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This fully revised edition of the best-selling North American bird field guide is the most up-to-date guide on the market. Perfect for beginning to advanced birders, it is the only book organized to match the latest American Ornithological Society taxonomy.With more than 2.75 million copies in print, this perennial bestseller is the most frequently updated of all North American bird field guides. Filled with hand-painted illustrations from top nature artists (including the ever-popular hummingbird), this latest edition is poised to become an instant must-have for every serious birder in the United States and Canada. The 7th edition includes 37 new species for a total of 1,023 species; 16 new pages allow for 250 fresh illustrations; 80 new maps; and 350 map revisions. With taxonomy revised to reflect the radical new American Ornithological Society taxonomy established in 2016, the addition of standardized banding codes, and text completely vetted by birding experts, this new edition will top of the list of birding field guides for years to come.

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September 12, 2017
592 pages

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“The new edition is comprehensive and authoritative, written clearly enough for a beginning birder to understand and yet highly detailed enough for those who are more experienced. Dunn’s expertise in bird taxonomy and Alderfer’s artistic skills are a boon to this latest update of the venerable Nat Geo, a most worthwhile addition to any birder’s library.” ABA blog  National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Edition rated number one on American Birding Association podcast, by book reviewer Donna Schulman.”After testing nine bird guides by taking them out in the field, comparing their contents and usability, and interviewing experts about their pros and cons, we choose the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America as the best field guide for most people. Equal parts detailed and accessible, it will appeal to experts and novices alike…beautifully illustrated and impressively thorough, yet still compact enough for you to hold it comfortably in your hands or tuck it into a bag. Its comprehensiveness—including more than 1,000 species of birds—will appeal to more hardcore birders. But its special features, such as thumb tabs and a fold-out visual index, make it accessible for beginners, too.” —Wirecutter “What’s not to love about a fully updated, thicker Nat Geo guide?” –BirdWatching “Bins, camera, Nat Geo—the three essential elements for a mega-rarity twitch. No other field guide to North American birds does rarities so comprehensively and so well…The publication of National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Edition is one of the top bird book events of 2017.” —10,“This latest edition of an eminent classic is so good that soon enough it won’t be read at all: it will be quoted, referred to, even recited by birders, young and old, who have committed its wisdom to heart and put its information to use every day in the field.” –“If you want to become a better birder, get this guide and use it often. The text is thorough and accurate, the plates are a gratifying combination of painterly and precise, and the layout is a tour de force.”  —Ted Floyd, editor of Birding magazine   “National Geographic has packed so much—new species, new art, revised maps, subspecies details, updated taxonomy and the latest ID tips—into this newest edition of their classic field guide that I suspect it may simply explode.”  —Scott Weidensaul, author of Living on the Wind“This book really has it all. It’s thorough and concise. The book feels high-quality, and is beautifully illustrated and enormously informative. This one is a must-have for all birders, whether amateur or experienced!” –Cerebral Girl in a Redneck World  “This was book is incredibly well done. The images are clear and easy to identify, and they are well organized, making finding the right bird quick and easy. Below the images, there are text tips, these are especially helpful if you can’t quite identify off the picture. I was happy to see the pictures showing the birds in flight, which is how I see them most of the time.” –BookExpression   “It is a very fine book and the most recent edition has some great improvements. It’s an excellent field guide to have in your collection. –Birdchick   “This volume is a really great reference to have on hand—both for any nature studies and just for watching outside of your windows.” –Just a Secular Homeschooler   “This @natgeoguide is so comprehensive and easy to use! The drawings are clear and detailed, making it easy to actually determine what bird you’re looking at. The birds are also categorized by type (sparrow, hawk, gull, etc) making it quick to navigate. I plan to be that nerd 🤓 carrying around a bird book on our next adventure. No shame here.” –Instagram: @wellreadmama   “I’ve found the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds increasingly impressive with each successive edition into which it has been published…Thus, for those seeking the present pinnacle of field guides for their North American (north of Mexico, at least) birding activities, a guide rich in ornithological details that will withstand regular field use, the new seventh edition of the North American Field Guide to the Birds of North America is quite likely the book to be sought.” –The Well-read Naturalist   “…a beautifully crafted tome filled with tons of information that will delight bird watchers everywhere.” –A Dream Within a Dream”Updated, upgraded, and indispensible. The illustrations are better than in any other field guide; the fully revised text is detailed, accurate, and well organized; and the maps are unmatched. This is the guide for birders and field ornithologiests.” —Dr. J. V. Remsen, Jr., Museum of Natural Sciences, Louisiana State University  “A stellar update of this standard-setting field guide. The new edition offers innovative features for all skill and interest levels, from those seeking a basic ID to those who want their field guide to deliver the goods on behavior, taxonomy, and distribution.”  —Dr. Terry Chesser, Chair, AOS Committee on Classification and Nomenclature (North and Middle America) “New birds, new knowledge and new art work just made the most essential guide for North American birders even more essential….You only need to buy one field guide for North America, and the National Geographic is it.” —Neil Hayward, author of Lost Among the Birds “[This edition] continues to improve on the already outstanding previous editions.  The addition of many new illustrations as well as updated text and range maps make this book the standard for North American field guides.” —Mark W. Lockwood, author of The TOS Handbook of Texas Birds About the Author JON L. DUNN is a leading expert on the identification and distribution of North American birds. He is a consultant for Birding magazine, and former chair of the American Birding Association’s Checklist Committee. JONATHAN ALDERFER is chief consultant for National Geographic’s Birding Program and a widely published author and field guide illustrator. One of the nation’s foremost birding artists, he is well known for his authority on North American birds and his expertise as a field birdwatcher. <div id="

