principles and content that advanced practice nurses and Physician Assistants need to be safe, effective prescribersThe in-depth yet understandable pharmacotherapeutics text with a sharp focus on the role of advanced practice nurses and Physician Assistants <div id="

  • Bought this book “new”. Boot-legged and poorly copied. The book was the incorrect size and missing the scratch off code needed for the online content. Bottom line is that this was not from the publisher, but from some random printing shop…..poor quality, some pages were illegible.
  • You cannot type in a page number of the text go to the page. It give you the option to type it in, but then the app shuts down/freezes up. This is a difficult book anyway and it does not seem compatible with the kindle app. Not being able to go back and forth quickly through the book makes is completely useless when researching an issue. If you want to slowly read page by page, it’s great. But as a textbook I would expect that I would be able to move chapters easily without the whole thing freezing up and shutting down.
  • The spine was ripped on the “new book” whatever the content is still quality. Also the “access” that your class probably requires literally has zero helpful content. Usually there are PowerPoint or Highlighted pointed but this is simply a few practice questions and that is it. Not worth it!
  • Great resource!! Chapters are concise with all the necessary information, it’s easy to find what I need. I wish the index was a little more detailed- but all in all, very happy with this book compared to others I’ve used.
  • I have had many text books but for learning advanced practice pharmacology this is well written and easily understood. This makes it easier to learn as it puts together both pathophysiology and pharmacology.
  • Received on time and in excellent condition
  • Great comprehensive resource for pharmacology class. I bought it as a supplement for my pharmacology class (not a required book).
  • New and clear print. Recommend to anyone who needs it.
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