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Reduce inflammation and ease chronic pain with this beginner-friendly anti-inflammatory cookbookDid you know making dietary changes, like eliminating processed foods, can help lower the inflammation believed to be a key contributor to chronic pain? This essential anti-inflammation cookbook makes it easy for you to start and follow an anti-inflammatory diet that is easily customizable for specific inflammatory conditions.What sets this inflammation diet cookbook apart: Easy meal planning—Follow a simple 2-week meal plan featuring anti-inflammatory ingredients and handy shopping lists to help kick-start the diet.Simple, satisfying recipes—The majority of these healthy recipes require just 5 easy-to-source main ingredients found at most grocery stores.Food coaching—Consult this cookbook’s helpful lists to find out which foods to enjoy and which foods to avoid on an anti-inflammatory diet.Make a simple change in your diet to reduce your body’s inflammation with The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners.

Dorothy Calimeris
April 11, 2017
162 pages

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“This book is very helpful. It is put together in a way that is easy to follow and easy to incorporate into a daily or weekly routine. Great and yummy suggestions for recipes and meals that are not too difficult. The weekly shopping lists are put together well and got me started out on the right path.”―Billy S.“Love this book. It really takes inflammation down. Recommend to anyone with immune problems.”―Peggy P.“Super helpful introduction. Easy recipes that are also delicious. This is a great starter book for anyone looking to make a change.”―Melissa About the Author Lulu Cook, RDN, is a holistic health coach specializing in gut health and anti-inflammatory diets as an integral foundation for overall well-being.She is a registered dietitian nutritionist and co-author of the best-selling The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners. While suffering from a chronic digestive disorder herself, Lulu applied a wide-ranging set of approaches in healing her own system, such as mindfulness, joyous physical activity, and conscious community-building. This experience makes her a knowledgeable, inspirational, and compassionate author and coach for others seeking to restore a sense of vibrant energy and increased wellness from within. Find out more at^Dorothy Calimeris has cooked and catered on both coasts. She has been a chef and a baker, is a cooking instructor, develops recipes and writes about food for local publications and her blog, What’s Dorothy Eating Now? She is completing work on a book about her Greek-American childhood which is loaded with her mothers wisdom and recipes. She lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and daughter and spends her days thinking about what to eat next. <div id="

  • Bought this because I’m interested in the anti-inflammatory diet, but this is NOT an anti-inflammatory cookbook, despite the title. Yes, it is mostly whole foods in most recipes, but it is chock full of recipes that are full of inflammatory foods, including beans, nuts, wine, dairy, nightshades, and various grains. If you’re looking for an anti-inflammatory cookbook, or even a how-to, this is not the book for you.
  • My wife decided to try to learn to cook. She followed her first recipe to the tee and the meal was great. Next time maybe she will try without the wine.
  • As an MD this is NOT an anti-inflammatory diet. In the list of items that can be consumed it includes several grains and other things that have been proven to be inflammatory. This was going to be a gift for a friend with arthritis. I’m not going to gift it anymore. To the people reading this review, please do your research before believing whatever book you find in amazon.
  • I can’t believe the recipes in this book. The author identifies sodium as an inflammatory ingredient yet offers recipes with incredibly high sodium content. One such recipe has over 3000 mg of sodium per serving! A person could have a heart attach or stroke after that meal. Just ridiculous that there aren’t more cook books with delicious, low-sodium recipes that are heart healthy and anti-inflammatory. I wish i could return this one.
  • My boyfriend and I are on week 2 right now and we already see results. We enjoy and love it! This book is a great starter board for eating anti-inflammatory – we’ve already lost a little bit of weight and the chronic pain in my knees isn’t flaring up as much as it used to do. What I love about this book is that they provide simple recipes that are easy to follow. I wish there was a full 4 weeks we could follow instead of 2 but there are a bunch of recipes at the end that we haven’t gotten to yet so I imagine we will mix and match them ourselves. What I also like about the meal plans are that the authors find multiple ways to use similar ingredients throughout the week. We definitely see this as a sustainable venture to help us meal prep as well as get us on the road to being healthier again! The only critical feedback I would provide is that a lot of the recipes have a large amount of salt/sodium. I’ve been tailoring the recipes to fit my needs such as reducing the amount of salt in the recipes and I would recommend you do that too! There’s no reason to add so much salt because the meals taste great with a pinch of it. Only because of the salt do I give it 4 stars – I would give it 4.5 if it let me. Would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking to eat simply and reduce inflammation in their body.
  • I like the information in the book, it is straightforward and easy to understand. The recipes seem easy as well, so that’s a plus!The format is not as advertised, though. In the Amazon listing, there were photos of recipe pages with pictures of ingredients for the recipe in the margins. I am a very visual person, and this omission makes this book infinitely less usable to me. I would not have bought it if I had known the recipes had no pictures.The quality of the printing is also not great, it looks like someone printed this out on their inkjet at home. Overall, I’m going to keep it, but I’ll be looking for another cookbook in the meantime.*Update: the formatting discrepancy was Amazon’s fault. They have photos of recipe pages from “The Easy Anti-inflammatory Diet.” If you look closely at the bottom of the recipe pages, it says The Easy Anti-inflammatory Diet, and you can also see these same photos in the product description of this book.
  • This may be best meal plan book I have ever purchased. It is so easy to follow, the recipes are not complicated, the way the information about anti-inflammatory eating is presented makes you feel excited about doing yourself a favor and eating better. I have a shelf of diet plans and cookbooks that are simply too complex to put to use in my world. This book is informative and affordable and easy to apply to your daily routine. Nothing fancy – just factual and fun . No stress.
  • I bought this book after a significant flare up from rheumatoid arthritis which left me hospitalised, unable to move. Since buying this book I’ve adjusted what I eat on a daily basis and added in things that act as an anti inflammatory. It has done wonders, I’ve noticed a real difference, possibly even more so than medication.
  • The recipes are delicious and the weekly menus are great. If you have IBD this is not the book for you – I have UC and after 4 days I was very unwell – lots of raw veg and beans. My healthy husband felt great and was sad I had to stop.
  • I was looking forward to reading this book but was a little disappointed that there was no recipes to follow!
  • Having had trouble with tiredness, general aches and pains. I decided to change my diet and found this book. It’s really well laid out, gives plenty of information to beginners and includes a two week meal plan. The ingredients are expensive and so I haven’t followed the meal plans, but I have tried some of the recipes. They’re pretty easy to make and taste good.Why 4 stars? Whilst the book is laid out well. It’s not brilliant. Some of the recipes are missing and some of the pages are blank. Shows a lack of care through final checks or maybe I’m just unlucky!
  • Eliminating inflammation is the core of most illnesses
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