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Black & White Version. If a disaster took away the high-technology we take for granted, would you be prepared to keep you family healthy? Could you be an effective medic when hospitals are overcrowded and the ambulance is heading in the other direction? Can you take over if you were the highest medical asset left? Medical preparedness advocates Joe Alton, MD and Amy Alton, NP’s award-winning “Survival Medicine Handbook: A guide for when help is NOT on the way” is now out in its greatly expanded and revised 4th edition!Previous editions have been 1st place winners in the Book Excellence Awards in Medicine, and this one has many more topics and almost triple the illustrations to give you the info needed to keep it together, even when everything else falls apart. Called “America’s favorite survival medic” by American Outdoor Guide, NY Times/Amazon bestselling author Dr. Joe Alton and Nurse Practitioner Amy Alton have put together a 700 page book that encompasses trauma care, first aid, chronic care, medical procedures, and much more. It’ll be an essential reference for anyone concerned about the uncertain future.The Survival Medicine Handbook is written in plain English that anyone can understand, but it’s not just another medical first aid book. It’s unique in that it assumes that a disaster, natural or man-made, has removed all access to hospitals or doctors for the foreseeable future; you, the average person, are now the highest medical resource left to your family. The book’s goal is to make you effective in that role.With over 300 topics and 300 illustrations, the 4th edition of the Survival Medicine Handbook covers just about every situation the family medic will encounter in times of trouble. This is only a portion of the table of contents:SECTION 1: PRINCIPLES OF MEDICAL PREPAREDNESSSECTION 2: BECOMING A MEDICAL ASSETSECTION 3: MEDICAL SUPPLIESSECTION 4: NATURAL MEDICINESECTION 5: THE HISTORY AND PHYSICALSECTION 6: HYGIENE AND SANITATIONSECTION 7: HEAT, COLD, AND ALTITUDE ISSUESSECTION 8: NATURAL DISASTERSSECTION 9: RADIATION/BIOLOGICAL/CHEMICAL EVENTSSECTION 10: HEAD ISSUESSECTION 11: DENTAL ISSUESSection 12: RESPIRATORY ISSUESSECTION 13: HEART ISSUESSECTION 14: ABDOMINAL ISSUESSECTION 15: URINARY TRACT ISSUESSECTION 16: GENITAL TRACT ISSUESSECTION 17: BONES AND JOINTSSTRAINS, SPRAINS, AND OTHER INJURIES -Wrapping a Sprain-Sprains vs. Fractures-Orthopedic Natural RemediesFRACTURES Types of Fractures Reducing a Deformity Traction Applying Splints Placing a Cast-Care of Casts and Splints Open Fracture Wound Care-Long Term Fracture CareDISLOCATIONSSECTION 18: SKIN ISSUESCellulitis, Abscesses and Incision and DrainageSECTION 19: ANIMAL BITES, STINGS, AND OTHER ISSUESSECTION 20: ALLERGIC REACTIONS AND ANAPHYLAXISSECTION 21: MINOR WOUNDSSECTION 22: BURNSSECTION 23: BLEEDING TRAUMABLEEDING CONTROL TECHNIQUES-TOURNIQUETS-HEMOSTATIC DRESSINGSSECTION 24: MAJOR WOUNDSCHEST TRAUMA -Rib Fractures -Pneumothorax -Needle Decompression -Chest Seals -Chest TubesBLUNT TRAUMA-STAB WOUNDS-GUNSHOT WOUNDS-SHOCKSECTION 25: OPEN WOUND CARESECTION 26: WOUND CLOSUREMETHODS OF WOUND CLOSURE-HOW TO SUTURE SKIN-HOW TO STAPLE SKIN-DRAINSSECTION 27: MASS CASUALTIESSECTION 28: PATIENT TRANSPORTSECTION 29: PREGNANCY, AND CHILDBIRTHSECTION 30: OTHER MEDICAL CONDITIONSSECTION 31: PANDEMICSSECTION 32: NURSING CARE OFF THE GRIDSECTION 33: MENTAL HEALTHSECTION 34: MEDICATIONSESSENTIAL OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS-PAIN MEDICATIONS-NATURAL PAIN RELIEFSECTION 35: ANTIBIOTICSHOW TO USE ANTIBIOTICS-WHICH AND HOW MANY?-EXPIRATION DATES-PROPER STORAGE Of MEDICINESWhen medical personnel are overwhelmed and modern technology is non-existent, The Survival Medicine Handbook is THE essential book for your home library.

