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From author and psychotherapist Dr. Brian Weiss comes the classic New York Times bestseller on the true case of the past-life therapy that changed the lives of both the prominent psychiatrist and young patient involved—now featuring a new afterword by the author.As a traditional psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past-life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks. His skepticism was eroded, however, when she began to channel messages from the “space between lives,” which contained remarkable revelations about Dr. Weiss’ family and his dead son. Using past-life therapy, he was able to cure the patient and embark on a new, more meaningful phase of his own career. With more than one million copies in print, Many Lives, Many Masters is one of the breakthrough texts in alternative psychotherapy and remains as provocative and timeless as it was when first published.

Brian L. Weiss
July 15, 1988
219 pages

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Psychiatry and metaphysics blend together in this fascinating book based on a true case history. Dr. Weiss, who was once firmly entrenched in a clinical approach to psychiatry, finds himself reluctantly drawn into past-life therapy when a hypnotized client suddenly reveals details of her previous lives. During one hypnosis session his client introduces the spirit guides who have been her soul therapists in between lives. This is when the story really takes off for Weiss, who discovers that these guides have specific messages about his dead son as well as Weiss’s mission in life. No, we cannot verify the truth of this story using the limited scientific tools we have available. However, it is hard to dispute that this well-respected graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School has discovered a personal truth that has led him to be an enormously popular speaker, author, and leader in the field of past-life therapy. –Gail Hudson From Publishers Weekly In 1980, Weiss, head of the psychiatry department at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, began treating Catherine, a 27-year-old woman plagued by anxiety, depression and phobias. When Weiss turned to hypnosis to help Catherine remember repressed childhood traumas, what emerged were the patient’s descriptions of a dozen or so of her hitherto unknown 86 past lives, as well as philosophical messages channeled from “Master Spirits.” Catherine’s anxieties and phobias soon disappeared, says Weiss, and she was able to end therapy. The previously nonspiritual, scientific Weiss, awed by Catherine’s and the masters’ revelations, has written this book to share his new-found knowledge about “immortality and the true meaning of life.” Whether or not one believes in reincarnation and channeling, Weiss’s book will disappoint. Catherine’s descriptions of her past lives are not particularly compelling or insightful. Moreover, the teachings of the Master Spirits (“We are not to kill. . . . Only God can punish,” “Charity, hope, faith, love . . . we must all know these things,” and “Our body is just a vehicle for us while we’re here. It is our soul and our spirit that last forever”), while admirable and comforting, are little more than restatements of traditional religious values. Copyright 1988 Reed Business Information, Inc. Review Edith Fiore, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and author of You Have Been Here Before This thought-provoking, beautifully written book breaks through the barriers of conventional psychotherapy and presents an innovative and highly effective treatment. It should be taken seriously by those in the mental health profession.Richard Sutphen, author of Past Lives, Future Loves and You Were Born Again to Be Together A spellbinding case history substantiating the effectiveness of past-life therapy. The book will open doors for many who have never considered the validity of reincarnation.Jeanne Avery, author of Astrology and Your Past Lives A profoundly moving account of one man’s unexpected spiritual awakening. This significantly courageous book has opened the door to a marriage between science and metaphysics. Must reading for a soul-searching, hungry world.Joel Rubinstein, M.D. former instructor of psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School now in private practice Dr. Weiss integrates concepts of traditional psychotherapy and the exploration of his patient’s spiritual unconscious. My view of myself and others will never be quite the same.Andrew E. Slaby, M.D. Ph.D., M.P.H. Medical Director, Fair Oaks Hospital An interesting, well-written and thought-provoking exploration of the influence of past-life therapy on present behavior. You cannot put it down without feeling empathetic with Dr. Weiss’s conclusions.Jeanne Avery author of Astrology and Your Past Lives A profoundly moving account of one man’s unexpected spiritual awakening. This significantly courageous book has opened the door to a marriage between science and metaphysics. Must reading for a soul-searching, hungry world. About the Author Brian L. Weiss, MD, a psychiatrist, lives and practices in Miami, Florida. