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Fall in love with this emotional New York Times bestselling romance between two tortured souls who find their chance at happiness in the most unexpected way. I wanted to lose myself in the small town of Pelion, Maine. To forget everything I had left behind. The sound of rain. The blood. The coldness of a gun against my skin. For six months, each breath has been a reminder that I survived — and my dad didn’t. I’m almost safe again. But the moment I meet Archer Hale, my entire world tilts on its axis . . . and never rights itself again. Until I trespass into his strange, silent, and isolated world, Archer communicates with no one. Yet in his whiskey-colored eyes, something intangible happens between us. There’s so much more to him than just his beauty, his presence, or the ways his hands communicate with me. On me. But this town is mired in secrets and betrayals, and Archer is the explosive center of it all. So much passion. And so much hurt. But it’s only in Archer’s silence that we might just find what we need to heal . . . and live. Includes an exclusive extended epilogue from Archer’s POV! Named one of the “Top Romance Novels of All Time” by Goodreads! A New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller!

Mia Sheridan
February 13, 2018
400 pages

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“5 stars!!! Read this book, guys!! Archer’s Voice was one of the most heartwarming and uniquely beautiful stories I have ever read. Mia Sheridan’s ability to convey strong emotions and vivid imagery through her writing is absolutely captivating. This was a gorgeous tale of survival and the healing power of love. I strongly encourage everyone to read it!! Without a doubt, it is now one of my top favorite books!”―Aestas Book Blog”[T]he bible to how to write a good, convincing love story.”―L.J. Shen, USA Today bestselling author of The Kiss Thief”5 stars! Flawlessly and poignantly written, Bree and Archer’s heart-wrenching but truly beautiful love story touched my heart in so many exquisite ways, I felt ruined at the end of it… In a world that celebrates ‘bad boys’ and their antics, Archer Hale stands as a God among men.”―Natasha is a Book Junkie”5 stars! Best book of the year…From silly sweetness to intense hurt and jealousy to sorrow and heartache (and not necessarily in that order), this story has it all. And this author does it right!”―Maryse’s Book Blog”5 Star Gold! Inspiring, uplifting and raw in [its] intensity. The author makes you feel like you are right there experiencing every flashback and triumph, and she will have readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.”―RT Book Reviews on Most of All You”Mia Sheridan is, without a doubt, one of the most talented authors I’ve ever read. Her stories are unique, her writing is beautiful, and I’ve loved every single book she’s written. Grayson’s Vow was no exception.”―Aestas Book Blog About the Author Mia Sheridan is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Her passion is weaving love stories about people destined to be together. Mia lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband. They have four children here on earth and one in heaven. Mia can be found online at or <div id="

  • Sometimes an understanding silence was better than a bunch of meaningless words.”A soulful journey through the heart of a man, speechless & Lonely. Mia hasn’t allocated even whispers to her Mute, Loner – Archer Hale but readers feel them regardless. His silence, expressions, eyes, touch our hearts like feathers falling from the sky. Love really need no language, words or tunes. All you need is a willing heart”She had told me my voice mattered, and her love had made me believe it might be true. And sometimes, that’s all it takes—one person who’s willing to listen to your heart, to the sound no one else has ever tried to hear.”Love at its purest and finest form, almost like a prayer. Like we can’t see God or touch him or see him, just feel his presence, Archers quiet demeanor doesn’t need words for validation of his radiance.”more light shines out of those who have the most cracks.”Archer can’t talk but his personality filled the corners of Bree’s heart and dispelled her darkness and nightmares somehow. I’ve never read a more stirring story before.I’d read this book somewhere in 2016, but I wasn’t a reviewer then, so that had to be rectified immediately. Hence the reread. The best part about it is that the narrative speed and path. Though it’s not a huge book, Mia pays attention to character development. Nothing is rushed. She give Archer ample time to go from a shy recluse to a hesitantly confident man. The growth of their individual personalities and their love bond is slow & steady on a gradual upward incline, skipping no steps yet keeping readers spellbound. That is a genius writing techniqueI don’t have to sing too many praises, it’s a renowned fact that the story written from the heart, touches the hearts of readers. It doesn’t need any gimmicks or cheesy lines or caricature characters. This story went against all the set norms and still could teach a whole generation of indie authors how to write love story.”Archer Hale’s voice was one of the most beautiful things in the whole wide world.”5 stars for Awkward boy. Sweet, silent Archer Hale
  • This is a storyline? Perhaps to horny adolescents and immature adults, but if they are your target audience AT LEAST give a clear warning to those readers who prefer not to read filth.SHAME ON YOU!