Joseph Alton MD
Doom and Bloom, LLC; 4th edition (August 24, 2021)
694 pages

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“I have known and worked with the Joe and Amy Alton for over10 years now. They have been an invaluable resource to my community at TheSurvival Podcast. I know of no other individuals who have done as much toeducate the prepper community as to medical preparedness.”-Jack Spirko,Owner and Founder of The Survival Podcast”You can’t purchase medical preparedness like you can buyother survival and preparedness gear.Medical preparedness is 90% knowledge and know-how! That is why I alwayssay, the first book any prepper should own is The Survival Medical Handbook byDr. Joe and Amy Alton!”-Todd Sepulveda, Founder, The Prepper Website”As a person responsible for many people. I keep mySurvival Medicine Handbook nearby.  Ifyou’re not a medical provider, this book will help you keep someone alive untilhelp arrives. Kudos to Joe and Amy for their dedication to teaching austeremedicine through their podcasts and publications.”-Scott Hunt, Author,Owner of Practical Preppers “I’ve relied on Joe and Amy Alton for timely andimportant medical articles for more than 20 years. They increase themagazine’s value, and they are a part of the reason we are not simply read andtossed, but read and kept in a drawer for later rereading.”-Dave Duffy, Founderand Editor Emeritus, Backwoods Home Magazine”Joe and Amy Alton have long been my preferred source forany information related to medical issues in austere settings. TheirSurvival Medicine Handbook (4th edition) should be in every prepper library.They cover a huge range of topics, with easy to follow and understand steps fordiagnosis and treatment for when the professionals aren’t available. I simplycannot recommend this book highly enough.”-Jim Cobb, Editor-in-Chief, PrepperSurvival Guide Magazine From the Author In researching the fourth edition, we looked at everyindividual medical problem likely to confront the medically responsible personin the family. How could we teach a non-medical person to approach that problemin an effective but simple way?We considered what medical supplies they would need and howto use them. For long-term disasters, we found natural alternatives that wouldhelp when the conventional medicines ran out. More importantly, we figured outstrategies to do something even more important: How to prevent medicalproblems. Prevention will save the family medic both headaches and heartaches.It wasn’t easy for a doctor and nurse practitioner to writea medical book that didn’t advise you to head for the nearest hospital orclinic every single time an emergency occurs. Many times, we had to dig intoour collection of 19th century medical books to find methods that might beuseful off-the-grid. We realized that many of these methods weren’t superior towhat modern medicine has to offer. To be honest, some were downright obsolete. Despitethis, we found a number of our ancestors’ strategies that might be useful in afuture catastrophe.When the first book was published, we expected that,perhaps, a hundred people might obtain a copy. Imagine our shock when thenumber reached so many more! We greatly underestimated the number of peopleconcerned about the risk of both natural and man-made disasters, epidemics, andterrorist attacks.Seeing that so many already realize the need for medicalpreparedness, the Fourth Edition of the Survival Medicine Handbook spends lesstime trying to make the case for it than previous versions. Instead, the bookcovers more issues than ever before and covers almost every subject in moredetail. Every topic is meant to help the family medic identify, treat, and/orprevent sickness and injury in austere settings. This may sometimes veerfrom a purely medical aspect, but also include common-sense advice.The sheer amount of information made the Fourth Edition toocumbersome, so you might notice this book is physically larger. This wasnecessary, as every section has been updated or amended in some way. We hopethat this book will serve as a useful reference guide for your family.We have always known that whoever accepts responsibility fortheir family’s well-being in uncertain times is a very special person. We hopethat this book will be a useful tool in making them effective in their role asmedical resource. As always, we’re committed to helping them accomplish theultimate goal in survival: To keep it together, even if everything else fallsapart. From the Back Cover NY Times andAmazon bestselling authors JOE ALTON, MD and AMY ALTON, APRN are on a mission:to put a medically prepared person in every family.In naturaldisasters, epidemics, and civil unrest, the ambulance might not be heading inyour direction when needed. In a world where modern hospitals are overwhelmedor don’t exist due to a catastrophe, you might become the highestmedical asset left to your family. Are you prepared to deal with medical issuesif the rescue helicopter isn’t just over the horizon?The FOURTHEDITION of the bestselling book excellence award® winner in medicine THESURVIVAL MEDICINE HANDBOOK™ is a comprehensive guide to help the averageperson keep their loved ones healthy in any situation where help is noton the way. The SURVIVALMEDICINE HANDBOOK’S fourthedition, greatly expanded and revised, is a unique book that seeks to findstrategies that would work when modern medicine isn’t an option. It combinesconventional and alternative medicine to give you all the tools you’ll need tosucceed, even if everything else fails. Written in language anyone canunderstand, THE SURVIVAL MEDICINE HANDBOOK hopes to impart not just theknowledge, but the judgment necessary to be an effective caregiver off thegrid. With the FourthEdition of THE SURVIVAL MEDICINE HANDBOOK, the family medic will becomeeffective in their role and, have no doubt, save lives in the uncertain future.Begin your journey on the road to medical preparedness today! About the Author Joseph Alton MD, FACOG, FACSJoseph Alton MD, FACOG, FACSpracticed as a board-certified Obstetrician and Pelvic Surgeon for close to 25years before retiring to devote his efforts to preparing families medically fordisaster and other austere scenarios. A Life Fellow of the American College ofObstetrics and Gynecology and retired Fellow of the American College ofSurgeons, he is a NY Times bestselling author and contributor to well- knownmagazines in the survival, preparedness, and homesteading genres. He speaks atpreparedness conferences throughout the country on the topic of medicalreadiness. A member of MENSA, Dr. Alton collects medical books from the 19thcentury to gain insight into off-grid medical strategies.Amy AltonAPRN, CNMAmy Alton APRN,CNM is a Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Nurse-Midwife. She