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***UK BESTSELLER***”Jessie (a.k.a. the Glucose Goddess) takes you on a fun and informative journey to understand how food affects your sugar spikes and your health. This practical guide is full of wonderful tips and hacks on how and what to eat; a must for anyone who wants to understand their body and improve their health.” – Professor Tim Spector, author of Diet Myth and Spoon Fed, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College, London”Glucose Revolution will help you feel better, cut cravings, connect with yourself, balance your hormones, live longer, teach you science and put a smile on your face along the way. This book is one of my references – don’t wait to read it.” – Davinia Taylor, British actor and #1 Sunday Times bestselling author of It’s not a DietDietary science is on the move. For decades, people were wrongly focused on reducing fat and calories, whereas we now know that the real trouble-makers are the foods that deregulate our blood sugar levels.In writing both clear and empathetic, biochemist Jessie Inchauspé explains why blood sugar spikes are so bad for us and how to flatten those spikes to transform our health.By analysing decades of research and running thousands of original experiments on herself wearing a continuous glucose monitor, she has distilled 10 simple and surprising hacks that can be easily incorporated into everyday life.By the end of this book, you’ll be aware of how food impacts your biology. You’ll know which breakfast choices may be causing your cravings, in which order you should eat the food on your plate, what not to do on an empty stomach, which foods lead to mood swings, and how to avoid being sleepy at 3pm. You’ll evolve the way you eat, take control of your health, and your life will flourish.

Jessie Inchauspe
March 31, 2022


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  • I started Jessie’s hacks before the book was published, so already knew they worked. It was wonderful, however, to read about Jessie, her journey and hacks in depth. I started reading at 2 am, April 5 after the book dropped into my kindle, and did not go back to sleep. I’ve since ordered a paperback copy to write in and highlight and hug it and maybe kiss it! I’m a 75 year old female diabetic who has counted calories and carbs for years, but no longer. I’m losing weight and my glucose is getting steadier and steadier – now that IS life changing. I got a prescription for a FreeStyle Libre kit and am in the process of setting it up I have to see this marvelous machine in action!! I can’t afford it all the time, but maybe 2 weeks every month. Certainly long enough to get an idea of where I stand with the foods I would like to put back into my diet. Jessie, thank you, thank you thank you!!!
  • This book is a definite game-changer for anyone with metabolic dysregulation. My best friend, who typically tires of my rants about the need for people, of which she is one, with varying degrees of metabolic ill health to take measures to regulate their blood glucose read the book at my urging. After devouring it in only a couple of sittings, she promptly started to implement the hacks and reports that doing so has been nothing less than life-changing. She now is sleeping better than she has in years (decades? – she’s 75), has more energy throughout the day, has a stable mood, and is sharper mentally – to name a few of the most notable benefits.The book is eminently practical while backed by sound science. It’s also eminently readable, which most books on nutrition and health are not. To say I – and my friend – couldn’t put it down is to say a lot. The author deserves an award for this engaging read and goldmine of useful information for changing the health landscape one metabolically damaged person at a time. Thank you, dear author, for pouring your mind and heart into this masterpiece!
  • I was (and am) a @glucosegoddess follower on IG prior to Jessie announcing this book- so I was already implementing some of her hacks. This book took it up a few notches, I literally implemented everything new I learned while reading it and before I was done, I had lost 5 lbs and found the will to cut my (lifelong) sugar addiction! I can’t say enough good things about this book. It’s an easy, super fun, highly educational read based on SCIENCE and personal Experiences backed by DATA! My favorite line in the book “Sounds like magic, but it’s science!” If you care about your life and longevity even a little bit, if you never want to go on a diet again, if you want an easy life of making subtle changes that will improve so many countless areas of your life- then get this book and re-read it over and over again until you have memorized these hacks. I have a nutritional and physical fitness background and the knowledge, data/science, in this book simply proved everything I have seen and witnessed and experienced before- but didn’t have the data to back it up. And, I learned so much, which is saying lot after spending decades in school and experience in the fitness and nutrition industry. Its always been important to me to take care of myself but as a full time homeschooling Tay at home mama to three boys, I put my paper on the back burner and my weight was creeping up, my energy was slowing, and my mental state was suffering big time. Literally after 3 days of reading this I couldn’t believe the scale, or my attitude. It’s only been a few days but I can’t get over the fact that I finally feel like the mom I always thought I would be! I am smiling more, I’m so much more patient, and the changes I made have been effortless. Don’t walk- run to get this book. She’s not kidding when she says it’s “life changing”. And it can be for literally everyone!
