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A New York Times BestsellerFrom #1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn comes the story of Benedict Bridgerton, in the third of her beloved Regency-set novels featuring the charming, powerful Bridgerton family, now a series created by Shondaland for Netflix.BENEDICT’S STORYSophie Beckett never dreamed she’d be able to sneak into Lady Bridgerton’s famed masquerade ball—or that “Prince Charming” would be waiting there for her! Though the daughter of an earl, Sophie has been relegated to the role of servant by her disdainful stepmother. But now, spinning in the strong arms of the debonair and devastatingly handsome Benedict Bridgerton, she feels like royalty. Alas, she knows all enchantments must end when the clock strikes midnight.Ever since that magical night, a radiant vision in silver has blinded Benedict to the attractions of any other—except, perhaps, this alluring and oddly familiar beauty dressed in housemaid’s garb whom he feels compelled to rescue from a most disagreeable situation. He has sworn to find and wed his mystery miss, but this breathtaking maid makes him weak with wanting her. Yet, if he offers her his heart, will Benedict sacrifice his only chance for a fairy-tale love?

Julia Quinn
April 27, 2021
480 pages

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“If you’ve never read romance novels, start here.”  — Washington Post“Quinn is . . . a romance master. [She] has created a family so likable and attractive, a community so vibrant and engaging, that we want to crawl into the pages and know them.”  — NPR Books“Julia Quinn is truly our contemporary Jane Austen.” — Jill Barnett“Quinn is a consummate storyteller. Her prose is spry and assured, and she excels at creating indelible characters.”  — Publishers Weekly (starred review)“Simply delightful, filled with charm, humor, and wit.”  — Kirkus Reviews About the Author #1 New York Times bestselling author JULIA QUINN began writing one month after graduating from college and, aside from a brief stint in medical school, she has been tapping away at her keyboard ever since. Her novels have been translated into 43 languages and are beloved the world over. A graduate of Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges, she lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest. Look for BRIDGERTON, based on her popular series of novels about the Bridgerton family, on Netflix. <div id="

