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Get the tools and skills you need to prepare for the NCLEX®! Often called the ‘the best NCLEX® exam review book ever,’ Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination, 8th Edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the most recent test plan. This new edition includes 5,200 NCLEX examination-style questions in the book and online. A companion Evolve website includes thousands of questions that allow you to decide how you want to practice! Don’t make the mistake of assuming the quality of the questions is the same in all NCLEX exam review books, because only Silvestri includes the kinds of questions that consistently test the clinical judgment skills necessary to pass today’s NCLEX exam. Even better, all answers include detailed rationales to help you learn from your answer choices and test-taking strategies with tips on how to best approach each question. Written by the most trusted name in NCLEX review, this is THE book of choice for NCLEX preparation. But don’t just take our word for it ― read any customer review or ask your classmates to see why there’s nothing else like it!Over 5,200 practice questions in the text and online offer ample testing practice. 75-question comprehensive exam covers all content areas in the book in the same percentages that they are covered on the actual NCLEX-RN test plan.Inclusion of all alternate item format questions covers multiple response, prioritizing [ordered response], fill-in-the-blank, figure/illustration [hot spot], chart/exhibit, video, and audio questions to give students practice with mastering prioritizing, decision-making, and critical thinking skills.Presents introductory chapters on preparation guidance for the NCLEX-RN, nonacademic preparation, test-taking strategies, the CAT format, and the NCLEX-RN from a new graduate’s experience.UNIQUE! Audio review summaries on pharmacology, fluids and electrolytes, and acid-base balance are found on the Evolve companion site.Expanded coverage of delegation, prioritization, and triage/disaster management in the practice questions reflect the areas of increased emphasis on the NCLEX exam.UNIQUE!Adetailed test-taking strategy and rationale is included for each question, offering clues for analyzing and uncovering the correct answer optionUNIQUE!Priority concepts call-outs highlight specific concepts related to nursing practice. Concepts have been updated to reflect the latest Giddens: Concepts for Nursing Practice text.UNIQUE! More Priority Nursing Action boxes communicate new and pertinent content.Question categories by cognitive level, client needs area, integrated process, and content area give you completely customizable exams or study sessions when using the companion Evolve site.UNIQUE!Pyramid Alert! boxes spotlight important nursing concepts and procedures, and include tips and shortcuts for remembering key information. Mnemonics included where appropriate throughout the text.NEW! Thoroughly updated content incorporates clinical updates and reflects the latest NCLEX-RN test plan.NEW! Clinical Judgment Situationstest critical thinking skills and feature Next Generation NCLEX item types to assist in applying the skill of clinical judgment.NEW! UPDATED! Bioterrorism content includes information on nuclear radiation.Several NEW prioritizing questions test prioritizing skills.NEW! Pharmacology classifications code with practice questions helps you to focus on specific medication classes.NEW! Special Populations chapter focuses on nursing care of special and vulnerable populations.NEW! Complex Care chapter includes information on sepsis, shock, sedation, critical care nursing interventions, and more.NEW! Health Problem code with every practice question helps you to focus your study on particular topics.NEW! Anemia section added to the Oncological and Hematological Problems chapter.NEW! Systematic case scenario helps you focus on applying health and physical assessment concepts.

Linda Anne Silvestri PhD RN FAAN
Saunders; 8th edition (October 7, 2019)
1152 pages

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Linda Anne Silvestri has provided decades of nursing education and leadership that has directly impacted the growing and needed nursing workforce. Her research focused on a holistic investigation of predictors leading to success on the licensure examination. Her findings, published in the Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, led to significant contributions, filling a critical need in NCLEX® preparation. Linda’s vision was to provide a holistic educational approach to ensure overall well-being in test anxiety and self-efficacy, and success on the NCLEX®. As a leader in providing global NCLEX® preparation resources published by Elsevier, she strives for excellence in publication quality, based on the discovery of new knowledge in nursing, standards of care, and research-based studies. Her published resources ensure nursing graduates’ ability to make sound clinical judgments as they serve the public and the nursing profession. Linda is also a Next Generation NCLEX® Subject Matter Expert and Consultant for Elsevier.Angela Silvestri is a well-known nurse educator, researcher, and author. She has been teaching and working in university administrative roles for the past 10 years at all levels of nursing education. She has experience teaching across the program and in classroom and clinical settings in the areas of Nutrition and Human Development Across the Lifespan, Foundations of Care in Nursing, Gerontological Nursing, Complex Care in Nursing, and Leadership and Transition to Practice in pre-nursing and undergraduate nursing programs. She is currently serving as the Program Director for the undergraduate BSN program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is a sought-out speaker at national conferences on the topic of nursing school success. Her passion for college student success comes through in her work at the School of Nursing teaching Leadership and licensure exam preparation and in publishing research and best-selling licensure exam review resources on national and international levels. <div id="

  • This NCLEX review is everything!!! My program is concept based and I use it as a general study guide. In fact I brought the other resources to go along with it. As a student that struggles with testing my grades have improved 10x.A must have for nursing students.
  • I swear by this book. I used the 7th edition all during nursing school and bought the 8th edition as soon as it was released. This was the only book I used to study for the NCLEX, and I recently took and passed the NCLEX on the first try! I will always refer back to this book when needed in my future career.
  • This book really helped me get past this last semester. I bought this mainly for my pharmacology class. Around the middle of the semester I had a 79. This book, along with increased study hours, helped me pass the class with an 84. Would definitely recommend!
  • Recommend to everyone!!!
  • Great book with awesome reviews on The most important topics to know in nursing school. Went through different chapters and information is accurate and concise. Bought it now that I’m level 1 nursing student to be familiar with NCLEX style question and topics.
  • I bought the book to have a better understanding on Nclex type questions and this book breaks it down well. I am about to start the nursing program in January and I feel this book will make my journey alot smoother. Thanks to all the YouTube channels i watched.
  • Just got the book today and as expected the book is great! I am studying maternity and pediatrics this semester and the book is full of great tips, concepts and rantionals. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing about the condition the book arrived in. I ordered this book brand new, and yet some how the cover was dirty, the book/pages are slightly warped and a small portion of bottom corner of the cover is bent. While, the book is still very much usable and the damage is mininal the book looks used. I am not teying to complain but I deffinitly should not of had to pay full price for this.
  • Great comprehensive book! Will come in handy with knowing what nursing school exams will ask, in preparation for the NCLEX. Also, love that this book comes with a code for practice computer exams on the Elsevier website.
  • Just wrote my NCLEX last week and I passed in 60 questions! I used this textbook if I ever wanted to do some extra questions on a subject or needed further explanation! In addition, the day before of my NCLEX I did some questions throughout the textbook to see where I was and it helped me feel prepared for the actual exam.highly recommend this book with UWORLD!both have helped me pass :)only 4/5 stars because of the price, other than that would definitely worth it
  • Need an audio book otherwise good material. A little too formal and boring at times especially when you have to get repetitive info that is not easy to memorise for example characteristic illnesses which affect minorities. Or management styles etc.
  • The book was delivered in good condition. It’s very essential for NCLEX exam and I found it very helpful and easy to understand, it also has questions at the end of each chapter to help evaluate your studies.
  • Hard bound and informative!
  • The book is nice but its such a shame that the kindle version doesn’t work properly.Hope you guys wmfix the kindle one and make it work.
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