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Best in Show! Peel the sticker, place the sticker, and watch your painting come to life. If only you had a tail to wag! This completely engrossing activity book for dog lovers and crafters alike has everything you need to complete 12 fantastic canine portraits, including a frisky dachshund, a pug begging to play, and a handsome husky showing off those alert blue eyes. And note––the card-stock pages are perforated, so every finished picture can easily be removed for framing.

Workman Publishing
June 23, 2020
56 pages

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  • UPDATE: Legit, my daughter has spent hours on this thing and has only done two pictures. If you have kids and need something to keep them busy for a while, this will do it!Bottom line: If your kid “doesn’t have anything to do” this is perfect. It takes time….. a lot of time….time enough to pour a drink, or two….. My daughter does this in bed at night after we read our book. It is a great quiet activity that takes concentration. The end result really is pretty and anyone can do it. LITERALLY HOURS OF FUN. Will be buying others.
  • This is a good one y’all! I’ve purchased and completed MANY paint by sticker books over the last few years. This company has other titles as well. I’ve done a few others but, as a dog lover, I really enjoyed this one the most.Pros:* Large, thick, PERFORATED pages* Perforated sticker pages (I like to remove both the sticker page and scene from the book and complete the picture that way. It’s much easier for me)* Stickers easy to get out and also easy to reposition if needed on the picture page* Difficult and detailed enough for an adult* Final picture looks greatCons: none yetTip:Tweezers work best for the teeny tiny stickers. Highly recommendedI am happy with the price and quality
  • I love these Paint by Sticker books from Workman Publishing. I have all the adult ones. This one the stickers seem easier to peel and tear out of the book. It would be nice if they could do a book that had more colorful pictures. It seems most of the books use a lot of browns/grays/crème colors. Boring. Even this one the balls and toys that have some color are printed and not stickers. What have they got against color?
  • Got the paint by sticker dog book in a bubble envelope. The binding was bent and torn and so were bunch of the pages. The book is pretty stiff so it should’ve been shipped in a more rigid package to keep it from being bent and ruined. Other than that the book is average with okay stickiness of the stickers. Not a great coordination of the pages where the stickers are to the picture they go to. You have to flip back and forth between the back of the book and the front for each sticker. Even if it hadn’t arrived ruined, it’s not worth more than half what I paid for it. Disappointed
  • Another wonderful entry in this series! Love these little books. Am I allowed to leave the same review on multiple books? I bet that’s frowned upon. But I have basically the same things to say. This brand of sticker book is wonderful. The stickers are smaller, so I use tweezers. It’s relaxing, akin to adult coloring books. I have SO MANY of these books, and every single one has been worth it. It takes awhile to do each page, so don’t worry about there not being as many pages as some other books may have. I do these to unwind while I watch TV or listen to music or talk on the phone. A hobby that is maybe weird for a 31 year old but I DON’T CARE (lol)! Wonderful. Try these books.
  • I have purchased all of the Workman Publishing Paint By Sticker books several times over. Really relaxing and easy. The Workman books are the best out of all the different paint by sticker books because the stickers peel easily, stay on when you stick them, and the material is all high quality. My only negative is that the 2 of the 100s of stickers for one of the dogs were a bit smaller than the space they were made for. Other than that, exactly what I would expect of Workman! Please make more!!
  • Cool book! But very complicated. I was looking for something that my family and I could do together, but the dog version has a lot of pictures that have too many stickers. It feels daunting to even start on it. For others it might be a good challenge though!
  • This us by far my favorite brand of this type of book. I have purchased all of their titles & wish they had more. These books have the right balance of large & small pieces & are not too hard or too easy. They take a little while to finish, so they wre worth the money to me. Can’t wait for the next new book to come out.
  • Daughter and myself found these books at Christmas and they are fantastic need good lighting but makes lovely pictures
  • Fantastic! Grandaughter loved it
  • For hours does the job
  • Good book
  • I love this series, an d had been waiting for this Dog edition to come. Unfortunately there was a glitz. I cannot complain though with all of these books I have done this is the first time. Some of the pages were missing, would have to say around 1/4. The replacement is on its way. I would not hesitate to order this book again, since I love dogs
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    File Size: 63 MB