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Everything that modern parents need to know about caring for babies in the first 6 months, including: step-by-step guidelines for getting babies on a routine, hour-by-hour schedules at a glance, symptoms that warrant a trip to the emergency room and feeding instructions for breast, bottle and both! But, the most popular reason to read this book is to discover how to get your baby to sleep all night so you can too! SLEEP: Develop amazing sleep habits (including sleeping through the night!) FEEDING: ​Feeding schedules that promote proper digestion ROUTINE: ​Outlines of typical daily schedules with times PEACE OF MIND: ​​Safety checklists and recommendations WHEN TO CALL THE DOCTOR: ​​​Symptoms that would warrant a trip to the pediatrician; ​Common illnesses, what to do if your baby gets sick and when to call the doctor ​ WHAT TO HAVE ON HAND: ​​A list of what two pediatric nurses keep in their medicine cabinets to avoid a midnight trip to the pharmacy ​ WHAT YOU DON’T NEED: ​​​What you need (and don’t need!) to prepare for your newborn’s arrival ​ SUPPORT FOR MOM: Pairs with the famous Moms on Call 0-6 months online course

Laura Hunter LPN
January 1, 2006


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  • I never leave reviews but this book was so awful, it merited one. I wish I could leave a zero-star review.This is the Babywise of the millenial generation. Most pediatricians and medical professionals will tell you crying it out is not developmentally appropriate until babies are at least 4-6 months old. This book says to put your baby in their crib and close the door from 7pm to 7am at three months. Their schedules are unrealistic and putting a TWO WEEK OLD on a schedule is insane. Let babies be babies.Furthermore, the book is horribly written. It reads like someone copied and pasted a bunch of emails or Word docs together and called it a day.Please, for the love, do not let your baby cry in distress. Your baby needs you!! And don’t waste your money on this book.
  • I purchased this book looking for practical tips to handle common baby issues. For example, how to keep the umbilical cord clean?I’m a breastfeeding mom who has really struggled with supply and latch so I’ve seen a few lactation consultants and have now read a ton on breastfeeding. The information given in this book is inaccurate. For example, the book suggests 5-7 feedings for a two to four month old. Nope. Babies 0-6 months typically have 8-12 nursing sessions!Please note this book was published in 2006 so some of the practices are outdated. The AAP and WHO do not recommend solids before 6 months old. This book talks about solids from 4-6 months. Also, rice cereal is no longer recommended due to possible arsenic in rice. This book suggests cereal.My takeaway is double check all the information you read here because it is not accurate any longer.
  • While pregnant for the first time, I heard this book had been helpful to some new moms in my wider circle. I bought it and digested it really quickly – as many reviews have said, it is a quick read. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of the information you can consume about how to raise a baby, and I found MOC to be a good antidote to that. The tone is friendly, the content is accessible, and the suggested “typical days” timelines felt like a good starting point for those who, like my husband and I, were total novices at parenting.Put into practice, however, I think the method is a bit too dogmatic and certainly not the miracle the authors suggest. We’ve modified much (following AAP guidance for baby sleeping in our room, rather than in a separate room per MOC; swaddling in a variety of ways; rarely if ever napping in his bassinet), added in recommendations from other sources and friends (feeding every two hours during the day rather than three as suggested by MOC, as a better way to get the baby to sleep through the night) and I’d say my kiddo is doing just fine five weeks in. He’s sleeping in long stretches through the night and eats well – despite being pretty fussy in the evenings.I suspect, as other reviewers have, that parents who think MOC is a lifesaver have babies that would probably have taken to almost any method.Ultimately I think MOC is a good reference to have on the shelf, but should be weighed alongside current AAP guidance and other methods that are more flexible in their approach.
  • A lot of the things they suggested buying I never ended up using. It’s just a terrible book. Its approach to child rearing and sleep training are very old school and not the way I think most modern parents would approach things. And none of the advice is compatible with breastfeeding – which is frankly bizzare. It contradicts your motherly instinct with and encourages you to let even 2 weeks old babies cry!! Terrible!!!
