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Become an excellent first-time dad and an all-time great partnerBeing a great first-time dad doesn’t mean being perfect; it means participating in the experience with empathy and confidence. From the basics of pregnancy, to designing a birthing plan, to tips on being helpful and supportive for your partner, We’re Pregnant! provides all the need-to-know information on how to be a fully prepared parent.Featuring must-ask questions for the doctor, milestone trackers, and more, this funny and friendly standout among pregnancy books also takes you beyond the due date, offering a helping hand on how to plan and perfect your own style of childcare.This essential guide for new dads help you:Focus on one month at a time―Organized by each month in each trimester, you’ll know exactly what to expect and which milestones are coming up.Look forward to your growing family―Keep your relationship healthy by setting family goals like creating a fun pregnancy announcement or planning a relaxing trip.Find insight on issues big and small―Learn how to thrive as new parents with useful tips on everything from bottle temperature to bonding with your new baby.Become a pro parent with this relatable dad book that tells you everything you need to know.

Adrian Kulp
April 24, 2018
292 pages

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“While nothing can truly prepare a man for fatherhood, this book comes pretty darn close. Part handbook, part handholding, Adrian’s words will comfort and prepare even the most terrified dads-to-be. Your partners will thank you, I promise!”―Jill Smokler, founder of Scary Mommy“We’re Pregnant delivers the right balance of clinical information and ways to support expecting moms, all while speaking to what men need to hear in a way that will make sense to them and their roles as fathers. Writing and coaching as a once clueless and misguided first-time dad, Adrian clearly understands the challenges ahead and makes it his mission to get first-time dads to pay attention, and most importantly to understand what it means to provide support.”―Heather B. Armstrong, creator of dooce®”When my wife was expecting for the first time, I had little to no clue what to do. I learned an incredible amount from my wife (she already had 50 nieces and nephews) and her doctor, but I wish there would’ve been a book out there that could have given me the knowledge and encouragement to better connect with her during pregnancy. Now that book has arrived. has you covered, guys. Just do it. And good luck!”—Tom Riles, founder of Life of Dad​ About the Author ADRIAN KULP has worked as a comedy booking agent for CBS late-night television, as an executive for Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions, and as a vice president of development for Chelsea Handler’s Borderline Amazing Productions. For the past eight years, he’s been the voice behind the popular dad blog turned parenting memoir Dad or Alive: Confessions of an Unexpected Stay-at-Home Dad. He’s produced the reality series Modern Dads for A&E Networks, is a regular contributor to HuffPost, The Bump, and Parents magazine, and is a partner at the massive online fatherhood community, Life of Dad. <div id="