  • I read a lot of romance novels and I’m a huge sucker for the more broken heroes. I want to start by saying this wasn’t badly written. On the contrary, even though Bree was dislikeable and predictable, she was still well written that I simply found her a character I didn’t relate too. Nothing wrong with that. However, nothing actually happens in this book. Almost everything takes place off camera but some sexytimes and some nightmares. That’s not fair to me as a reader. It’s like watching a play where someone runs off stage and then comes back. Nothing’s changed for me, but everything’s changed for the characters. i’m being left out and I’m the one who should know the story. My biggest issue is that these characters don’t let each other help and it’s really frustrating. To be a good, solid couple you have to learn to go through things TOGETHER. If I’m supposed to be watching them learn to love each other, they need common ground. And they’re not getting it. All in all, it’s like someone edited out all the wrong scenes and left me with two starry eyed people who I honestly don’t care about by the end because i’ve watched them do nothing but tell me things have happened to them. I usually don’t even review things, but I just had to talk about this to SOMEONE.
  • ARCHERS VOICE is a short story masquerading as a full length novel, it read like a short book with lots of fluff and was a long enough book without much description, for instance what kind of dog was phoebe? the author talked about the dog several times, it rode in the basket on the bike that the h rode over to archers house multiple times during the story, but i don’t know the breed or color of the animal. the author never really let me know her characters, i felt like i was outside of the book looking in, instead of being immersed in the story. amazon said the page length was 338 so i feel there was enough time for the author to make me believe what she had written. i don’t understand how this book got a 4.8 rating on amazon! i’m giving it 2 stars for a very unsatisfying read. the premise was good, the writing just couldn’t make it work. i won’t read anything else by this author, don’t let yourself be fooled by this rating!!
  • I just LOVE LOVE this book, this was the first book I read of Mia Sheridan and I’ve been hooked since. So I have to have a re-read every now and again and this book will always have a little piece of my heart.I don’t want to give to much away plot wise you just NEED to read this book if you haven’t.This is a story of survival and healing by the power of connection and love, Mia Sheridan always writes so beautifully that you feel the strong emotions throughout every book especially this one. I loved the development of Bree and Archers relationship it wasn’t instant love and it felt like a natural progression and not rushed from them becoming friends and still feeling the strong connection between them with great detail.I loved both characters SO much and the things they have been though were so sad and heartbreaking. Bree brings out the real Archer when no one else cared. Bree is just such a great heroine 100% likeable just a good sweet person with a big heart. Archer is misunderstood, forgotten, shy, naive at times and protective of what he loves. The perfect book boyfriend
  • This was my first, and probably last, foray into “New Adult” romantic fiction. I’d never read one and there have been some really stunning reviews of books in the genre at All About Romance and elsewhere so I thought I would give this one a try as it has attracted so many 5* reviews. I won’t go through the plot again (which was actually well done) but would like to comment that I was pretty surprised by it. We have a H/h who are miles apart – apparently in terms of life experience – but who, nonetheless, have a very strong attraction to each other. And we have (SPOILER) a virgin hero. Last one I came across was Jamie Fraser! Our hero has had a very difficult and tough life and I can’t believe that his situation did not attract the attention of social services right at the beginning – especially with his disability. And our heroine has had a terrifying experience as well. The narrative, split between the leads, is good, the evocation of small town life in rural Maine is good. But: here’s the thing. We go from pretty innocuous back-and-forth “getting to know you” that anyone would let their 13 year old read to, whoosh, semi-erotic descriptions of red-hot sex. Now I don’t mind that myself but I really did wonder if this the way that the New Adult genre works. Overall, though this was a reasonably good read I think I will probably not re-visit the genre – or at least this author – as I found it too much of an up and down experience of being yanked out of a scene of swimming on the lake in the sunshine to graphic description of oral sex between the virgin and the temptress who (SPOILER) was recently the victim of an horrific sex crime. Four stars for a reasonably good read but not five because I finished it very, very confused about where the author was going.
