Retrain Your Brain: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Weeks: A Workbook for Managing Depression and Anxiety PDF AZW3 EPUB MOBI TXT Download

The groundbreaking 7-week plan for managing anxiety and depression using cognitive behavioral therapy Research has shown that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective techniques for finding relief from depression and anxiety. After 15 years of successfully treating patients using cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychologist Dr. Seth Gillihan developed this self-directed 7-week plan that teaches you practical CBT techniques that can help you feel better. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps you identify and replace thought patterns and behaviors that aren’t working with new ones that work better. Whether feelings of depression and anxiety occur constantly or sporadically, you can create a CBT tool kit to help you get through those feelings and realize your full potential. The unique weekly structure of this therapy workbook is designed so each activity builds on the previous week’s work as you apply these techniques in your daily life. Relatable, real-life examples make the information and activities more accessible to CBT newcomers. Take the first step to finding relief and discovering the power of cognitive behavioral therapy today, with help from Retrain Your Brain.

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October 1, 2016
236 pages

File Size: 46 MB
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What Readers are Saying About Retrain Your Brain:“I really enjoyed the approach this book takes. A lot of the material proved to be an eye opener for me.”―Claude F.“This book is it, for me, this was the one I read cover to cover and actually followed through with the activities…I can’t say enough about it, and highly recommend this book.”―Leanne“Excellent book! Can be used for yourself or for patients and clients. This one’s a KEEPER!”―Tina“If you are struggling with depression and anxiety, this manual is unequivocally a must have. This easy to follow guide clearly and systematically outlines the principles of CBT and personal application. This book is masterfully written with relatable examples, allowing the reader to connect and feel understood, offering hope for those who are looking to regain control over their life. This is the newest addition to the self-help library at The Anxiety Treatment Center of Sacramento.”―Robin Zasio, Psy.D., LCSW, The Anxiety Treatment Center of Sacramento“Dr. Gillihan’s down-to-earth writing style, coupled with his use of concrete examples from his personal and professional life, makes CBT in 7 Weeks a winner, and I highly recommend this book. The exercises are broken down into small steps and the reader is encouraged to revisit each chapter as necessary. This is a stress-free, user-friendly workbook to help people manage anxiety and depression.”―Janet Singer, author of Overcoming OCD: A Journey to Recovery“Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Weeks: Retrain Your Brain to Manage Depression and Anxiety is a focused and goal-oriented tool for those who are affected by depression and/or anxiety. Dr. Gillihan introduces the reader to a multitude of evidence-based cognitive behavioral strategies in a well-structured program. The “one chapter per week” workbook approach encourages active participation, self-reflection, and skill building over the course of the 7-week journey. Dr. Gillihan’s compassionate understanding of the human experience, especially of those walking through seasons of depression and anxiety, is evident throughout. ”―Kathleen M. Rupertus, PsyD, Founder/Director of The Anxiety and OCD Treatment Center (Wilmington, Delaware); co-author of Loving Someone with OCD“As a cognitive behavioral therapist, I have struggled to find a resource that clearly explains how to apply the method of CBT. Dr. Gillihan has filled this niche with this beautifully written, highly informative, and approachable book. His voice is relatable, compassionate, and encouraging. Each chapter includes helpful exercises that mirror the kind of “homework” that would be completed in actual therapy. This book is an asset to those who have struggled with anxiety or depression as well as clinicians who want a resource for their patients. ”―Elizabeth A. Gordon, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Anxiety and OCD Treatment Center of Philadelphia“So many workbooks for anxiety and mood disorders are either scientifically grounded or accessible, but not both. Dr. Gillihan manages to accomplish both in a book that is action oriented and draws from a broad range of empirically supported methods. Application of effective treatments is one of the greatest obstacles facing the field of mental health, and this workbook is a significant step in the right direction. I would recommend it to anyone battling anxiety and/or depression, and to clinicians learning to translate principles into practice. ”―Mark B. Powers, PhD, Director, Trauma and Resilience Program, Department of Psychology, University of Texas at Austin“Dr. Seth Gillihan has crafted an engaging, self-directed treatment guide based on the research-proven fundamentals of cognitive behavioral therapy. In just 7 weeks, readers can learn essential skills to conquering a wide-range of anxiety and mood struggles. Relatable examples and easy-to-follow exercises walk the reader step-by-step through strategies to more effectively manage emotional difficulties that can interfere with life. This is a great way to begin applying CBT principles in your own life and can serve as a useful basis for psychological treatment with a therapist. ”―Marla W. Deibler, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Founder and Executive Director of The Center for Emotional Health of Greater Philadelphia“Approachable and comprehensive. Driven by illustrative cases and useful exercises with clear, concise summaries of the underlying theory and supporting evidence. A must-read for anyone seeking life improvement through reduced depression and anxiety. ”―Ben Hunter, MD“Dr. Gillihan has provided an easy-to-follow roadmap for the millions who struggle with depression and anxiety. Grounded in relatable and realistic examples, Dr. Gillihan helps