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School and is the Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. Dr. Weiss maintains a private practice in Miami and conducts international seminars and experiential workshops as well as training programs for professionals. He is also the author of Through Time into Healing and Same Soul, Many Bodies. You can visit his website at   Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Chapter 1The first time I saw Catherine she was wearing a vivid crimson dress and was nervously leafing through a magazine in my waiting room. She was visibly out of breath. For the previous twenty minutes she had been pacing the corridor outside the Department of Psychiatry offices, trying to convince herself to keep her appointment with me and not run away.I went out to the waiting room to greet her, and we shook hands. I noticed that hers were cold and damp, confirming her anxiety. Actually, it had taken her two months of courage gathering to make an appointment to see me even though she had been strongly advised to seek my help by two staff physicians, both of whom she trusted. Finally, she was here.Catherine is an extraordinarily attractive woman, with medium-length blond hair and hazel eyes. At that time, she worked as a laboratory technician in the hospital where I was Chief of Psychiatry, and she earned extra money modeling swimwear.I ushered her into my office, past the couch and to a large leather chair. We sat across from each other, my semicircular desk separating us. Catherine leaned back in her chair, silent, not knowing where to begin. I waited, preferring that she choose the opening, but after a few minutes I began inquiring about her past. On that first visit we began to unravel who she was and why she had come to see me.In answer to my questions, Catherine revealed the story, of her life. She was the middle child, reared in a conservative Catholic family in a small Massachusetts town. Her brother, born three years earlier than she, was very athletic, and he enjoyed a freedom that she was never allowed. Her younger sister was the favorite of both parents.When we started to talk about her symptoms, she became noticeably more tense and nervous. Her speech was rapid, and she leaned forward, resting her elbows on the desk. Her life had always been burdened with fears. She feared water, feared choking to the extent that she could not swallow pills, feared airplanes, feared the dark, and she was terrified of dying. In the recent past, her fears had begun to worsen. In order to feel safe, she often slept in the walk-in closet in her apartment. She suffered two to three hours of insomnia before being able to fall alseep. Once asleep, she would sleep lightly and fitfully, awakening frequently. The nightmares and sleepwalking episodes that had plagued her childhood were returning. As her fears and symptoms increasingly paralyzed her, she became more and more depressed.As Catherine continued to talk, I could sense how deeply she was suffering. Over the years I had helped many patients like Catherine through the agonies of their fears, and I felt confident that I could help her, too. I decided we would begin by delving into her childhood, looking for the original sources of her problems. Usually this kind of insight helps to alleviate anxiety. If necessary, and if she could manage to swallow pills, I would offer her some mild anti-anxiety medications to make her more comfortable. This was standard textbook treatment for Catherine’s symptoms, and I never hesitated to use tranquilizers, or even antidepressant medicines, to treat chronic, severe fears and anxieties. Now I use these medicines much more sparingly and only temporarily, if at all. No medicine can reach the real roots of these symptoms. My experiences with Catherine and others like her have proved this to me. Now I know there can be cures, not just the suppression or covering-over of symptoms.During the first session, I kept trying to gently nudge her back to her childhood. Because Catherine remembered amazingly few events from her early years, I made a mental note to consider hypnotherapy as a possible shortcut to overcome this repression. She could not remember any particularly traumatic moments in her childhood that would explain the epidemic of fears in her life.As she strained and stretched her mind to remember, isolated memory fragments emerged. When she was about five years old, she had panicked when someone had pushed her off a diving board into a swimming pool. She said that even before that incident, however, she had never felt comfortable in water. When Catherine was eleven, her mother had become severely depressed. Her mother’s strange withdrawal from the family necessitated visits to a psychiatrist with ensuing electroshock treatments. These treatments had made it difficult for her mother to remember things. This experience with her mother frightened Catherine, but, as her mother improved and became “herself” again, Catherine said that her fears dissipated. Her father had a long-standing history of alcohol abuse, and sometimes Catherine’s brother had to retrieve their father from the local bar. Her father’s increasing alcohol consumption led to his having frequent fights with her mother, who would then become moody and withdrawn. However, Catherine viewed this as an accepted family pattern.Things were better outside the home. She dated in high school and mixed in easily with her friends, most of whom she had known for many years. However, she found it difficult to trust people, especially those outside her small circle of friends.Her religion was simple and unquestioned. She was raised to believe in traditional Catholic ideology and practices, and she had never really doubted the truthfulness and validity of her faith. She believed that if you were a good Catholic and lived properly by observing the faith and its rituals, you would be rewarded by going