has had years ofexperience working as a Nurse Practitioner in large teaching institutions aswell as smaller, family-oriented hospitals. She designs quality medical kits  and lectures frequently on disaster medical supplies.Amy has extensive medicinal herb gardens and works to include natural remediesinto her strategies.Dr. and Ms. Altonare graduates of the Master Gardener program through their state’s agriculturalextension office. They are also proficient in aquaculture and have cultivatedaquaponic, raised bed, and container gardens. As “Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy,”they host the award-winning survival website and producevideo and radio programs under the Doom and Bloom® label.Dr. and Ms. Altonhave a simple mission: To put a medically prepared person in every family forany disaster. They know that, to accomplish their mission, the average personmust learn to use all the tools in the medical woodshed. The Altons areconvinced that a medically prepared family will have the best chance tosucceed, even if everything else fails. Read more <div id="

  • the book is great, the information is great but days after i’ve received my book i found out that there is a version of this exact 4th edition that is in color, so why wasn’t my book in color? i wan the color version but i don’t know how to get it, i don’t want to send my book back only to receive the same colorless book, this may seem petty but i don’t see why i shouldn’t get the same value as everyone else…
  • While this large tomb had some good sections, overall it wasn’t what I would consider a survival book. There was a lot of information regarding medication and dosages which, if you had access to that, you would (more than likely) have access to medical personnel as well. I’m looking for something that would be beneficial when modern medical technology ISN’T available. Ended up sending it back.
  • I have learned there are two versions of this book. One is color and one is black and white. The “Look Inside” features shows color photos, but the one delivered is the black and white version. VERY misleading. It looks like a great book, but I may be sending it back.
  • I returned this book but to be fair it was because I already have medical training. I may not have read the details well enough before I purchased it, therefore it was annoying for me to read from that perspective. It would be like reading a reading primer book when you have already been reading novels. I think I expected some new “Grizzly Adams wilderness medicine tidbits” and it was all information that, even if I had not before run across each scenario, that I could critically ascertain. This book is absolutely a well-written and easy understandable guide for those with no training. Even a child could understand what to do from the explanations and directions.
  • This is an excellent resource for any individual or family to keep in their collection. The authors really dug deep to bring you centuries worth of practical treatments to an expanse of injuries and conditions. Especially in recent times where the potential collapse of the healthcare system has been a legitimate concern, empower yourself by adding this book to your collection. Don’t just set it on the shelf either — study it, but keep it handy. It could save your life or the life someday.
  • I am an ER, ICU and certified GI nurse. My husband is a cardiologist. We found this book to be a great resource for nonmedical and medical people. It’s been a long time since either of us as been involved with a birth so the ability to review procedures and equipment is helpful. In this uncertain time building home medical supplies just makes sense.
  • Worried about the future? I am, and I wanted a book that took into account the possibility that some catastrophe would leave me on my own. Not just first aid, but anything and everything I might see in a true “that’s all folks” kind of scene. I’m not a doctor or EMT, so I needed something that was simple to understand, covered a lot of subjects and gave me guidance on equipment, medicines, etc. Glad I found it in The Survival Medicine Handbook, written by an actual physician and nurse practitioner team (you’d think a book like this would always by written by someone with these credentials, think again) . There are several editions on Amazon, so be sure to get the latest one that says “4th edition.
  • This book is great for knowledge, and it’s a good idea to own it, however there are a few things to consider, the images being in black and white , and a long winded reading, trying to get solution in which they can used to address the emergency is not helpful, especially if the person is in the mist of solving a family member health crisis, there maybe a possible risk that the person would be emotionally stress that could effect there coherent state at that moment.Therefore Colour illustration is very key, in ensuring the reader has a clear picture and understanding of what they are seeing and following, especially in matters to do with things pertaining to life and death situations. Lastly the book needs to create a delicate paragraph on how to deal with each emergency, so in a crisis the reader does have added stress trying to locate a solution, when already stressed.
  • The size of this new addition is really great.A real gem of knowledge, aimed at just the right level, for austere situations when help is not on the way.Every house should have this book – The value of which can never be under-estimated.Easy to follow, with lists for med contents. Procedures and remedies easy to understand.My most valued asset. Sections are easily laid out for quick reference too.Top marks, there is no other out there like this.
  • This book is really great. I was a little hesitant to buy because some of the reviews talk about the photos in the book being in black and white, but I decided to take the plunge anyway…….yes, the photos are indeed in black and white, but to me at least, I have found the photos in the book to be extremely clear and helpful…….in short, the book is packed full of interesting information, it is clearly written and I am extremely glad I purchased it. Five stars from me.
  • The book looks great, and would be fine if you don’t plan on reading or using it as pages 259-406 are missing… the book is not damaged it was clearly printed missing 150 pages.So if your goal is to look prepared buy this and throw it on the coffee table. If you want to actually read it and use it as the resource it was meant to be make sure you order it from the proper source (this isn’t that source)
  • I was expecting this to be in colour as it was published 24 Aug 2021
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