  • Sad Cinderella story with a somewhat vivid demonstration of the flexibility of the notion of honor in the Recency period. Hero offers to make heroine his mistress, when he decides her social class is too far beneath him for marriage. Although she explains her difficulty in life as the illegitimate daughter of a nobleman, the hero doesn’t seem to think that should influence her choice. Of course, being a romance novel, he finally decides to marry her, but still left a bad taste in my mouth. He was so willing for her to give up any kind of respectable life, including having her own illegitimate children. What a sense of honor he has, offering her a life of prostitution in exchange for a “lower class” servant life. Amazing she trusted him.
  • I’m late to the Bridgerton party, I know. Fans of Tessa Dare and others have been urging me to read Julia Quinn’s fabulous series for years. And the stories really are fabulous! An Offer from a Gentleman has Cinderella elements and I like the heroine, Sophie, very much. She’s trying to find her identity, really. Born on the wrong side of the blanket, she has no real place in society.Benedict Bridgerton is a second son, and like Sophie, does not know exactly where he fits in. He meets her at a masquerade ball and is instantly smitten, but she won’t tell him who she is. Anyway, life finds them together again when he rescues her from being raped by a bunch of drunken lords. But he doesn’t recognize her as she is supporting herself as a housemaid.I would give this book 4 stars or more but one thing really bothered me. Benedict saves Sophie from being victimized by the son of her then employer, but then he feels his attraction to her growing and subjects her to what we would now call sexual harassment at the very least. Sophie is attracted to him too, but does not want to be his mistress. He keeps pursuing her, with very little thought about what she says she doesn’t want and patronizingly tells her “she doesn’t know what she wants” because if she doesn’t become his mistress she will be alone and unprotected from unscrupulous men……who would do what exactly? Seduce her? Just like he is doing? Really.But in this book Violet Bridgerton reveals herself to be the World’s Best Mother Ever and that makes putting up with stupid Benedict worthwhile.
  • I read this book and the one before it in the series after watching Bridgerton on Netflix.This is a stupid book. It’s badly written. Everything that happens in the plot is obvious from the start.The characters do things that would never have happened in the Regency period and wouldn’t even happen now. They speak in modern language and use expressions that never would have been used in the period.Many of the characters are far fetched and unbelievable and I didn’t feel any sympathy for them. In addition, the characters were not consistent. They were constantly contradicting their previous words and actions.I won’t be reading any more of the books in this series. I’ll wait for Netflix to reinterpret them with better characters and plot lines.
  • This is my third read of this book (it’s been at least 9-10 years since I read it last). Unfortunately, I didn’t like it quite as much as I remembered. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed it as a whole, the ending is especially fantastic, I just didn’t love Benedict’s insistence that she be his mistress.I completely understand the situation of the times and why Benedict would ask Sophie to be his mistress. But I still don’t like it. Thankfully, all of that is addressed as Sophie didn’t like it either. I was so glad Ms. Quinn had Sophie stick to her morals.Like I said before, the end is especially fantastic! Sophie’s evil stepmother gets her due and Benedict finally sees that love is more important that respectability among people he doesn’t care about.There’s one full sex scene, moderately detailed, around 60% (that I honestly wish hadn’t of happened til after he decided he wanted to marry her) and then another sex scene in the last chapter that is light on the details (more about the emotions than the actions).
  • A Cinderella Story! Sophie lives with her stepmother after her father who refused to claim her passed away. Benedict has no idea who she is but knows he is looking for the love of his life. After watching his sister Daphne and his older brother Anthony fall madly in love with their spouses he knows he can’t accept anything less. Then he sees her, a lady in silver across the room at a masquerade ball. All he is left with at midnight is her glove, he doesn’t even know her name. Then the story jumps to 10 years later with Benedict not finding love with anyone else. His family want him to find his wife but he can’t accept anyone but the lady in silver, even if he doesn’t know her name. Then he meets Sophie in a horrible position outside of a house party he should not have been at and has to save her and the rest is a very complicated history. I love Cinderella, but I love how Julia Quinn took it and re-imagined it into something so much more! Sophie was so strong, so smart, and so strong willed. She could handle her own and was very mistreated by so many people in this story, Benedict included. I wanted to strangle him during parts of this book with the things he was saying and doing but it all worked out in the end. I loved how Violet played her part to give her children the love story they deserve and how she accepted her daughter in law no matter what, if her son loves her than she loves her and it was as simple as that. This book comes in close for 3rd favorite, considering there are 8 of them I say it is definitely high up on the list!
  • I do enjoy reading these stories, but sometimes find it difficult with the spelling. I know they are written by an American author, but she is writing stories based in Regency England, where we spell colour with a U, realise with a S, we don’t live five blocks away either. I feel it distracts me from the story.
  • I have started binge reading the Bridgerton series after watching the show on Netflix. I always try and read the books first before watching any screen adaption but hadn’t heard of this so thought I’d buy the first book and see how it compared. I am now very sleep deprived as I can’t stop reading the books and so far this one has to be my favourite! I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much but after I found the first 2 books quite similar, this was refreshing change and a nice take on the Cinderella story. The characters keep evolving well as they are brought in and out of the series. I enjoyed Benedict’s character more than I thought I would as he isn’t really well developed in the earlier books, they seem to focus more on Colin for some reason. Some of the male characters do have elements the appear the same or repetitive but I guess they are set in a certain time period and they are brought up together in a large family. I have 4 sisters so I can see how this would happen with their personality traits. I think some reviews are too pedantic, picking on some elements of the writing style but I don’t think it takes away from the fact that the books are harmless fun and an effortless joy to read. Much needed in another lock-down pandemic year! On to book 4…
  • ** spoiler alert ** Julia Quinn excels herself again with her third Bridgerton book which is Benedict and Sophie’s story… I loved the start of this story which has Sophie attending a ball in a clear nod to Cinderella, enchanting Benedict as this mysterious woman who then runs off at midnight. They are both instantly in love, but Sophie isn’t really a lady, in fact she’s the bastard daughter of an earl who has been abominably treated by her cruel stepmother.. Anyway, two years later, Benedict bumps into her again, but not realising the maid being harassed by a nasty aristo – from whom he rescues her – is the same woman he’s been mooning over for years. He ends up getting her a new job but then things get even more complicated because Sophie’s not that happy that he doesn’t recognise her, and Ben is not that happy that he’s falling in lust with a maid who is most decidedly not his mystery lady of the night!! Although of course she actually is but decides not to tell her because he hasn’t recognised her… I adore all of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series, but I did duck this one a star, simply because – although the book is full of Quinn’s wonderfully fluid writing and both Benedict and Sophie are absolutely adorable – I got very tense waiting for the moment when Benedict would find out Sophie’s real identity which came rather late in the book. So entirely a fault with the reader not the writer, but it did make my enjoyment of the book a tiny, weeny bit less than the others… Also in the 2nd epilogue [MAJOR SPOILER ALERT HERE], I felt kind of annoyed that Benedict had gotten Sophie pregnant so many times, and almost ended up killing her!! Totally believable for the time period, but it still upset me (although probably not as much as it upset Benedict tbf!)
  • Benedict is perhaps the least interesting of the elder Bridgerton siblings. The author attempts to distinguish him from Anthony but he ends up being a copy and paste of both Anthony and Simon, all three think in the same way. All the individualities they have in the other books disapear as soon as we get into their heads. It gets a little wearying.The story is however much more interesting and is a good change from the previous two books, the take on Cinderella is fun but merely transposes the fairy tale to the Bridgerton series without adding or taking anything away from the original. Sophie is a nice change but despite all the differences between her and Kate and Daphne she somehow falls into the same thought patterns.As always with this series, the writing is clunky, the vocabulary american and the dialogue dreadfull.All in all it is very readable and once again I read this in a few hours, but maybe an hour after finishing it, I have allready forgotten everything about it.
  • An Offer From A Gentleman is the third in the Bridgerton series of books, concentrating on the love life of the second sibling, Benedict Bridgerton. It’s been a couple of years, and with his older brother married, attentions are turned to him, and Colin, brother number three. But he’s in no real hurry.Sophie Beckett is the illegitimate child of an Earl, who has never openly acknowledged her but allowed her to live in his house as his ward. He passes away, leaving her in the care of her stepmother and two stepsisters, who have no interest in housing her, but suffer her presence, as they get a good allowance to keep her in the house.In a Cinderella-esque twist to the story, Sophie is given the opportunity to attend one of the Season events, at Bridgerton House, during a Masquerade ball, with the housekeeper and staff being her collective Fairy Godmothers.There she meets Benedict Bridgerton, and their two hour evening leaves them wanting more, but unable to have it.The second part of the story follows their journey to meet once more. Will Benedict realise she is the woman in the silver gown who stole his heart, two years ago?It’s Cinderella, of course, he will, but not before plenty of other twists present themselves in the tale.An easy read, but definitely not my favourite of the Briderton books, so far.
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