  • Six numb months after the worst day of her life, Bree decides she can’t stand it any long and flees her hometown for a small lakeside town in Maine. She’s not sure how long she’s going to stay but she just knows it’s where she needs to be for now. To heal. To hopefully start living again.On her first night there, she bumps into Archer, whom she learns later on is the town recluse. Everyone assumes he’s deaf or simple, but the truth is he’s mute as a result of the worst day of HIS life, when he was only 7 years old.They begin to form an unlikely friendship, and quickly discover that their feelings for each other run deeper then either of them expected. Can they overcome their own demons to be who the other needs?Gaaaahhh Archer! I fell for him so hard! He’s so sweet and naive and unsure and lonely and wonderful and misunderstood and adorable! So much of him is a vulnerable 7 year old boy in a 23 year old man’s body…a ripped, hot, incredible body.And Bree is so lovely and caring and truly believes in Archer. She wants to take care of him and protect him from the world, but also see him thrive and succeed in everything he wants from life.They were a wonderful pairing and I felt their pain down to my core.And apart from Archer’s mum, Uncle Connor, and Uncle Nate, everyone else in his family was VILE. And yes I’m including Travis in that.
  • Novel. Thought provoking. Pulls at your heartstrings. Has you thinking long after the final page has been turned.So much more than the synopsis can tell you about this book, that you can only understand by reading it. There are books that you skim read, books that you pore over and smile while reading, others that you will set aside and re-read. Then there are those that change your life, for the better. This is such a book.I love Bree and Archer. Both as individual characters and as love interests. Because the story starts off slowly (it’s not the passionate boy meets girl, sparks fly, clothes follow shortly after sort of book), you really take the time to immerse in the characters and in the plot. The characters come alive, each intricate, damaged part of their souls bared for all to see. I love this book and will look to read more from Mia Sheridan in the future – this is my first foray with this author and it won’t be my last!!
  • I have loved Archer’s Voice since the first time I read it, and everytime I re read it, I nsut fall inlove with this story even more.Archer Hale has known heartbreak, not just from the loss of his mother, but the loss of his voice too. Over the years he has isolated himself to his house, learning all of his life skills by simply reading books. He is content to live in his own little world, that is until one day he is leaving the grocery store, invisible to the little town he lives in and Bree Prescott locks eyes with him when her shopping bag splits open….this is when everything changes, helping her pick up her Almond Joy candybars will be the best decision he ever made 💙.Bree Prescott has just lost everything she holds dear to her and she needs to escape, so she packs up her car and drives to small town Pelion, her plan is to heal, face the demons that haunt her nightmares every night and try to move on with her life. She never expected to meet Archer, the shy, quiet but ruggedly handsome man who makes her feel alive again. Maybe her visit to this small town could give her much more than she thought was possible.I don’t have the words for how much I adore this book, Archer holds a special place in my heart. This man is so beautiful, broken is some ways but so strong in others, he takes care of Bree in a way she didn’t think was possible, she finds it easy to open up to him and he helps to keep her nightmares at bay, protecting her anyway he can (when he wants to be there for her when there’s a storm breaks me heart 😭😭).Then there’s Bree, she is so strong, the horrifying thing she has witnessed is enough to give anyone demons but she still takes on this positive attitude towards life. Her connection with Archer is instant and I love that she can communicate with him like no1 else. She brings him back to life and stands against anyone who dares to challenge her reasons for it. These two are couple goals and ill never tire of their story 💙.
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