the reader become aware of how identifying one’s own values and passions can help them achieve their personal goals and desires. I particularly liked the section called “Breaking Negative Thought Patterns” which teaches how recognize when our thoughts are doing us a disservice, and making us overly worried or fearful. The short exercises he provides allow the reader to examine the fact that our thoughts often don’t accurately reflect reality. ”―Mitchell Greene, PhD, Clinical and Sport Psychologist, Haverford, PA“Whether used as a standalone program for people who want or need to try a program of self-help, or to reinforce cognitive behavioral therapy sessions with a therapist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Weeks is an accessible guide for anyone who wants to apply cognitive behavioral therapy in their day-to-day lives. It breaks down proven strategies for depression and anxiety into simple steps that can be taken to address a variety of different challenges. By the end, the reader will have a set of tools to identify and challenge unhelpful thinking patterns, change behaviors that are keeping them depressed or anxious, set and achieve goals, and increase activities that they enjoy and value. ”―Shannon Wiltsey Stirman, PhD, Assistant Professor, Stanford University Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences“Without diluting the science and power of CBT, Dr. Gillihan guides you through a clear, gentle and deeply rewarding journey that can help you live more freely and fully. Whether you face depression or anxiety, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Weeks will empower you to harness your strengths and overcome negative thoughts. Like a great coach, Dr. Gillihan helps you to identify what you do well, where you are struggling and then walks alongside you as you practice ways of living without doubt, worry and sadness. The straightforward exercises, descriptive scenarios, and practical advice make this book an indispensable tool for anyone searching to take back his or her life.”―Matthew O. Hurford, MD, Vice President of Medical Affairs, Community Care Behavioral Health Organization, Pittsburgh, PA“Seth Gillihan’s plain-spoken, calming style effectively fosters the techniques, skills, and insights he shared with his clients. His ability to connect with people who struggle with anxiety or depression is unmatched in my experience, so it is gratifying to see that he will be connecting with thousands of people, one at a time, through this thoroughly engaging, practical guide.”―Robert J. DeRubeis, PhD, Samuel H. Preston Professor in the Social Sciences and Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania About the Author SETH J. GILLIHAN is a licensed psychologist and Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Psychiatry Department at the University of Pennsylvania. He has a clinical practice in Haverford, Pennsylvania, where he specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based interventions. <div id="

  • This book has some severely misogynistic case examples. It’s strange that content like this is published in the current day and age.The example on the attached photo, paragraph two, starts the Breaking Negative Thought Patterns chapter. The rest of the chapter describes how the therapist helped Alex not to feel like a failure at work and like a horrible mother because she was so stressed out at work. All this based on her supervisor telling her that she needs to put in more hours including evenings and weekends because “women have to prove their dedication to their work to be taken seriously”. Really? What Alex should have been advised is to see HR to report a gender discrimination case.
  • I have to admit that I am skeptic when it comes to trying new things. I don’t like to try new foods, new shows, new places…nothing. I think it comes with the territory because trying new things can sometimes cause my anxiety to go into overdrive.About two months ago, I was feeling like I needed more than therapy. I was doing okay, but I wanted to be better than okay. I did some research on books about depression and anxiety and I came across Retrain Your Brain: Cognitive Behavior Therapy in 7 Weeks by Dr. Seth Gillihan. I can’t remember what caused me to jump right on ordering this book (it may have been the free shipping that came with my Amazon prime account), but that doesn’t really matter because it was meant for me to have this book.I don’t think I have ever mentioned the fact that my bachelor’s degree is in psychology. I say that to say that one would think that I would have known about Cognitive Behavior Therapy, or CBT as it is referred to in the book. But, sadly prior to ordering this book, I had not (I could blame that on the fact that I hated psychology in college, but that’s for another blog post).Even though I ordered the book and awaited it’s arrival like a child waiting for Christmas, it took me a few days to crack it open. Not that there was anything wrong with the book itself, but it was skepticism about a workbook that could help me battle depression and anxiety that kept me from wanting to dive right in.Without giving this workbook totally away, this workbook has been a LIFE CHANGER! A little disclaimer: I am in therapy and I see my therapist once a month at least. But, if it is any consolation, when I walked into my last therapy appointment with this book in my hand, my therapist informed me that she was in the process of ordering the SAME book. This further confirmed that I was on the right path.The workbook is easy to digest, meaning it isn’t filled with scientific jargon that makes it hard to understand. It truly does empower people who suffer from depression and anxiety to learn how to be their own therapist by gaining the CBT skills to combat the negative, aggressive, and overwhelming thoughts and emotions that come with both.Because of this book, my approach to new things has been different, my anxiety has decreased, and my negative thoughts don’t linger like they used to. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t there, but I can combat them like ninja when they hit me. I have also shared my work with my husband and it has helped him better support me.I highly recommend this book to anyone who suffers from depression and anxiety.