to heaven; if not, you would experience purgatory or hell. A patriarchal God and his Son made these final decisions. I later learned that Catherine did not believe in reincarnation; in fact, she knew very little about the concept, although she had read sparingly about the Hindus. Reincarnation was an idea contrary to her upbringing and understanding. She had never read any metaphysical or occult literature, having had no interest in it. She was secure in her beliefs.After high school, Catherine completed a two-year technical program, emerging as a laboratory technician. Armed with a profession and encouraged by her brother’s move to Tampa, Catherine landed a job in Miami at a large teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Miami School of Medicine. She moved to Miami in the spring of 1974, at the age of twenty-one.Catherine’s life in a small town had been easier than her life in Miami turned out to be, yet she was glad she had fled her family problems.During her first year in Miami, Catherine met Stuart. Married, Jewish, and with two children, he was totally different from any other man she had ever dated. He was a successful physician, strong and aggressive. There was an irresistible chemistry between them, but their affair was rocky and tempestuous. Something about him drew out her passions and awakened her, as if she were charmed by him. At the time Catherine started therapy, her affair with Stuart was in its sixth year and very much alive, if not well. Catherine could not resist Stuart although he treated her poorly, and she was furious at his lies, broken promises, and manipulations.Several months prior to her appointment with me, Catherine had required vocal cord surgery for a benign nodule. She had been anxious prior to the surgery but was absolutely terrified upon awakening in the recovery room. It took hours for the nursing staff to calm her. After her recovery in the hospital, she sought out Dr. Edward Poole. Ed was a kindly pediatrician whom Catherine had met while working in the hospital. They had both felt an instant rapport and had developed a close friendship. Catherine talked freely to Ed, telling him of her fears, her relationship with Stuart, and that she felt she was losing control over her life. He insisted that she make an appointment with me and only me, not with any of my associate psychiatrists. When Ed called to tell me about his referral, he explained that, for some reason, he thought only I could truly understand Catherine, even though the other psychiatrists also had excellent credentials and were skilled therapists. Catherine did not call me, however.Eight weeks passed. In the crunch of my busy practice as head of the Department of Psychiatry, I had forgotten about Ed’s call. Catherine’s fears and phobias worsened. Dr. Frank Acker, Chief of Surgery, had known Catherine casually for years, and they often bantered good-naturedly when he visited the laboratory where she worked. He had noticed her recent unhappiness and sensed her tension. Several times he had meant to say something to her but had hesitated. One afternoon, Frank was driving to a smaller, out-of-the way hospital to give a lecture. On the way, he saw Catherine driving to her home, which was close to that hospital, and impulsively waved her to the side of the road. “I want you to see Dr. Weiss now,” he yelled through the window. “No delays.” Although surgeons often act impulsively, even Frank was surprised at how emphatic he was.Catherine’s panic attacks and anxiety were increasing in frequency and duration. She began having two recurrent nightmares. In one, a bridge collapsed while she was driving across it. Her car plunged into the water below, and she was trapped and drowning. In the second dream, she was trapped in a pitch-black room, stumbling and falling over things, unable to find a way out. Finally, she came to see me.At the time of my first session with Catherine, I had no idea that my life was about to turn upside down, that the frightened, confused woman across the desk from me would be the catalyst, and that I would never be the same again.Copyright © 1988 by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. Read more <div id="

  • My brother recommended Many Lives, Many Masters to me. Had he not, I probably would not have read it. But this is one area where we really connect (intellectually) when we fail in other areas (emotionally, spiritually).I used to believe in psychic phenomena. I used to believe I was actually psychic to a degree, all topics addressed in my memoir. I was born and raised Catholic but shied from Catholicism as the Church illustrated God as something to be terrified of and terrorized by. This was back in the 80’s when I was a wee child but I still never was able to get over the psychological trauma and the indelible God impression that was imprinted in my mind and soul with more fearful connotations than Satan.I always preferred to believe in the mystical things, but whatever I believed in shattered when my mother died young of a heart attack at the age of 52. For over a decade, I’ve struggled with this impossible grief and inability to make sense of anything. I never asked my brother why he read this book. He never told me. He just said to read it and that it might change my perspective on things.So I read it—in almost one sitting, which is practically damn near impossible with an 8 month old at your heels. I read some of it to him (because who says you can’t read a baby “adult” books?). At first I questioned whether this was some grand scheme that was