  • The text and maps contained here are unexcelled and I find the artwork, font size, and printing quality to be of very high quality. The only quibbles I ever hear about the NGS guide are that the plates are painted by multiple artists, and the style and quality of their work is not identical. I’m not certain that I concur to the degree that I would relegate this guide to 2nd place behind any other. Another plus is that, although the NGS guide is not pocket-sized, it is small enough to take into the field for immediate consultation, whereas the Sibley guide (the prime alternative to this book) is better left in the car or in the room and consulted later. Another consideration is that the NGS guides are updated frequently, with new editions published every several years. As a result of this, the NGS guide is a rarity, in that it is typically the most-current of any field guide on the market, reflecting the latest changes to taxonomy, ranges, and extralimital occurrences; as well updated artwork and improved text.
  • OK Naysayers. Stop the gossip about which field guide is better between NGS and Sibley. They are BOTH superb, and they each have their strengths. Personally, for the field, I prefer NGS for the size and information provided. I keep Sibley in the car for a backup. The NGS guide is just so much better overall for fieldwork and birding (not to slight Sibley, which is wonderful). I find that identification keys, illustrations, behavior, and ease of use in the field is just better with NGS. The 7th edition has done its homework, and has come out with a winning product. You won’t be sorry with the purchase.Dave KrueperCorrales, NM
  • Context: I was a totally crazy avid birder/lister in the late 80’s, so by the end of that decade I was pretty good, and rarely carried a guide. Since then I have gotten 100% burnt out on listing, and no longer spend every weekend birding. (But never lost my love of birds.) I’ve forgotten a lot, and bought this new guide. First glances… totally amazing. I had the earlier editions, and the simple improvements in this (7th) are great. Tabs. What a simple idea, and very useful. Alphabetical index to the families on the inside cover: brilliant. Visual index to families on the inside covers: brilliant. Inclusion of rarities brilliantly handled. (Rarities in main text, super-rarities in the back of the book.) I haven’t used it much, but I knew the early editions well, and I’d be shocked if the illustrations, text, and range maps weren’t super. Complaints? It can’t be shoved in your back pocket, but get serious. The edition is a encyclopedia of knowledge…. If it was split into two more manageable books, people would complain about that. One “complaint” I have… and I have never run into anyone who agrees with me on this point, so it may safely be ignored: you don’t need range maps to identify birds. A lot of space is wasted under the range maps that could be better used if all the maps were in the back of the book. (Or perhaps text could be slid into the blank space under the range maps?)
  • I like the content of this book, but not the binding. I left this book on the front seat of my car on a summer day, and the glue from the binding melted and ran onto the seat. The book will never be the same. I have not had this problem with other bird books. Use better quality, heat resistant glue for the book binding.
  • This field guide is beautiful and has some great features. There is a quick index on the inside front cover to make it easy to find things fast, and there are some pages that show raptors in flight from underneath, which is just brilliant. There is a ton of information in this book. It is my favorite field guide. I also have the Sibley’s Eastern US guide and I prefer this one. It is well worth the price.
  • It is not what I was hoping for. It has a great many birds listed, but many are very seldom seen in the USA. Some are listed as “last reported in 1974” and similar, what the crap! It was once blown in by a hurricane! And, many listed are only seen in the tip end of the islands off Alaska, as wayward birds only blown over there from Russia during a storm. Give me a break. Way to much filler material. I was also hoping for a lot more information concerning specific details about habits or life style stuff, of the birds too. But very little is given for each bird. It does provide very good description of the birds though. Look at the actual size of the book before ordering. It is a small book.
  • I have had several birding field guides before, but this is the best ever. Besides being the most complete, it includes most of the recent exotic species established in the states, and even includes an appendix of species found here only one or two times, but which could occur again. The color plates are the best I have ever seen. Perhaps some time in the future, it could include the birds of the USA islands like Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.
  • Excellent guide with good drawings and appropriate information on bird i.d., behavior and locales. However, it is too thick to carry into the field easily. I keep it as a reference book in the car and carry the thinner “Sibleys Western Guide” in my birding backpack. One can never have enough birding guides. I also gave it as a gift to a friend who just wanted it to i.d. backyard birds.
  • I bought the book new, but on arrival quite a few of the pages inside had poor printing e.g printing was fuzzy and in some cases writing over the top of writing. Something had gone wrong during the printing process? Also the back of the book had light scoring , as if the book had been laid on something sharp – had this copy been sent back to Amazon from another customer and then sent back out again to me? In relation to the guide itself, the colour plates of the bird species are far too dark – again possibly this issue arose during the printing of the book. The book is not anything like as accurate and useful as other guide books for North American birds. Very disappointed and I am now stuck with a book that will not be of any use to me as I do not want to engage with the return process.
  • Bought this book after returning from a recent trip to the Florida Keys and Everglades. I am quite a keen wildlife photographer and came back with dozens of images of the abundant wild birds to be seen in Florida. I wish I had had this book with me on the trip. It has, however, proved invaluable back home to identify and confirm identification of the many birds I photographed.A very well produced guide with full descriptions and images of the birds found in all parts of the USA. Similar in layout to the Collins guide found in the UK. Recommended for any bird watcher heading to the states.
  • Many North American guides are divided into east and west or peeps and warblers but this guide has the lot including accidental occurrences. The illustrations are mostly good, many are excellent. A strength of this book is the description of a great many sub species with their ranges, which is a great help. One improvement would be to include more breeding and migration dates.
  • Grab this book and go birding! Easy to use and has been used loads!
  • Probably the best you can get. You don’t need anything else
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