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“RELENTLESS COURAGE is one of the most important books of our time. Building on her previous book, WARRIOR: How to Support Those Who Protect Us, Doc Springer has teamed with Michael Sugrue to give us the vital, essential, ‘next step forward’ in understanding and healing the trauma inflicted upon our first responders in these tragic, violent times…RELENTLESS COURAGE is truly the natural and essential successor to my book, ON COMBAT.”- Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, whose book ON COMBAT sold half a million copiesA CRUEL IRONYOur first responders are uniquely strong, brave, and emotionally flexible.They are called to support us on the worst days of our lives. They see and hear things that are burned into their memories forever. They see the worst in humanity and then do their best to be a loving partner, parent, and friend.On the other hand, they are uniquely vulnerable.For example, data from Police Forum shows that the risk of suicide among police officers is 54 percent greater than among American workers in general.HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHTMuch of what first responders do – the things they see and the personal risks they take – happens outside of our collective awareness. Data published in the Journal of Traumatic Stress reveals that they experience a level of trauma exposure that most of us can’t even imagine. In a sample of more than 700 police officers from three major police departments, on both the east and west coast, over half have been threatened with a gun (51%), knife or weapon (55%), and nearly all (87%) have seen someone dying (87.2%).First responders are resigning in droves. And they’re dying in record numbers. According to the Washington Post, more officers die by suicide each year than are killed in the line of duty, by all causes.STIGMA IS DEADLYWe are losing good men and women, whose collective trauma, never addressed in an effective way, becomes too heavy a burden to carry. The impact of this trauma deserves to be recognized and addressed. This is an untold story with urgent, global implications.Best-selling author Dr. Shauna Springer and decorated Sergeant Michael Sugrue tell this story in RELENTLESS COURAGE. Sugrue bares his soul to help save his fellow brothers and sisters in the first responder community, and openly shares the mindsets, private struggles, losses, and personal betrayals that led him to become suicidal at one time. He shares how he healed and what kinds of programs and resources were most helpful in bringing him out of his darkest valley.Each chapter includes a wealth of original, game-changing insights on trauma from nationally renowned psychologist, Dr. Shauna Springer, one of the world’s leading experts in psychological trauma and healing.For example…What are some of the worst traumas a first responder can face?What kinds of experiences after trauma can make its impact even worse?What is the difference between telling our story to heal and sharing about trauma in a way that deepens the trauma further?Does evil exist, or are all of us just reacting to our own unaddressed trauma?How can any of us come back from the places where hope seems to have abandoned us?Together, Sugrue and Springer tell the story that has been hidden in plain sight and provide perspective, truth and wisdom to help mend the divide between first responders and those they serve, and to help us all heal from our own traumas.”Unbelievably brave, every American needs to hear this story! Doc Springer and Michael Sugrue have moved the officer wellness conversation a decade into the future.”- Chris Littrell, Police Officer, Police1 Columnist

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April 29, 2022
360 pages

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  • This book was hard to put down yet easy to read because of the bite size paragraphs that were a few sentences long. Michael’s story resonated with me even though I didn’t serve in the military and worked as a career firefighter. Cumulative trauma and my personal experience with a near death career ending injury was briefly relived reading RELENTLESS TRAUMA. But, the way Doc’s Reflections unpacked each chapter was insightful and healing for me. There is absolutely a need for more clinicians to have skin in the game by being transparent about why they chose their profession. This honesty and vulnerability just might be enough to let a wounded warrior trust them. Not enough can be said about peer support in the veteran and first responder world; it just needs to be experienced. RELENTLESS TRAUMA has the potential to open eyes and hearts to those who are ready to live, love, and be loved. Call one of the many resources that are listed in the back of the book for support. YOU DESERVE IT AND ARE WORTH IT!
  • Mikes new book will have you on the edge of your seat while you read through his early years and then his years in law enforcement. His personal journey would change in an instant and set a new course of white water rapids before Mike would experience the calm of life again. Mike is a warrior, he forged the rapids and make it to life’s calm to realize he is a story that must be told. Mike has a new mission, it’s not to arrive at work on time to give briefing, but now to make sure every Leo out there makes it home every night, safe, secure and with their emotional and mental health. Thank you Mike this is an amazing tool for every Leo’s tool box.
  • I just finished reading Relentless Courage, cover to cover, in the span of 24 hours. Michael Sugrue’s story is absolutely riveting; it’s impact hit me like a tidal wave of raw emotions. To experience Michael’s story is to simultaneously hold space for the excruciating pain and exquisite beauty of our collective humanity. Doc Springer then expertly draws out rich meaning, at the end of each chapter, ultimately guiding you toward a deeper connection to yourself. This work is utterly breathtaking. It will leave you speechless and forever changed. What a treasure, not only for our first responders, but for civilians, like me, whose meaning and purpose in life just became a little more clear.
  • In “Relentless Courage” Dr (Doc) Shauna Springer and Michael Sugrue team up for an honest, in-depth account of trauma as viewed through the lens of a Police Officer (Michael). Vivid first-person narratives combined with Doc Springer’s thought provoking insight make this a must-read. I could not put it down. God Bless our LEO’s.
  • Great job Michael Sugrue. The book is phenomenal! I didn’t want to put it down. It takes a strong person to open up like you did. I especially enjoyed the comments from Dr, Shauna Springer – very insightful. God bless you for your story and working tirelessly to help others.
  • As I started reading the first two chapters, my heart began to race. A flood of emotional and physiological reactions, triggered by the events and traumas Mike experienced, came over me. I was very much affected by his story, as it ripped some old scabs off. His story is gripping, painfully honest and more than courageous. The authors have dedicated their mission to save the lives of first responders and military members. As first responders we cannot unsee what we have seen. This book is a must read for everyone! Mike and Doc, keep true to your very important mission and your tribe will thrive.
  • Received the book and immediately smoked through the first 35+ pages. If it wasn’t for an early wakeup, would have definitely kept going. 28 years in the military and over 26 years of law enforcement experience, this book has been a Game Changer for emotional health.
  • As someone who has worked in the mental health space for nearly two decades, I’m always eager to learn new insights about how to support trauma survivors and Relentless Courage did not disappoint. This story is an important read, even for those who are not military or law enforcement, as Michael’s story is one that will be inspiring for so many.
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