concocted for mild fame and fortune… or at least some best selling recognition. But as I read more, the story rang true. It was either brilliant concocted with randomly missing pieces and gaps that just never were filled in to give it a ring of truth to it… or it just was… possibly true.I’ve decided that I’m going to believe it’s true. I am glad I have made that decision because in doing so it has given me the first kind of peace I have felt in over a decade. I have a little bit of hope that one day I will be reconnected with my mother, my best friend and that we will have the chance to work though our relationship in a way we didn’t get to in this life time.I’ve decided I’m going to use this life and not waste another second of it. I feel so much lighter making that decision. I have more patience with my little baby. It’s hard. I am not a single mother but I live like one. I only see my fiance on the weekends and my precious little baby zaps all of my energy but I started to see things differently, even in my moments of exhaustion. I’ve started to view him as a little being who chose to come back to this earth to be reunited with me and I have to do whatever is in my power to guide him on this journey and to help him learn his life lessons so we can both reach higher planes when we transition. I feel blessed that my little man chose me, not burdened anymore – which I was sometimes feeling in my isolation.I even like to think that my mother and my grandmother had a hand in sending him down to me from “Heaven” or another plane/dimension…. somewhere up there. It has given me this immense appreciation for my little one and this book has given me a new way to look at life. I saw a mother behind me in the Starbucks drivethru today and I picked up the tab for her order. I just wanted to share something with her – mother-to-mother, to do a nice deed for someone else. I want to learn these life lessons not only for myself but I think it’s important for anyone that knows this information to share it and help others to reach their potential on this plane so they can transition over with ease when the time comes.I have enough burdens in this life. I don’t want to carry them over when I cross. Maybe it’s all BS. But maybe it’s not. And the worst thing that can happen if it is BS and living like it’s not – is that we make the world a better place, regardless of what happens when it ends or when we end.
  • As a secular Buddhist, I have been hoping to find evidence that would allow my mind to accept the notion that there is something larger than ourselves, something to be hopeful for after death. I have read many, many books on the topic (many of which I have reviewed here through Amazon) and they have all been severe disappointments…until now.While I will not go so far as to say that I am “convinced” after reading this book, I am far less closed to the notion of reincarnation/a life after death than I had been previously. I adopted the belief years ago that after death we just “turn off” like a computer and that was that. However, this belief left me with a lingering depression that I have not been able to shake, and that has led me to my current search for proof (or even just a “more likely than not” scenario) that my belief in nothing was wrong.After reading “Proof of Heaven” by “Dr.” Eben Alexander, and afterwards discovering his tarnished reputation and record, I was skeptical about reading yet another life after death book by a Dr. However, I can not find anything to point to Dr. Weiss being anything but genuine, honest and legitimate…and, I assure you, I have tried to find it….which, again, speaks volumes when you consider the poor reputations of others making similar claims.The book was filled with examples that made me feel far more comfortable with what might happen after death. Again, I’m not quite ready to say I’ve changed my mind, but I am much less sure of my stance now; I have this book to thank for giving me that hope and opening my mind where others had failed.
  • I read this book many years ago after the unexpected death of my first husband who died in my arms. Inconsolable and out of my mind a lady I worked with recommended it. It quite literally saved my life. This woman knew Dr. Weiss personally and I don’t think it’s drivel but true. After reading it I knew I would see all those I love, including lost pets, at another time and on a different plane. 40 years later I’m still a believer. My mom makes her presence felt when I’m near roses and my husband appeared at the end of my bed three days after the funeral and many times since. Believe or not just leave yourself open to the possibility.
  • It’s well written and easy to follow, but many questions arise that are not even contemplated. When accessing previous lives the patient was accessing stored memories. It does not make sense that the doc was able to talk to “the Masters” through her, because she was recalling history, not actually traveling there. Why does the info from ‘the Masters” is not questioned at all and it is treated as the absolute truth? What if instead of guiding people to the truth the doc is being used to do the exact opposite? If you have read The Bible you know that there is a reason why humanity is not supposed to eat those apples, nor make contact with the dead. It could be that that knowledge was stripped away to keep the masses dominated, but also, the warning could be meant for our own good. Accessing the spirit realm is a double edged sword. You don’t know for sure who are you really talking to on the other side.