  • I really love this book. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a while, so of course I have 10+ books and simply relay the information to him. But I thought it would be nice to get a book for him that was written by a dad, for new dads. My husband didn’t have siblings or little cousins around him growing up, so he’s absolutely clueless when it comes to everything pregnancy and baby.BEST PART: By far, what my husband and I love most about this book is that it doesn’t have a sexist overtone. It’s not obnoxiously stereotypical like other “dad-to-be” books in that it doesn’t assume that every man is a slack-jaw, knuckle-dragging idiot. It’s smart and witty. The tone is generally, “Look, here’s what’s going on and why. It’s going to be scary and fun and you’ll do great. Just step up, dude.” Highly recommended!
  • First of all, this is the wife giving the review on the husband’s Amazon account. I chose this book for my husband in preparation for our first child because the reviews were good. He did seem to enjoy the book and it did keep him quite involved in the first trimester. The issues with the book started coming up in the second trimester. I should’ve known better, but I assumed that much of the same information that were in books geared towards me was also included in this book, such as how to prepare for prenatal appointments, preparing for birth by understanding how childbirth goes and the possible complications, how to prepare for baby (what to buy, what to do), choosing birth classes, etc. But it seems that none of this information is included in the book. In fact, it seems that this book is set up to keep dad as a person on the sidelines. I don’t know how other couples feel, but we want my husband to be involved in this pregnancy and the raising of our child. We want him to be as prepared as me for when the baby comes and to be an educated birth partner. He and I have become quite frustrated by the fact that the books with the important information are geared towards mom. We have reverted to him reading my books instead and just dealing with the bias. This book really just replaces the emails you get from baby apps saying how your child is developing.
  • Borderline plagiarism of “what to expect when you’re expecting” with mediocre dad humor and some different fruits. Stick with the bestseller and leave this off your list.
  • I’m writing this at week 22, and I feel phenomenally empowered with knowledge to help me continue preparing to be a first time father. This is an insightful and easy to read “book”, I am grateful to have read it and encourage you to do the same. I believe the information is accurate and sincere but at times it can be difficult accepting a source of information if it’s also a source of solicitation. Not sure if Adrian’s publisher had a choice, bit I would of gladly paid a few more dollars for the content with out the subtle (or not so subtle) advertisements throughout. All in all, still a terrific book for first time dad’s.
  • This seems like a really informative and easy to follow book from the chapters that were read. Unfortunately we lost the baby early, so will hold on to it and hopefully get to experience fully in the future.
  • My husband is reading this and enjoying it. He said the beginning was a little preachy and he didn’t care for that (because he is super involved in everything- doesn’t need a book telling him how to be involved). But now that he’s on to the weeks he likes how informative it is. He’s read other books that were fun, but this breaks down more of what I’m going through, which he loves.
  • This is the worst book you could possibly buy for your male partner when expecting your first child. I thought it might be structured well for a guy who isn’t into sitting down and reading a whole book since it is week by week but the content is complete fluff and tells you nothing. The writing is horrible and this guys thinks he’s being funny a lot of the time when, in reality, it is just humiliating to read his attempts at humor. Do not buy this book. It will add nothing to your life.
  • Got this for my husband after finding out I was pregnant. He really likes the author’s style and that it breaks up pregnancy into manageable chunks. It goes week by week and gives him a little more insight as to how I’m feeling and what’s going on with baby. His favorite part is that it gives him helpful tasks to do week by week.
  • Clearly written only for a middle class white American audience. We all have our cultural biases and that’s fine – but it doesn’t seem that this author even tried to make this book more universal. Examples – there’s clearly an assumption that everyone has a car; and that your partner will give birth in a private hospital. Do some research on pregnancy experiences in other countries. How about some mention of alternative birthing approaches you might want to discuss with partner? Whether she prefers epidural or not? What can the partner to do to help increase the chances of a trauma-free birth experience?Speaking of which – there is absolutely no mention of the birth itself??? You have a chapter discussing week 40+ and then it skips straight to the postnatal phase!The good parts: it provided useful info on what challenge’s the woman can expect various stages and how the man can help.
  • I bought this book for my husband as we are expecting baby #1. Having read through other books aimed at first time Dads, this seemed to get the most positive reviews. It’s ok, not great. It reduces mens role down to “Daddy day care” instead of being an active co-parent and supportive partner. A lot of the advice is reductive and comes down to “You won’t be able to go out with the boys so much, buy your wife something nice on Amazon to keep her happy now and again”. The actual information week by week about how baby grows and develops my husband found quite useful, but the rest is filler and very much plays into the troupe of grumpy pregnant wife and how to keep her happy but still have beers with the lads on Friday nights.
  • This book is clearly written for the US market, full of US terms that don’t translate well outside the states. It also has a lean towards the traditional family dynamic where the woman would be expected to care for the home alone. I found it incredible how many times the book informed me on “ways I can help my wife around the house”. Its not my wife’s responsibility to maintain the house, purely because she was born with the apparent misfortune of being a woman.Setting the above mentioned frustrations aside, the book is ultimately lacking in any real advice. It provides easy to read and digest info that helps you follow the babys growth week by week. However, if this is the only literature you absorb during the pregancy, you will find yourself largely unprepared at each key milestone.In short, this is a book for Americans who enjoy a “traditional” family dynamic and want to say they have read a baby book without actually taking a leading role in the pregancy.As a side note, If you are from the UK, I suggest buying a book written closer to home. I recommend Rob Kemp’s “The Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide”.
  • Bought this for myself as an expectant Dad.Good bits:- Nice breakdown week by week- The little tables which run down the changes of Mum and Baby are informativeNot-so-good:- Some of the ideas in here feel a bit outdated, perhaps misogynistic or sexist in nature.- VERY US-centric. Doesn’t translate well into the experience of those in the UK or elsewhere.It’s just very okay. There are certainly some good elements of this book, but the outdated ideas and focus on fathers in a secondary role is somewhat offputting.
  • Got this for my boyfriend! He loved it and it’s a funny take on being a first time dad! It’s packed with helpful information and I love the section each week which tells him what he could buy me to earn brownie points😉 would highly reccomend to any first time parents !!
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