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A short, concise and user-friendly guide to the essential procedures of conducting a meeting, written by the authors of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, the only authorized edition of the classic work on parliamentary procedure Originally published in 1876, General Henry M. Robert’s guide to smooth, orderly, and fairly conducted meetings has sold over six million copies in eleven editions. Robert’s Rules of Order is the book on parliamentary proceedings, yet those not well versed on what has now become a rather thick document can find themselves lost-and delayed-while trying to locate the most important rules. The solution? Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised in Brief.Written by the same authorship team behind the officially sanctioned Robert’s Rules of Order, this short and user-friendly edition takes readers through the rules most often needed at meetings–from debates to amendments to nominations. With sample dialogues and a guide to using the complete edition, Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised in Brief is the essential handbook for parliamentary proceedings.

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September 1, 2020
224 pages

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Henry M. Robert, III (1920-2019), grandson of General Robert, began his association with Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised in writing the 1970 edition and participated in writing six editions, culminating in this 12th edition. He served as parliamentarian of the National Association of Parliamentarians and multiple other national and international organizations. Daniel H. Honneman, a Maryland attorney, now retired, is a past President of the Maryland Association of Parliamentarians. Thomas J. Balch is a practicing parliamentarian who formerly acted as a Washington, DC-based lobbyist and legislative analyst. He has served as parliamentarian of the NAP. Daniel E. Seabold is a mathematics professor at Hofstra University specializing in logic and set theory. Shmuel Gerber, a professional parliamentarian and copyeditor, has served as the Assistant Editor of the National Parliamentarian. <div id="

  • Not the easiest read, but far easier to comprehend than the long rambling “Rules of Order, 12ed” on which it is based (700pages!). If you are in any type of decision making group, you really should learn the rules on how to play the game. This is the place to do that. If you are chairing the group, this should be under your left elbow, and the agenda under your right elbow (10% of you please switch elbows). The basics are in the first couple of chapters, should not take more than a couple of hours of your time.
  • The 12th Edition is a very timely update. Lot of upgrading to electronic meeting rules. So helpful in all our virtual meetings these days!
  • The writing could be improved. They seem to be resting on their laurels. I wish they would hire a professional writer to rework this from scratch – wording and organization.Better indexing and highlighting important terms would help. I’ve had a few times where I had to search to find something I had read — frustrating. And, is it time to dump the arcane language, use plain English, but put the original terms in parenthetically? (e.g. Call for a vote (call the question).)I’m sure that there are better reference guides. Unless you have an organization that requires this to be the official guide, I’d choose another resource.
  • I got this book because I am involved in an HOA here in my community… And it’s very informative as far as running meetings and how to be constructive in preparing for meetings!!!
  • This is a good tool if you are in a small group that loosely follows Robert’s and you need a simple, general reference. It’s probably adequate for something like church boards, civic clubs, school (PTA), etc. I bought a copy for all of my board members at church. That said, you might want to have at least one copy of the full RROA to be able to address more complicated issues. This “in brief” book does give reference citations, so it’s easy enough to consult the larger book.
  • Everyone who attends meetings should know basic Roberts Rules of Order. I cringe when the presiding officer makes a motion. They can’t be doing that!
  • not as long as the full version of Bob’s rules, but who wants to read all that?
  • All you need to know about conducting a meeting in a brief version.
  • Can’t beat the price. And didn’t have to leave home to get it.
  • An excellent book for general guidance about how meetings should be conducted, handling motions, stuff like that. Worth the money.
  • Good book to have for formal meetings
  • As it’s published by RRO, no issues.
  • Easy to read
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