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A New York Times bestseller and enduring classic, All About Love is the acclaimed first volume in feminist icon bell hooks’ “Love Song to the Nation” trilogy.  All About Love reveals what causes a polarized society, and how to heal the divisions that cause suffering. Here is the truth about love, and inspiration to help us instill caring, compassion, and strength in our homes, schools, and workplaces.“The word ‘love’ is most often defined as a noun, yet we would all love better if we used it as a verb,” writes bell hooks as she comes out fighting and on fire in All About Love. Here, at her most provocative and intensely personal, renowned scholar, cultural critic and feminist bell hooks offers a proactive new ethic for a society bereft with lovelessness–not the lack of romance, but the lack of care, compassion, and unity. People are divided, she declares, by society’s failure to provide a model for learning to love. As bell hooks uses her incisive mind to explore the question “What is love?” her answers strike at both the mind and heart. Razing the cultural paradigm that the ideal love is infused with sex and desire, she provides a new path to love that is sacred, redemptive, and healing for individuals and for a nation. The Utne Reader declared bell hooks one of the “100 Visionaries Who Can Change Your Life.” All About Love is a powerful, timely affirmation of just how profoundly her revelations can change hearts and minds for the better.

bell hooks
January 30, 2018
272 pages

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“Each offering from bell hooks is a major event, as she has so much to give us.”– Maya Angelou”She provides a refreshing spiritual treatise that steps outside the confines of the intellect and into the wilds of the heart.”– “Seattle Weekly”Like love, this book is worth the commitment.”– “Toronto Sun From the Back Cover THE ACCLAIMED FIRST VOLUME IN HER “LOVE SONG TO THE NATION”“The word ‘love’ is most often defined as a noun, yet . . . we would all love better if we used it as a verb,” writes bell hooks as she comes out fighting and on fire in All About Love. Here, at her most provocative and intensely personal, the renowned scholar, cultural critic, and feminist skewers our view of love as romance. In its place she offers a proactive new ethic for a people and a society bereft with lovelessness.As Bell Hooks uses her incisive mind and razor-sharp pen to explore the question “What is love?” her answers strike at both the mind and heart. In thirteen concise chapters, hooks examines her own search for emotional connection and society’s failure to provide a model for learning to love. Razing the cultural paradigm that the ideal love is infused with sex and desire, she provides a new path to love that is sacred, redemptive, and healing for individuals and for a nation. The Utne Reader declared bell hooks one of the “100 Visionaries Who Can Change Your Life.” All About Love is a powerful affirmation of just how profoundly she can. <div id="

  • i bought this audiobook because i wanted to engage with hooks’s work in a new way for me … imagine how much i wanted to vomit when i heard her words coming out of a white man’s mouth. lol if i wanted to hear a white man’s voice i would have bought a book BY A WHITE MAN.audiobook producers, do better!
  • I admit, I was skeptical when this book was first recommended to me. But it is insightful and certainly has some good points:Love and abuse cannot coexist!Domination cannot exist where a love ethic prevailsTrue love is unconditional, but to truly flourish it requires an ongoing commitment to constructive struggle & changeThe essence of true love is mutual recognition- two individuals seeing each other as they really areWe are a nation that normalizes dysfunctionSo many other noteworthy statements on patriarchy.This book was helpful, good read during this particular transition period.
  • 1/2-way in, this book is a disorganized review of other peoples work mixed with opinions, generalizations, tropes, and stereotypes. Frankly, I find a lack of compassion for everyone involved. The worldview puts men and women on different teams, and if that is the kind of love you want, go for it. It’s a tiresome feminist tea-party rant about “patriarchy” that lacks responsibility, compassion, or any kind of innovation on the topic.
  • This book is literally life changing. I’m always recommending it to everyone I know and my copy is super beat up from lending it out so often. I’ve underlined so many lines and I’ve written lots of poems inspired by this book. Definitely worth your time and it’s really easy to read so you can get through it really quickly!
  • Beautifully written reminders and excellent critique on what it means to love in today’s societal climate. Strongly recommended for people who want to learn more about a subject that should be taught in school but never was. Lessons can be found for everyone at any stage in life. Recommended especially for people who were raised by adults that werent good “love models.”
  • This is a book every young woman needs to read, I see myself rereading it in years to come. bell hooks addresses all of the heart issues and pains I’ve felt throughout the years and it’s written so logically. She doesn’t draw on emotions, but logic and growth, she rationalizes the emotions and circumstances many of us feel but can’t manage. Through the use of her own experiences, as well as the texts of other authors she has created something that is truly amazing and healing, I’ve literally referred this book to everyone I know
  • Very heave book. It makes you explore not just the love you’ve experienced, but everything. This book has helped me be able to understand people in a much deeper way. Everyone operates differently based on whatever trauma they have or haven’t faced in life. I haven’t finished the entire book yet because it is a deep read. Make sure that you have a highlighter, pen and notebook nearby. For me it was more study material than just a quick easy read. You have to take the time to digest and process what she’s teaching you.
  • I am trying to play around with the genre of books I read and non-fiction is a genre that I only recently have started reading. And this book is a great non-fictional read. It is honest and filled with ideas and thoughts and feelings that a lot of people have (including me) but cannot necessarily articulate into words. It made me question a lot of my ideas and I liked that.There were times when the book was a little repetitive, which isn’t necessarily bad (since it emphasized and highlighted the theme she was trying to bring forth) but I found slightly exhausting.Overall this book is an amazing read. In today’s world, where we find ourselves defining love and all our expectations that come with it as subjective since it is unmeasurable, unlike power and money and status, All about Love serves to question its subjectivity and how this subjectivity is what makes it so hard for people to feel loved.Most importantly, this book brought up some important questions that I never even thought to question – such as “is giving care and feeling cared for, the same as loving and feeling loved?”Bella hooks also does a great job with addressing sexism in our society today and the effect it has on individuals.This book is thought-provoking and enlightening and and a “let’s all feel better as individuals and members of a society” read!
  • PLEASE read this book if you need to forgive yourself or another and you’re finding it hard, if you have known neglect, trauma/generational trauma, if you want to better your communication with loved ones, or if you want to work on your insecurities. This book helped me aa lot.
  • I return to this book again and again. So many pages and sections are marked that I may as well have marked the whole book. Completely changed how I think about love. bell hooks’ work is essential reading for people of all genders.
  • It is actually quite cliché and unlike anything I’ve ever read. I bought this book because I would see little snippets of the book and quotes sometimes and think they were wonderful but the book itself did not really do much for me, personally speaking. The quality of the book itself was quite low as well the cover and pages were thin and deliciated and sometimes simply tore as I would turn a page. Delivery was quick though so I am giving an overall rating of 2/10 for this item.
  • bell hooks is a truly great author, someone who doesn’t get as much recognition as she deserves. Here she critically analyses the notion of love in it’s many nuanced forms and has produced a very accessible book that anyone can pick up and read. The language is easily understood and the book is just the right length to be read over and over again as I myself have done. A great read!
  • Brilliant book. Insightful and interesting and deeply inspirational. I know this was written a while back, but it is still entirely relevant, if not arguably more so in the present. Very grateful that Bell Hooks wrote this and I got to experience her wisdom.
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