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Looking for kinder educational workbooks? We’ve got you covered! Kindergarten Math Workbook Give your child a head start with our latest kinder learning book that teaches the basics of math to kids.Our Kindergarten Math Workbook for Kids is a great way for your little one to learn basic mathematical skills such as number recognition, addition and subtraction, decomposing numbers, telling time, money and more. We’ve put together a variety of different activities that are both fun and educational! We’ve got little ones ourselves and know how important (and difficult!) it is to keep their attention!Why You’ll Love this BookFun and essential kinder math activities. “Color and Trace the Numbers” and “Add up the Unicorns” are a few of the fun activities that inspire learning!Cute and inspiring themes. All of the activities involve a variety of magical creatures and animals to keep your child engaged.Practically sized and high quality paperThe book is sized at 8.5 x 11 which gives your child plenty of space to complete the exercises.About Modern Kid PressModern Kid Press is a husband + wife run publishing company! We are passionate about creating cute and practical books for kids!The Book Contains:Premium matte cover designPrinted on high quality 60 lb interior stockPerfectly sized at 8.5″””” x 11″””””””

Modern Kid Press
March 19, 2020
95 pages

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  • I got this as workbook for my daughter (5) in kindergarten while in quarantine. I like the book ok, I feel like there is a lot of space wasted on tracing the numbers and then writing them on your own. This is about half the book. The other half is actual math learning, practicing addition/subtraction and other things. I don’t know that I would buy again but it has been ok and we will use it. My daughter was already beyond writing the numbers so she got really bored by that part.
  • I bought this in May 2020 to try Ave help maintain Math practice for mmt children during the school closures. After a couple months of use, I can say that it’s been useful for both my 4 and 5 year old, but it’s not my favorite book.Pros:-Tracing numbers and number word pages-Several Addition and Subtraction pages for practice-Less than, More than practice-10 Frame practiceCons:-I prefer to tear out the pages to make them easier for the kids to use, but these pages were not as easy to tear out-Would have been nice for some of the addition/subtraction problems to not have counters on them to help the child do it on their own.- More word problems in the age of common core would have been helpful.I give it 4 stars because I still got use out of it, but I wouldn’t rely on this book alone to help my children with math. If you’re looking for more structured Math books, try the spectrum books.
  • This workbook is attractive, but if your kids have any interest in math and you’ve done some very basic teaching…. Or they’ve had more than a few weeks of kindergarten…. It’s too easy. My girls have flown through it and get bored with the repetitive assignments. This is better for maybe pre k or very very early kindergarten. It is a great workbook for the right skill level.
  • The super cute cover drew me in, I knew my 5-year-old daughter would love it. The content inside is some tracing and writing but also a lost of fun ways to learn math basics. A lot of addition & subtraction. Also includes telling time and counting coins, which was nice. I highly recommend.
  • This is perfect for my son! He immediately started working on the workbook! With our schools being closed for the rest of the semester this will get us going with some homeschooling!
  • I have seldom taken the time to write a negative review, but I think it’s important to emphasize that 40 pages of this 95-page math workbook are devoted to handwriting practice. If I had known that, I would have purchased something different for my 5 yo son to use for math practice during quarantine.As for the other content, the first half of the book is well paced. The second half of the book makes a big leap to composing to 20 without having taught the requisite prior knowledge.
  • After getting tired of searching and printing sheet after sheet during the pandemic, I decided to buy this book. It didn’t have much as far as examples go but I took the risk based on previous reviews. I wanted something that would gradually get more difficult while still not becoming frustrating. I also wanted something I would use at least most of it rather than one or two pages and the rest go to waste. This is perfect!Content and organization: Table of contents, numbers 1-10 number word and number on dotted lines for writing form and placement, subitizing (recognizing numbers in different forms ex. Dots, pictures etc), write the number that comes before/between/after, recognize and group tens with leftovers to make a 10+ equation, part/part/whole and ten frame addition, addition within 10, subtraction within 10. Repeat those steps with numbers 11-20, telling time analog and digital forms, counting money.This is a great book, gradually increases the learning level while creating a small foundation of number sense and addition. As a former kindergarten and first grade teacher and time stretched mom this is just what we needed! It gives a little more connection for our online schooling and hits the core objectives as well. Of course, not everything but gives a great foundation to help move on and build off of for now.
  • My 5-year old daughter had completed several kindergarten math books designed for her age group, so I wanted to try something that was a little bit more advanced. This workbook,for ages 5-7, looked very promising. There are many challenging activities to introduce concepts such as ten frames, before and after, more or less, addition and subtraction, as well as word problems – and they were great. My major disappointment with this book, however, is that of the 90 activity pages, 42 of them are trace the numbers (2 pages for each number from 0-20). That’s almost half the book. For the price of the book, I expected much more out of it. The dollar store math books I bought for her are much better.
  • Incredibly boring and repetitive. Cheap paper. No math thinking whatsoever. Just copying out numbers for the most part.
  • This is a well-thought out introduction to basic arithmetic for early years learning.The workbook focuses primarily on addition and subtraction up to 10, using fun examples that small children can easily relate to. It continues with addition up to 20, counting in twos, fives and tens, and counting up to 100. There’s also a small section on telling the time, both analogue and digital, and one on recognizing money.The recommended age range is 5-7 years. However, I’d say the workbook would also be suitable for younger children, if they are already showing an interest in numbers. I got it for my 4.5 year-old grandson, and he absolutely loves it. Of course, he needs guidance and supervision, but he has grasped the concepts quickly and is working his way through the exercises at speed.The only place this book falls down is in its treatment of the concept “less”. It is simply not correct to say that five unicorns is LESS than six dinosaurs. It should be FEWER than! Yes, five is less than six, but as soon as you introduce items that you can count, then you have to use the word fewer. There’s LESS water in this jug than in that jug, BUT there are FEWER sweets in this jar than in that jar. This is a glaring error, and one I cannot overlook.It’s also worth pointing out that the money section deals with US currency, so if you’re buying this workbook in Europe then it will not be useful.Thanks for reading my review. I hope you found it helpful.
  • I would have preferred to see photos of Canadian currency and not US currency. Other than that, the workbook is pretty good and delivery was very fast.
  • I’m so impressed by the quality of this kindergarten math workbook! My 5 year old son is enrolled In Montessori school and unfortunately his school closed due to the pandemic. He’s been working on this workbook everyday and he looks forward to doing a new page everyday! Modern kids press is a hidden gem and I look forward to purchasing more products from them. I’m hoping for some workbooks for grade 1 and up as well as I see my son enjoying these workbooks throughout his education journey.
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