  • I usually don’t leave reviews, but before I bought this book I read pages of reviews so perhaps my review will help someone else with their decision.My daughter was six weeks old when we ordered this book and really we bought just for the sleep help. She was waking a lot at night still and practically staying up all day. She only took small naps while being held or in her carrier. I finally realized she was sleep deprived!What helped us: This book drastically improved my daughters sleep at night. We started the bedtime routine, began to swaddle her even though she seemingly hated swaddling, turned up the white noise machine, and moved her from her bassinet in our room to her crib in her own room. My husband still does semi rock her to sleep before putting her down (which is not recommended), but we try to put her down awake each time. She usually fusses or cries some, even off and on for an hour, but will fall asleep on her own by 10 which is a HUGE improvement for us. We’re currently trying to move her bedtime up. For naps, I also found the recommendations for having them in the crib, white noise on, swaddled, etc very helpful.What I found very challenging: The schedules were very hard for me to keep to- and I actually really like the idea in general. Feedings are scheduled 3 hours apart, and unless your baby naps until the next feeding, you are supposed to try to keep them in their crib as close to the feeding time as possible, which for us meant a lot of CIO. My daughter often woke up 45 mins before her nap was supposed to be over. I a, it against some CIO, but it became very stressful listening to her cry and I often gave up before reaching the next scheduled feeding. I would feel utterly defeated at the end of the day if I’d had to listen to a lot of her crying that day. I also never let her CIO in the middle of the night if she woke up to eat but it was before suggested feeding time. Partly because my husband goes to work the next morning and I would get more sleep if I could feed her and out her back down. Naps overall are very hit and miss for us but she is napping more than she was before I read the book.Other thoughts: I often felt trapped in a sense by the schedule-when could we leave the house without messing it up? The author also wrote things like feedings should take no longer than 30 minutes for the 4-8 week schedule, but my bedtime feeding could be 45 minutes. No advice was offered around this. I felt like there are a lot of times when more helpful information could have been offered by the authors. Like what to do if, etc…I think the authors would say this didn’t work for me completely because I wasn’t consistent enough or didn’t follow through with certain aspects. That may be true, but I could only handle so much crying. A lot of other reviewers said you have to find the parts that work for you and use those, and I definitely agree with that. I would buy this again just for the help with the bedtime and night sleep, but it wasn’t a miracle worker for all our sleep problems. I no longer feel like a zombie during the day and can usually get my daughter to nap long enough for a short workout and a shower so I’d call that a win!
  • Came from USA so had to wait a bit, but so worth it. Heard this book being mentioned in all sleep training videos on YouTube from parents. Honestly, just confirmed that everything I’ve been doing with my 2month old setting a routine etc has been correct to build the best sleep habits. My 2 month old is sleeping trough the night, 9.30pm till 5am first feed – not bad ! Also nice included sleeping plans to follow, as well as sections of insights on commons sicknesses and how to treat , general info on how to swaddle and feed.And so on and so on, just so so helpful for first time parents , something to get reference from when needed.Oh, but my book came and it was printed upside down, anyway that’s not a deal breaker for me.
  • Not reasonable price
  • Recommended on netmums. Followed the 4-6 month sleep routine without solids, worked amazingly well for my twins who had previously been bf to sleep since birth and would not be put down awake.
  • Ich wende mich hiermit an alle frisch gebackenen Mamas, die verzweifelt Hilfe suchen. Dieses Buch ist definitiv nicht empfehlenswert. Ich habe diesen komplett strikten Plan für eine Woche lang verfolgt und es war eine absolute Horror Woche!! Man sollte Babies füttern wenn sie hungrig sind und nicht wenn es der Plan vorgibt!! Sie empfehlen auch, dass man kleine Babies für wenige Minuten weinen lassen soll!! Für mich war es die reinste Qual, wenn ich mein hilfloses 4 Wochen altes Baby auch nur 2 Minuten weinen lassen muss. Ich kann nur sagen: FINGER WEG!!! Babies sind keine Roboter die man nach ihrem Plan programmieren kann!! Das ist mal wieder unsere westliche Welt, in der wir versuchen alles und jeden zu kontrollieren!!
  • Worth buying! Tips are very effective and sleep training has never been easier. Dont know how I could have managed early motherhood nights without this book!!!
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