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From the author of the bestselling ESCAPING FROM EDEN and THE SCARS OF EDEN…Ancient stories from around the world describe entities which today we would call ETs. What other secrets lie hidden in the world’s ancestral narratives? From Senate briefings in Washington DC to secret ceremonies in southern Africa, from strange phenomena in Australia and Iraq to mysterious encounters in modern Brazil and ancient Greece, Echoes of Eden will take you around the globe to discover why Military, Intelligence and other government agencies are so interested in archeology, indigenous rituals and traditional initiation practices. What is the connection between higher cognitive powers like remote viewing and precognition and ET contact in the deep past? And what are the implications for you and me?”Paul has done it again with his Eden series… delving deep into the power of the mind to do incredible things.”GEORGE NOORY, host of Coast to Coast AM”One of my best colleagues and a brilliant writer of books, Paul’s way of seeing things, his arguments…and his proofs are enlightening. It will be the new understanding of our world and our religion. I have full respect for him.”ERICH VON DANIKEN, author of Chariots of the Gods.

Paul Wallis
May 1, 2022
221 pages

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  • This third work of Paul’s Eden series advances the enlightening journey of the previous two books by exploring the common stories, beliefs, and capabilities of cultures that live by principles inspired by ancient narratives around the world. Additionally, it explains how and why governments and colonizers have worked so hard throughout history to destroy the ancient narratives and the people that live by them.While this book can stand alone, reading the previous two Eden books by Paul will establish a foundation for several of the basic ideas this book builds on. Paul does a marvelous job of mixing research with personal experiences, both his and others that have told him their stories.Modern Christianity has so many gaps–if you’ve ever been in a Bible study, you soon find that there are alarming questions and contradictions that generate interesting discussion, but quickly get glossed over as “can’t be explained–God does whatever he wants and we can’t always understand it.” The worldview that Paul has discovered and is so eloquently teaching beautifully fills every one of those gaps and then some.
  • I loved this book. This is the third in the series and I’ve enjoyed all of them. The most interesting, provocative narrative of how the Bible has been misinterpreted. Great narrative, well researched and the most interesting view of our history as homo sapiens. A great read. I highly recommend!
  • I am not sure what I might add to the other 5 star reviews of Paul’s latest book?! Read the glowing reviews. I found Echoes of Eden fascinating and well-researched. My copy is now color high-lighted so I can ponder certain passages again and again. Paul’s book will certainly make you ponder many things as he relates stories and historical facts regarding paleo-contact. The history of our planet and of homo sapiens is NOT what is commonly taught and believed. Open this book/read it, and begin a journey of: greater comprehension of the history of the world and also greater self understanding. I HIGHLY recommend you buy this, as well as his other two books.
  • I just finished this third installment (Echoes of Eden) of Paul Wallace‘s Eden series, only to want to read it all over again! Paul accomplishes a masterful blend of scholarship and personal journey that both challenged my thinking and touched my heart. Echoes of Eden is certainly one of my favorite reads, I HIGHLY recommend it!
  • I have read the two previous books and followed Paul on YouTube and look forward to every morsel. This was more than I could imagine and am sure it will be worth a second read. Will be giving this book to friends and family, who knows, maybe they might understand me better! Thank you Paul for this amazing journey you have taken me on.
  • This book confirms a lot of My ideas regarding scriptures. It also shed light on some questions I had regarding Biblical account of God in the Old testament.
  • If you are reader of mankind’s search for the origin of the human species, Paul’s collection of Eden books should be at the top of your list.His newest work, Echoes of Eden is a brilliant continuation of his first two books Escaping from Eden and the follow up, Scars of Eden.In this fantastic page turner of a book, Paul continues the discussion about ancestral memories of ET contact in our deep past.He dives deeper into the secrets of human potential as told to him by indigenous people he interviews from around the world and why these initiation traditions have been suppressed by world governments.His breakdown of Plato’s knowledge of the spirit world and likely contact with visitors from behind the veil is fascinating.He also covers how modern day US intelligentsia has invested large sums of money into remote viewing and how it is connected to indigenous culture’s knowledge of human potential, ecology and healing.The last half of the book he summarizes the latest goings on with UFOlogy, Disclosure and Pentagon coverup’s and how much real ET contact is going on in the present day.I suggest reading all of Paul’s books in this series and give this newest one ‘Echoes of Eden’ my strongest recommendation.
  • Thank you for exploring the fascinating topic! Paul Wallis is credible, affable, and easy to follow. I’m looking forward to hearing the entire Eden series in audiobook format next!
  • Pauls last book Scars of Eden ends with a cliffhanger. Echoes jumps straight into the next page like a scene from a movie. He writes with a natural flow that carries you supportingly into the deep end without realising. I read this 5 hour book in one day, having finished Scars and Escaping over the last 2 days whilst laid up in bed with a bad back. Grateful for the time to immerse myself in Pauls ideas which spoke to my soul. I have spent 20 years down the rabbit hole trying to unravel the brainwashing I was subjected to as a teen brought up in a Christian Cult. Always knowing God gave me a mind and intellect to think for myself yet being forced to accept without question the literal Bible teachings. Pauls journey has been similar to David Icke’s but from an Anglican Priests perspective, always looking for Jesus through the fog. They both conclude with indisputable evidence of our genetically engineered ancestry by non human higher intelligence. He is brave to challenge the status quo of controlled narrative but hopefully we are on the cusp of a new paradigm since Covid and The Great Reset. One where we are free to tap into our forgotten abilities and one where we respect the natural world and it’s intelligent design. I hope Pauls next book addresses the precipice we stand upon, it can go either way for humanity very shortly. Technology will make or break us. I wonder where the ET’s stand on that one Paul? Loved the Eden trilogy, can’t wait for the next book. The 5th Kind TV & YouTube videos are gripping. Thank you.
  • Thankyou Paul A Wallis. Rather than ”open a can of worms”, you have succinctly gathered evidence that ties up many of my questions and answers them in a clear and authoritative manner… and makes for great reading along the way. It has been a long time since I have been this completely immersed in a book – or a trilogy of books.Thank you so much for devoting your time to this and hopefully it will be a step towards people breaking away from the herd of institutional beliefs and patterns of a lifetime, and being curious enough to start asking questions of their own.
  • I am half way through Echoes of Eden & have to say it has exceeded my high expectations. I have read a great deal of research on the topics covered & I am blown away the quality of research presented. This book offers clarity & understanding for those who have had personal experiences. Paul writes in a way that is both sophisticated & digestible which I greatly appreciate as many books in this field can often be quite tedious to get through. So happy to have the next instalment after reading the first two books, Scars of Eden & Escaping From Eden. Highly Recommend Echoes of Eden & would recommend to purchase all three books.
  • Great book. Thank you Paul Wallis.Read and discover the wonderful abilities each human has within him.It explains how trough out history, humanity has been treated like mushrooms by psychopaths in charge of religions,politics and education.By re-discovering the full hidden human potential we can again be humans,not brainwashed proles we are now. Hope more books follow,telling us more on who the real culprits are. In the meantime watch your back mate.
  • Echoes of Eden by Paul Wallis should be read by everyone! Someone famously said some time ago:”You Shall know the Truth and the truth will set you free”… The truth is available to all, if one’s heart is open to it. Thank you Paul for shining light into the darkness.
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