  • Lots of very disappointing self-help books out there that promise to help you do things like “take charge of your adult ADHD,” “gain control of your anxiety” and “lift the fog of your depression,” but instead they merely take your money and offer nothing more than a bunch of history on the condition in question with a few anecdotal experiences sprinkled in for good measure. Thus far, all of the books I’ve purchased have turned out to be all fluff with no substance, providing no help at all. One disappointing waste of money after another. That is until I took a chance on “Retrain Your Brain.” Thank you whomever you are Seth Gillahan or whatever his name is lol. This book is structured. The author lets you know exactly what to expect from the book. He lets you know that he will provide a brief overview of CBT and why it works with brief information about depression and anxiety and then he will get into 7-weeks of giving you practical CBT skills to practice to improve your condition and functioning. You’ll work your week to week, much the same you would with a therapist.For the record. I have ADHD. Anxiety and depression often comes along with that. I started CBT with a therapist about 2 months ago but my therapist is ermmm, not very good at her job let’s just leave it at that, so I am on the hunt for a new therapist. In the meantime I decided to check out some self-help books to help myself in the meantime but kept coming up short with crappy book after crappy book. Any way, this book has helped me more than my last 2 months of therapy. You won’t be cured of depression or anxiety in 7 weeks of course (and the author lets you know that so that you know what to expect). However, if you take your time and motivated to improve your condition, this book can help you get measurable relief and improve your daily life.
  • It gets five stars because it is the best so far. I couldn’t get through ‘Feelin Good’ which is the most recommended CBT workbook. CBT in 7 Weeks is short and to the point. The structure and speed of learning are where this book shines the most. CBT in 7 Weeks kept moving quick enough that I could feel the progress.My issues are with anxiety. Specifically in GAD and obsessive thinking. My obsessive thinking is still there, but my anxiety has greatly reduced. Because my issues are with anxiety I can’t speak to its efficacy on depression nor phobias.
  • This was just okay. I’m all about retraining my brain to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. I felt like this book mostly focuses on one of the symptoms of depression, lack of motivation to get things done. Every chapter has you setting goals & trying to accomplish them. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I’ve never had a problem getting myself to do things so the whole book was kind of just ok for me. Don’t feel like I learned anything new.
  • Excellant and simple but effective,,, buy it !!!! It will help you with whatever you are going through in your life, I recommend writing your answer in a notebook so you can do it over and over again…EXCELLENT !!!!
  • Great tool for someone with anxiety such as myself. So far, I am noticing the negative thoughts that create my anxiety and am learning how to stop them in their tracks. Def would recommend to anyone currently struggling.
  • Self help books are usually just skin deep opinion pieces. This is not one of them. It is essentially a guide to cognitive behavioural therapy and is something you might actually follow if you were seeing therapist. It uses real scientific research and turns it into practical steps you can easily follow. The techniques it uses are backed up by that research. It’s not full of technical jargan. It uses real life examples you can relate to. I read it cover to cover one afternoon but then went back to the beginning and followed the weekly steps. It actually changed my thinking and helped me deal with issues I’d struggled to get over. The author works in this field and you can tell. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s 7 weeks of free therapy sessions but it’s close. It changed my life and how I think.
  • I’ve only started using it for two weeks and it’s the best and most worthwhile thing I’ve brought in a while. After getting through some of the book I feel more positive about a lot of things in my life and it’s helped tremendously
  • If you have major depression, this book is absolute garbage and a total waste of time. I had high expectations because it’s backed by science and blah blah but it was a huge disappointment. For the first week, the author asks you to write the list of activities you like doing. The next week you basically just do more of the same activities you like doing. Really? If you’re suffering of a major depression you can barely get out of the bed in the morning. You basically just don’t want to live anymore. There is NOTHING you enjoy doing in life. Even eating food is boring because depression will kill your appetite. I spent the last 3 months doing absolutely nothing and watching TV the entire day. This book is not helping me to find new activities. Friends? We’re in a lockdown and I can’t see my friends. I have very few friends and this book isn’t helping me to meet more people.This book is basically a succession of boring questions and asks you to set goals. If I were able to answer those questions myself I wouldn’t need to buy this book.
  • Very good book, and easy to use if you make the time to do so, I read this through to begin with to get a feel for the way i would need to apply the methods, you need to be committed as it takes some time to fill out the daily diary but when you get the hang of it it is a great way to get to know yourself and take care of yourself, definitely have reaped the benefits and would highly recommend
  • I imagine this book would be very helpful for someone with depression who’s looking for a regimented approach to reintroducing activities into their life. However, I feel when it comes to anxiety this book really only helped me a little bit. There are pieces such as the challenging thoughts sheets and other bits which are useful, but these can be found online for free. As I said, it’s not necessarily bad, but when it comes to helping you fix anxiety issues it’s definitely not the best remedy!Meditate daily and exercise as often as you can <3
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