LEAN AND GREEN COOKBOOK FOR BEGINNERS 2022: 1200 Days Fueling Hacks & Lean and Green Recipes to Burn Fat, Lose Weight, and Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle … the Power of 5&1 and 4&2&1 Meal Plan PDF AZW3 EPUB MOBI TXT Download

Special Bonus:The first 50 people who buy the paperback edition will get other 15 recipes for free. Start 2022 off right.1200 Days Recipes+ Beautiful Pictures+5 & 1 Meal Plan+ 4 & 2 & 1 Meal PlanThe need for a convenient meal replacement diet has seen a massive surge in recent times for its effective weight loss approach. One such famous and effective meal replacement diet is known as the Lean & Green Diet. The Lean & Green Diet is primarily based on having lean & green meals with consuming small portions throughout the day along with special fuelings. The Lean & Green diet includes specialfood categories that include pre-packaged foods, bar, and shakes, etc. which are also known as “fuelings”. The Lean & Green Diet primarily focuses on an effective weight loss approach by eating small portions of food throughout the day to meet your body requirements.There are two prominent plans in the Lean & Green Diet, i.e., the 5 & 1 plan and the 4 & 2 & 1 plan. The prior is considered optimal for those people who want to achieve a very drastic and rapid weight loss by only consuming 800 calories per day. Whereas the latter is for those people who want to have a relatively slower weight loss or if they want to maintain their current weight. The Lean & Green Diet utmost convenience, clarity in food choices, and rapid weight loss to its followers.Lean and Green Cookbook For Beginners 2022 includes the following:● Brief introduction of Lean & Green Diet. What is Lean & Green diet? How does the Lean & Green plan work? Understanding the Food Choices. Benefits of the Lean & Green Diet●1200 Days Fueling Hacks and Lean & Green Recipes. All easy-to-make and very affordable, starting with breakfast and ending with dinner, including dishes for vegans and vegan eaters, healthy drinks also included. and the Cookbook guides you with a combination of recipes and detailed information.● 5 &1 Meal Plan and 4 & 2 & 1 Meal Plan. A simple but thorough explanation about the components and differences between 4 & 2 & 1 Meal Plan and 5 &1 Meal Plan. so, you can choose your preferred way to take on the Lean & Green diet.● And More.Dieting doesn’t have to be hard! This book will assure a smooth transition into your new habits of health thanks to well-balanced recipes to increase your energy levels more than ever before and achieve the perfect shape you always dreamed of.So, what are you waiting for? All the information to get the results you have long been looking for is inside the book. Order your copy now and start a happier lifestyle!

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October 24, 2021
181 pages

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  • As a beginner on this 5&1 plan, I thought this would have complete and accurate 5&1 Lean and Green Meals so I wouldnt have to keep consulting my spiral guide and my phone. I wanted info all in one place. This didnt help. You would still have to flip and find and configure meals. The spaghetti squash recipe isnt correct. What are and where does one get shirataki pasta? Most of this is just fueling hacks. Since this diet is supposed to keep one’s blood sugar stable for the most part of the day, why reconfigure the pre formulated meals? I bought this not for the hacks, (which is 80 perfect of this book in my opinion) but for immediate 5&1 COMPLETE L&Green recipes. The Potato Bagel L&G is NOT a correct recipe for Optavia 5&1 even though it was under the category for 5&1 in the cookbook.
  • This book makes some pretty irresponsible food recommendations, yet presents as being ‘on plan’. It’s definitely NOT on plan! The nutritional information is wildly miscalculated for most of the recipes. I’m not a dietitian or an Optavia coach, but as a relatively intelligent human I know that pineapple are not carbohydrate free as this pineapple salmon recipe indicates. Pineapple isn’t allowed on plan. Each slice has like 30g of carbs….so based on 17 slices this recipe calls for across 4 servings we’re looking at like 127 carbs per person and that’s ONLY the pineapple!! Crazy how inaccurate this cookbook is. I’m super disappointed. Save your money, and join the elevate Facebook group
  • I’m going to RETURN this ‘recipe’ book. Not as stated, at all. Recipes are jumbled and lack the actual Lean & Green purpose. Purchased it after reading positive reviews, HOWEVER, I do NOT recommend it. The name is a rip off from actual OPTAVIA LEAN & GREEN RECIPES.
  • So far I have found two recipes that interested me one of them called for an Italian dressing recipe included 3 cups a red pepper flakes just think about that for a minute… The other told me to stuffed some chicken breasts top with mozzarella cheese and spinach and then sauté in olive oil for three minutes on each side and then put it in the oven again please think about that for a minute… The rest of the book were a bunch of jumbled recipes that I don’t think I trust anymore… none of it is easy to follow …..thank God I actually know how to cook so I could use a couple of recipes as a jumping off point for a new idea, but if you cannot cook on your own you’re going to be in trouble with this book
  • Did not like this recipe book at all! There are great vibrant pictures on the cover, but inside, it’s all faded black and white & small print! You can’t even make out what some of the pictures are! I should have read all the reviews before purchasing, unfortunately will be returning!
  • This claims it is a “lean and green” cookbook. Several of the recipes have no leans or greens. I have my fuelings. I want this health plan to be easy so I bought a cookbook. I was so frustrated looking at this. So much food that would never eat.
  • There are great vibrant pictures on the cover, but inside, it’s all faded black and white. You can’t even make out what some of the pictures are of. The pictures I took with my camera look much better than the actual pictures in the book. I will not use this book. Waste of money!
  • Cookbook that very clearly explains what a “lean and green” diet is, listing the types of food that are allowed and those that are forbidden.It contains so many recipes that for sure anyone will find something that he likes. In the first part of the book, these are divided into “breakfast”, “lunch” and “dinner”, while further on there are also some chapters about vegan and vegetarian meals, smoothies, desserts and so on…I love this cookbook, because it really helps you understand that you can eat both healthy and tasty!
  • A recipe book with simple preparation for beginners that amazed me, in fact, I am not a cooking expert, yet, following the passages of the book I was able to complete delicious and exquisite dishes. I have already been able to cook a couple of them that have proved to be really good, in addition, they are lean and ecological recipes useful for burning excess fat, losing weight and achieving a healthy lifestyle. I recommend it because there is a long-term power plan inside.
  • I have been looking for a book that dealt with diets for some time, and I must say that this did not disappoint me at all. This is not the classic diet that takes away any type of food and you end up eating very little, a diet can be very enjoyable, and also allow for treats without gaining weight. In this case, the recipes proposed are very tasty and delicious, and they help a lot to reduce fat, without however starving. Super recommended.
  • This cookbook explain the Lean & Green Diet, that is based on consuming small portions throughout the day along with special fuelings, for example bar, shakes, pre-packaged foods etc.This Diet consist of two different Meal plans, the 5&1 is for someone who wants a drastic and very rapid weight loss and the 4&2&1 is for someone who wants a slow weight loss or to maintain his weight.The book is very useful beacuse it includes a lot of recipes and meal plan tips.
  • The Lean & Green diet is based mainly on having lean and green meals to consume small portions throughout the day and includes special food categories that include pre-packaged foods. The Lean & Green Diet focuses primarily on effective weight loss approach by eating small portions of food throughout the day to meet the body’s needs.
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