  • I read this book after the death of my parents. It gave me so much comfort and honestly changed the way I feel about life. I no longer wonder “why me” about having a mentally ill daughter. I know that it is a life I chose (and she chose) to learn certain lessons and that helps me make it through each day. This book prompted me to read all of Brian’s books and many more books about reincarnation and life selection. I still have down moments but nothing like before. Love this book and have recommended it to many others.
  • I give the book 2 stars because being a worldwide bestseller, it introduces westerners to the concepts of reincarnation and in between planes. For us Indians, however that itself is not groundbreaking in any way and I felt somewhere that the author is making things up somewhere for the following reasons. There are so many inconsistencies in the book. Like when Catherine goes back to 1578 BC something, how can she know the year as BC?And then let’s assume that somehow her “superconscious” mind could connect the dates and tally them with the current calendars, why couldnt she even name the years in many of her other regressions? In several past lives, she says she cant tell the date as there’re no newspapers around. Such glaring inconsistency.And Dr Weiss keeps on reiterating how his logical scientific mind is refusing to believe and how he’s got such a rational mind and yet he doesnt even once try to verify any of her past life stories. Like Eric, the fighter pilot from Germany was a recent incarnation so it should’ve been easy to locate his records if Dr Weiss wanted. But he doesnt even try. And yet he espouses the logical attributes of his own scientific and cynical mind every so often in lieu of any real research. It is my belief that Dr Weiss decided to use his expertise of the human mind to see if he could get away with deceiving millions of people and make money at the same time. Let me clarify…I very much believe that past life regression therapy works and i am also sure that Dr Weiss has had experience on it with his patients. But was there a singular real person who experienced all these past lives in her regressions…that I seriously doubt. All the information about karmic debts, people seeing light when they have near death experiences, different planes, dimensions etc is already well documented.I had a baby cousin sister who could remember a past life. So we took her to the place and she had died young in that life so her parents, siblings etc were still alive and she was able to name all of them. That’s the way past lives are verified for real. If a 3 year old can recall that kind of information why cant many of Catherine’s past lives? Dr Weiss doesnt apply any serious scientific rigour to verify and investigate at least recent past lives at all. Why is that? I’ve absolutely no idea. However do not let me dissuade you from reading this book. The book is really gripping as far as narrative goes and the subject matter will be revelatory fir those who’ve never dabbled in metaphysics before. And even for seasoned outliers the book does sort of put things into perspective. Reading about the subject’s past lives and “her” imediate concerns pertaining to the circumstances of the scene in that particular past life…….It feels odd……ridiculous even….so we keep coming back again and again feeling the same way, repeating the same patterns, wishing and hoping, struggling and coping…… The ego seems shattered even if only for a moment. And one feels less combative, less demanding, less “me me me” actually and more considerate of others. I’m changing my rating….I give the book 4 stars now as I always wanted people to read this book after all. Only the author’s insistence on his scientific cred sufficing for lack of any serious inquiry had bothered me. The book is great….. trancendental even. Frankly I…well I have always been obsessed with past lives and such. My favourite movie is Kudrat that I watch a few minutes of every now and then (deals with past life and regression)……….Another thing…..Dr Weiss never once mentioned how his “research” was received. Here I should add, I’m reviewing my review in 2020 and have had a bit more experience of life since and have a bit more of a handle on how things are….frankly I never though I would get this many upvotes……but here’s what I think now. That thing that I wrote about deceiving….I don’t think that was correct not entirely anyway…but it made for interesting reading didn’t it.. haha? Here’s the thing….there are big powers/ Institutions that deny the truth of rebirth and reincarnation. If Dr Weiss had applied scientific rigour to his research…I mean he must have countless case studies….then the truth of rebirth and reincarnation would be accepted fact. But as of now it’s still in the realm of conjecture and here he could have really revolutionised the world. Did the powerful institutions that deny rebirth have a hand in this? Who knows?
