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The Seventh Edition of Strategies & Tactics for the MBE has been carefully revised by Steve Emanuel and is full of up-to-date advice on how to analyze Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) questions in all MBE subject areas (Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property with Future Interests, and Torts). Steve Emanuel—author of the Emanuel Law Outlines and CrunchTime books in the MBE-subject areas—has passed the bar exam in several states (including New York and California) and worked with law students to prepare them for taking the MBE.New to the Seventh Edition:30 additional Civil Procedure questions, all recently asked on the MBE and released by examiners, with detailed answers by Steve EmanuelRecently released actual MBE questions in Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Property, andTorts (also with detailed answers by Steve Emanuel)Key features include:Fully explained answers that not only analyze each answer option for each question, but also explain doctrines or rules that are necessary for answering the question and that you may not have encountered since your first year in law schoolDetailed advice on how to handle MBE questions in each of the MBE subject areasStep-by-step strategies for analyzing different question typesTips about how subtle differences in wording can change the meaning of an answerStrategies for “rewording” questions in your mind to make them easier to analyzeOver 550 questions in the MBE topics (Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence,Real Property and Future Interests, and Torts) that were asked on past MBEsA complete MBE-style 200-question practice exam with detailed answers

Steven Emanuel
Wolters Kluwer; 7th edition (December 19, 2019)
998 pages

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  • I’m at the library preparing for the bar exam but decided to take a break to write this review. I’m only on the 2nd chapter and this book is by far better for me than the Critical Pass cards and the Barbri books. Critical Pass so far is just like Barbri’s Conviser review but on flashcards: the sentence length and structure is a bit too long for a flashcard. My only wish for this Emanuel book is that it continued with the long-ish substantive law coverage of the remaining subjects . Emanuel clearly states that such coverage is for Consti and Civil only and the other areas will focus soley on exam tactics. He also states that his book is not intended to replace study of the substantive law. Instead, Emanuel refers you to his Law in a flash series but, at least from what I saw on Amazon, that series is a 2007 print. If they had 2019 and I had more time, and had known better, I would not have spent my time and money on Barbri or Critical Pass. They are not helping me the way Emanuel is; just my personal opinion. This author is keeping my interest and helping points stick thanks to his writing style and methods. The others put me to sleep! Oh, I would’ve loved to go to sleep to the Critical Pass’ app but the audio isn’t continous. One has to manually turn each page and then click on the audio button. It takes me a few clicks to activate the audio. To be fair to Barbri, however, I won’t discount the role it played in terms of laying the foundation, which with any structure is a slow and arduous task. I wish I had this Emanuel book sooner! Back to study! By the Power of Greyskull!UPDATE 1. I wasn’t happy that, at the start of the contract questions, the author disclosed, ‘For ease of study, we’ve put all questions involving sales at the end of this section, beginning with question 45’. I initially felt it robbed me of the opportunity to effectivly learn how to decipher for myself which system of law applies from question 1 onwards. Nevertheless, the perceived advantage did not really materialize as I got only 14 of the first 25 questions correct. The answer explanations continue to impress me.
  • Too many errors. I’m studying for the BAR, not the LSAT or SAT. The test is made to trick you and doubt yourself, your study materials should do the opposite. This is unacceptable. It’s like they pieced together parts of real MBE questions to make their own so the answers don’t quite match up (ex: question talks about an agreement of $200 a month from Jan-May. The answer explanation states the agreement doesn’t raise a s/f problem bc $100 every month is not w/I s/f. Huh? The problem said $200 though which would’ve made the answer I chose correct.) It also gives you conflicting information on default rules for torts. Those are just the errors I remember. It’s a useful tool in your studies but you can’t 100% trust it.
  • The 2016 version was a complete waste of time. Emanuel tried hard to cover topics on the MBE and to teach them through mock MBE problems. This does not work. You need to learn from actual MBE problems. I read the entire book and feel like I might have to take the Bar Exam again because I wasted so much time. Skip this time water and find actual MBE questions (with explaintions).
  • I reviewed every question & answer in this book (2019 edition) and the part 2 book, and didn’t use a bar review course.The questions in each book are very similar to (and in some cases the same as) the current NCBE questions on “Bar Now.” The explanations are long, but helpful to understand the reasoning behind the right/wrong answers. For me this aspect helped because I’ve been out of law school a few years.I passed the July ‘21 UBE and had a good MBE score.If I were to do it over I would buy just one book (either this or Part 2 are great) but even buying both books cost much less than a bar review course.
  • I waited until passing the bar before I wrote this review. By doing all the questions in this book, going over every wrong question and carefully reviewing all the explanations, I increased my MBE score from 50% to 65%! I recommend this book to everyone who needs help with MBE subjects like Property, Civil Procedure, Evidence, Contracts and more. The explanations make sense, and if you fully make the most out of this book, I don’t see why you wouldn’t pass the MBE.
  • Like every other MBE question book it has questions and answers for the MBE multiple choice section with explanations in the back. But what makes this particular book so great is the detail and clarity in the explanations. Additionally each section has a quick strategy and review section that is the best of any MBE resource I’ve used. The explanations are just extremely helpful for understanding the law.
  • There are so many choices out there but this is a must have!!! I absolutely love this book. I should have started my bar prep with this book. However, I’m just a few weeks away from the bar exam and and this book has been so helpful with mastering MBE topics. I’ve seen my practice scores increase dramatically just by adding this in.
  • I found this book extremely useful. Being a foreign lawyer without getting US education, this book helps me to learn and understand American law.Please, don’t make mess: I mean it helps as a supplemental material. I don’t suggest the book can replace substantive law materials.Great THANKS to Steven Emanuel!
  • Excellent book. Teaches you how to understand and approach MBE questions. Much better than MBE products used from 2 other companies.
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