  • Most of the hacks in this book involve adding a lot of fat to your meals, unlimited quantities of saturated fat and other fats are encouraged “to lower the blood glucose spike” Butter?Go for it! Full fat milk? Have at it! Pork rinds as a healthy snack? Why not?! Whilst starch and fruits!! are to be limited. Who knew that reducing the amount of carbohydrates (which turn into glucose) would lower your blood glucose?? The only 2 “hacks” that I think are beneficial are incorporating more non starchy vegetables and exercise, but, hey, isn’t that what we all know already and that every single health book tells you to do? The only bit of new, useful and not health destroying info here is that you should eat the veggies “before” meals and exercise “after” meals, to curb the glucose spike of that meal. That’s itThe rest of this book’s hacks (which are all in her IG account if you really want to know, you don’t need to buy the book) are just this: A bandaid for a deeper problem: insulin resistance, which is caused by excessive amounts of fat in the diet, especially saturated fat. Everyone should read (not just people with diabetes) the book Mastering Diabetes, that’s the book to read if you really want to master your blood sugar, it’s an eye opener, it gives you real and detailed science based insight into what really causes insulin resistance, which is the reason for the glucose spikes in the first place. If you want to be able to eat MORE healthy carbohydrates like fruits, without spiking your blood sugar and worsening your insulin resistance, I recommend you read that book instead.The author of this book makes it sound as if you could still eat anyway you like as long as you implement the “hacks” but as you read the book you realize more and more that she’s just pushing you to eat another low carb, high fat high protein diet. So I feel cheated.I don’t recommend you read this book if you want to be truly healthy, and if you want to lower you chances of getting the dreaded cancer definitely don’t read a book that makes it sound as if it is ok to eat unlimited quantities of animal fat and protein.
  • Pre-ordered this after reading an extract and interview in The Telegraph. A few years ago I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic with an HbA1c level of 43. I also started to suffer from a skin complaint which doctors could not explain, mid-morning and mid-afternoon fatigue and constant hunger even after eating a big meal. I tried upping my exercise level and losing weight through dieting but was disappointed to find that my HbA1c had only fallen to 42 (i.e. still pre-diabetic, though only just). My other symptoms had also not improved much either. Reading this book made me realise that I may be suffering from the effects of glucose spikes and, because some of the hacks described therein are so easy to implement I have been able to see some improvements within a week. In particular the “vinegar hack” has been very effective in reducing hunger pangs and I’ve also learnt that some of the things I took to be article of faith (e.g. honey is good for you) may not be true after all. Time will tell whether my HbA1c comes down any further and whether my skin continues to improve, but already I feel generally so much better.I have read a few books on this subject but this is by far the most user-friendly for the non-specialist and, as I say, the advice is very easy to understand and use. The only additional thing I would like to see (and this isn’t worth subtracting a star) is some advice about what to eat AFTER exercising. Jessie, are you reading this…?Highly recommended!
  • Have just finished reading this book in two days, couldn’t put it down. Found it so interesting. It really makes sense and so easy to follow. Have already put into practice what had been recommended and hopefully I’ll see some results soon!
  • How lovely to read a book by a real person; one who is not evangelical about restrictive eating plans but who really knows what she is talking about and yet understands that we need to have a life too. I think Jessie is wonderful; I never expected a book about health to be so joyous.I am going to follow her hacks for a month. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating, but I think it’s highly likely to succeed.
  • Bought for my sister who is type one diabetic and it’s changed her life in one week she has reduced her hypos lost weight and feeling so much better. It’s a simple change of the way you eat and it’s helping me too not diabetic but overweight and this salad 2 hours before main meal amazing would recommend 100%
  • Book is great and well worth a read. Just annoyed I purchased on here then went in Sainsbury’s the day after and it was £6.50! Get to the supermarkets if not already purchased, it’s nearly half the the price.
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