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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!God always keeps His promises, but not always in the way we expect….“Have faith” is a phrase we hear all the time. But what does it actually look like to live it out? In TheMothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak, Shannon Bream examines the lives of biblical women to see how God’s plans can turn our worlds upside down. She tells the story of Jochebed, a mother who took enormous risks to protect her son, Moses, from Pharaoh. Could Jochebed have imagined that God’s actual design for her son involved flight into exile and danger? And yet this was all part of the master plan to deliver Israel from slavery. Another biblical mother, Rebekah, made terrible choices in an attempt to ensure her son’s place in history. And a daughter, Michal, struggled to keep her faithless father, Saul, from sin, while battling pride in herself.Through these stories, Shannon explains the intimate connection between faith and family—and how God’s unexpected agenda can redefine the way we think about family. Not all of these mothers and daughters in the Bible were paragons of virtue. Like us, they were human beings who faltered and struggled to do their best. While some heard God’s voice, others chose their own paths. Through the lens of their imperfections, we can see how God used their stories to bring about His divine plans. He’s still doing the same work in our lives today.The Mothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak shows that faith is more often a twisting road than a straight line. Yet, as the stories of biblical families attest, at the end of these journeys lies greater peace and joy than we could ever imagine.
Shannon Bream
March 29, 2022
288 pages
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  • Shannon Bream is one of my most favorite gals on Fox News. When i saw this i had to grab it. Such an amazing read about the Bible days & the imperfections.
  • Print font size was very small and uncomfortable to read for older eyes.
  • Gifts for Mother’s Day. I know the recipients will love them.
  • This book is very readable, simply written but deep thoughts and ideas. Through the stories she presents, we learn that the path of faith for humans is always a bumpy road! This book reassures us that even with our human failings, we can achieve things that we never dreamed we could. I look forward to reading more of Shannon Bream’s books!
  • I loved this book. Shannon is so gifted and I know where her gift comes from. These stories are alive as if the author was there when they happened. The bible and these stories have new meaning and I recommend it to all. One other thing I must say here is I wish gutfeld would refrain from saying “the evil Shannon Bream”. 😉 Fox is so blessed to have her!
  • I am always on the look-out for books that can be used for a ladies Bible study. We like variety: some heavy topics, some timely and some that encourage good CHristian fellowship. This would seem the fall in the last group. Biblical without being controversial. It would also make a nice gift. My only issue is that the seller put the scan sticker on the front of the dust cover when ususally it is on the back where it doesn’t mar the appearance. It also isn’t the kind of sticker that easily and cleanly comes off.
  • I learned about some things and individuals in the Bible that I did not know. I am always searching for stories of the Bible written in simple language and in this book I found just that. I am left with wanting more and more. Thank you for this book.
  • I was so inspired reading this book. I could not put it down and already passed it on. So many everyday issues are brought to life and helpful. I loved it and would highly recommend it!
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