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Critical incidents and career-altering traumas are daily risks that law enforcement officers must face. But, too often, officers turn to maladaptive habits to cope. Is there a better way? In Body, Mind, and Badge: Strategies for Navigating Trauma and Resilience in Law Enforcement, Dr. Kathryn Hamel, PhD, answers that question with a resounding “Yes!”The book focuses on two imperative components of law enforcement wellness: physical fitness and resiliency. Cultivating both enables personnel to mitigate the physical, mental, and emotional wear and tear that result from challenges of law enforcement.Part One covers Dr. Hamel’s memories of shift work and her resulting personal journey to physical fitness. It also discusses research on the unique health issues of law enforcement personnel, the pervasiveness of stress in the field, and the importance of physical fitness as a mitigating factor.Additionally in Part One is the cautionary story of an unexpected and devastating injury to a young, fit officer by Chief Mike Hamel (Ret.). He includes his assessment of the functional movement screen/predictive injury test and how he successfully brought it to the Irvine PD as part of an overall fitness program to help prevent the physical, emotional, and economic costs of injuries to law enforcement personnel.In Part Two, Heather Williams, PsyD, discusses resiliency—what it is, why it’s important for countering critical incidents, and how law enforcement personnel can integrate it into their lives. She proposes that law enforcement management help personnel build resilience by incorporating support systems into their organizations and by teaching inoculation training, hardiness training, psychoeducation, and cognitive-behavioral techniques like mindfulness. She also offers methods for individuals to build their own resiliency.In Part Three, retired and current police officers share their personal journeys to physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. Officer John Darby (Ret.) and Chief Charles Celano (Ret.) relate how injury and illness, respectively, forced them into unexpected retirement. They share the methods they used to heal themselves physically and how they overcame the shock and resulting sorrow of careers cut short. And Officer Alex Mendoza, a nutritionist, Reiki II practitioner, health coach, and mindfulness teacher, shares numerous emotional and physical paths to wellness, a final reminder that physical fitness and resiliency will allow you to not just survive, but thrive, in your law enforcement career.

Kathryn Hamel PhD
May 7, 2022
166 pages

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  • This is a really fascinating read that kept my attention till the end which is sometimes a difficult feat! I come from a family of law enforcement professionals and since the attack on the capital, I’m totally obsessed with stories of resilience. The combination of personal stories from police officers, the trauma, and coping (or lack thereof) was really insightful. I walked away with some helpful techniques!
  • Dr. Hamel shares her insights into the perils and stressors associated with a 25-year career in law enforcement. She discusses her journey and coping strategies that have assisted her navigate traumatic experiences that all police professionals experience. As a contributing author and retired police chief, I share about the importance in adopting life-long good physical fitness habits.This book will benefit any person working in a field where stress and trauma are unavoidable components of the job – such as professions in law enforcement, nursing and other service related industries.
  • I served in the military and law enforcement. After 24 years, was forced to retire due to physical disability. The mere mental and physical pain associated with this diagnosis was indescribable. This would include therapy for PTSD, divorce and physical injury. Dr. Hamel’s book will provide guidance and balance with a link to physical and mental health improvement for those of us who wear or wore the badge or served in any field where exposure to trauma is part of what we do. This book will help anyone.
  • I couldn’t put this book down! Dr. Kathryn Hamel and her expert contributors share first-hand experiences, relevant resources, and excellent strategies for navigating trauma and cultivating resiliency in law enforcement. There is something in this book for everyone, no matter your career or stage in life. Left me feeling renewed and encouraged to become a healthier version of myself.
  • Easy to relate to the many accounts of trauma survival, such as lifestyle changes.
  • Wonderful insight from seasoned law enforcement professional and author, Dr. Kathryn Hamel.
  • This book shines a light on the traumas facing law enforcement officers while providing hope by strengthening resilience and overall mental health wellness. Dr. Hamel and her contributors share their raw stories to shed light on not only the challenges in law enforcement but also the road to recovery, healing, and success.
  • Dr. Hamel’s message transcends beyond law enforcement. Healthcare providers can use the motivating personal stories to provide hope and inspiration to care for their patients
  • I am thrilled to see this collective about a topic that is almost never discussed. We forget that officers are civil servants, serving our needs everyday. We forget they are humans. Thank you to Dr. Hamel for outlining the issues and steps for law enforcement to navigate through the difficult career of the civil servant in such a concise and entertaining book!
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