  • I decided to buy this book after watching a documentary on children who remember past lives. This book had sold 1.5 million copies, so I guessed it would be a good read to gain more knowledge on the concept of reincarnation.I was a little creeped out on the first page in Chapter one where Dr. Weiss, in his description of Catherine, depicts her as ‘an extraordinarily attractive woman’ and by Chapter three ‘she was beautiful to begin with, now more radiant than ever.’ I appreciate this book was written in a different time, but no doctor should evaluate his patient in those terms. He also tells us that apart from her day job, she is shy (but not that shy as she work part-time as a swimwear model) and has been having an affair for six years with a man who sounds exactly like Dr. Weiss (married, Jewish, with two children) She almost sounds like she’s his ultimate fantasy; it makes you wonder if she’s actually real…From there, he gives us one anecdotal therapy session after another, where ‘Catherine’ recalls past lives under hypnosis, revealing what year it is B.C. (which if you lived in that time, you would be completely unaware of) Her hair is the most important feature in her descriptions and mostly was blonde and in a braid. There are a few exceptions: for example, when she had black hair as a slave on a plantation and as a starving curly-haired girl in Ireland…yes, Catherine has ticked all the human experience boxes!As the book progressed, the lives became less detailed – a dark icy cave here, some nice flowers and a gammy leg there; dates, names, and locations, so exact before, now unknown. I suspect is no coincidence the author had openly admitted losing interest at this point in the rather banal, drudgery-filled past lives and deaths of Catherine and instead wanted to hear more about the ‘Masters’ – voices that came through between life tales, with wisdom ‘beyond Catherine’s capabilities’.This wisdom informs the author that no other than he – Dr. Weiss – is near the top of the evolutionary/spiritual tree! What a happy co-incidence for the author.’You know so much more than the others,’ the Masters inform him. ‘Be patient with them. They don’t have the knowledge that you have.’ Presumably the Masters are referring to us gullible fools who go on to buy this book. I stopped there to send it back for a refund.As other reviewers have stated, Dr. Weiss has taken ‘Catherine’s’ word as proof of the afterlife, without researching or trying to verify any of her testimony. He simply implies she is a woman of ‘basic intellect’ who could know nothing about history or spiritual matters and expects us to accept that.If you’re happy to read a book just to reinforce your own beliefs about the afterlife, fill your boots and buy this. If you’re a bit more savvy and searching for proof, give it a miss.
  • Let’s get one thing straight – I am not prone to follow every new wind of change or every new fad or path of “enlightenment”, merely on a whim. I’m also not easily won over…. This book changed my life. There is no other way for me to say it. As a standalone book it is intriguing, easy to read, gripping, and beyond interesting. As a self help book, something that I genuinely don’t think was the author’s intention, this book quickly became the book I was recommending to those closest to me.I was reading Memories Of Heaven by Dr Wayne W Dyer & Dee Garnes, and this book was referenced. That’s how I “found” it. To be honest I think the book “found” me.If you are interested in Regression at all then this book is for you. If you have an open mind and you are intrigued by reincarnation then this book is for you. If you are considering trying a session of Regression Therapy then THIS BOOK IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU. I was so blessed by it, and gleaned some important information for my own life. It gave me an insight into the Therapy side of Regression and prepared me for my first session. Up until I read this book I was merely curious about past lives and the whole concept of reincarnation. After reading it I understood a lot more and was a lot more aware of the healing potential and spiritual benefits of Regression Therapy.I hope this review helps someone make their mind up either way. xx
  • This is one of those books that is even too easy to dismiss as “made up”. Yet, the credentials of the author speak for themselves.If you are interested in these sort of topics – albeit being dubious, like me – this is a book that you read. And there are many others written by authors (physicians and scientists, mainly) which are beyond suspicion. I also believe it is too easy a position to say “that’s all bonkers and the author must be a nutter”. Putting our own believes in doubt is a hard and painful process. However: how else are we going to grow? So, although the read is probably not for everybody, I strongly recommend it because it will make you think and ask questions.I found the read easy, gripping and well representative of what a man of science must go through when confronting such an extraordinary experience.The only reason why I do not give 5 stars, is because I believe that the author should have add a chapter explaining how the academic world has received this story. Indeed there are a few lines about it, yet I believe that a more detailed account would behelpful. Reading how others, especially in the scientific world, have reacted and why they have accepted it or not, may help readers to make sense of their doubts and questions,
  • Amazing … Enjoyed the book and got me thinking .. It kind of goes parallel to what is taught in Buddhism regards to re-birth … I hope the book has some truth. – in which case death can be faced without fear. Recommended to someone who is terminal – It might help dealing with facing death and the unknown .
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