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A SELF HELP BOOK + JOURNAL ALL IN ONEFIND THE GOOD VIBES YOU SEEK IN 3 MINUTES OR LESS . . . The 3 Minute Positivity Journal is a guided journal that aims to boost your mood, train your mind and change your life in only minutes a day! We spend so much time on our digital devices, it’s important that we also maintain a daily habit of physically writing out our thoughts, feelings, intentions, reflections, goals, and wins.This happiness journal has been called “The daily journal for mental health that feels like an app”.A HAPPINESS JOURNAL FOR WOMEN AND MENIn this 60-day best seller motivational journal, you’ll discover HOW to harness the power of positivity, train your mind, and change your life. It is so much more than just a mood diary. Each entry is quick, yet powerful – only 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening – to keep you on track with your mindset, health, and goals.Fall in love with the feeling of setting up and ending your day with positivity.In addition to daily quotes, prompts, and activities, this journal features recurring “check-ins” related to gratitude, affirmations, mental health, physical health, goals, and wins to help you feel more positive no matter what is happening around you.THE TRUTH IS . . . FEW PEOPLE KNOW EXACTLYWHAT IT TAKES TO SET UP THEIR DAY TO CREATE POSITIVITY. It’s time to find out with this guided journal. The founder and author of this positivity journal, Kristen Butler, shares the tools and mindset strategies that have helped her go from depressed and broke – literally broken – to happy, thriving, and whole.This book was created for people who feel stuck. For people who want to live a more positive life. Immediately, you will see it’s easy to change your life when you do small things consistently.THIS SELF HELP JOURNAL WILL BOOST YOUR POSITIVITY IN 5 MAIN AREAS 1. Habits 2. Mindset 3. Health 4. Self Esteem 5. SuccessWHY I CREATED THIS DAILY JOURNALI created this journal for change. I created this journal for happiness. I created this journal for mental health based on how I have seen our community change lives with the Power of Positivity, which continues to serve its community of over 50 million with uplifting content and transformative tools.Growth isn’t hard or time-consuming, it only requires slight changes in your focus and routine that add up to huge results. The 3 Minute Positivity Journal is a simple motivational journal with prompts to create positive rituals, routines, and habits that work. What I share with you in this little “happiness diary” are the same things that have allowed me to completely transform my life and millions of people in our community too.Don’t let negativity, stress, self-doubt, and procrastination and everything else you encounter before happiness get in the way of your best life.Happiness is only a few daily habits away with the self-help change journal many people call their personal “positivity diary”.HUNDREDS OF FANS AGREE, THIS GUIDED JOURNAL FOR MENTAL HEALTH IS A PERFECT GIFT FOR YOURSELF OR SOMEONE YOU LOVE – IT MAKES A GREAT GIFT!

Kristen Butler
November 27, 2021
195 pages

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  • This is just what I need. Simple powerful accountability journal with prompts, activities, goals, mental and physical health check-ins… affirmations and quotes… it’s so much more than a journal, it’s a life-changer.
  • Inspired by the author, this journal is just what I needed especially being a nurse working through the pandemic. I posted her quote to my mindset board at work.. “Instead of planning for the worst-case scenario and feeling your anxiety, how about expecting the best-case scenario and restoring your peace.” @positivekristen
  • I rarely make a book, much less journal recommendation but Kristen’s transparency and vulnerability coupled with her openness and insight make this journal a must have. I have been in a year and a half healing journey and this journal has given me a type of permission per se, to actively and openly deal with my pain and my shadows as well as my healing, accomplishments and gratitude. Life is as positive as you make it. Our perception truly is our reality. I choose positivity. One of the best journals ever! 🥰
  • I look forward to writing in this journal everyday! And reflect on what I wrote in the morning throughout the day. Gratitude really is magic 😍I have my book next to me now and just ordered another for a friend for Christmas. I just want to say Thank you!! After a long abusive relationship, I struggled on who I was, what my standards were, and had no self assurance. I’ve done so much self help work through books, support groups, and when I started getting these texts it was another amazing boost to my year and daily life. It means everything to me, I can’t thank you enough. My life has changed. My home is a safe place again. My children are happier because I am happier. I find strength and Gratitude every day now, in part thanks to you
  • I ordered this because it was described as a mood tracker journal that would help you become more positive.It’s not a journal, for one thing – it’s got 60 days of the tracker. The front matter leading up to that is full of “I used positive thinking to cure my depression!” type language.If this book was a person, it’d be that overly chipper, bubbly, school guidance counselor who always called you sweetie while patting your head. Maybe some find that helpful or comforting.I found it obnoxiously patronizing & after about a week, I’ve given up on the journal.
  • I was signed up to power of positivitys text messages. the messages i was getting every day started to change my whole mood and overall daily habits & thoughts. I started being happier and spent more time on things that really matter. so when i saw that kristen published her own journal, i got very excited, i knew the book would be a 5 star. i just started reading the book and it already has ben life changing for me. i think its something every human can relate to. very peaceful, realistic and can impact everyones life , in any situation, in a positive way. i cant wait to start filling out the journal daily. I now understand the power that positivity has on our well being. Thank you Kristen for your hard work on this journal.
  • A book like no other, Encouraging advice coupled with a journal that is quick and easy, what a great way to begin and end your day. An opportunity to replace yuck with yay and start living life in a positive way!
  • Kristen Butler’s “3 Minute Positivity Journal” is supportive of the challenges many of us face each moment of every day. Our feelings are ‘real’; this Journal allows the reader to see value in challenges, mistakes, misunderstandings. I have always considered myself to have a ‘positive perspective; finding the ‘good’ in all challenges. Kristen’s book supports and encourages the various challenges we face each day. Thank You for ALL You Have Done, Kristen … Thank You For Sharing Your Challenges & How You Overcame Them.
  • This has really helped me to change my way of thinking, get my thoughts out of my swirling head and find the positives in every day!I was in the habit of negative self talk in my own head this massively helped me to the point I’ve just got a promotion.I will continue this new healthy habit
  • This book is great for setting your daily goals in a positive way that helps set your mindset for the rest of the day. Highly recommend
  • Highly recommend
  • Just started reading.
  • I bought this item as a gift for a friend in the USA. She loved it and the delivery time was as planned.
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