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Written by practicing emergency physician and creator of the most visited doctor-specific personal finance and investing website in the world, James M. Dahle, MD, The White Coat Investor’s Guide to Asset Protection is a high-yield, no-nonsense manual that walks doctors and other high income professionals through the complicated subject of Asset Protection. Medicine, dentistry, and similar professions can be very rewarding, both emotionally and financially, but they carry legal risks that few Americans face. No doctor ever wants to harm a patient or anyone else, but many lie awake at night worried that one mistake could cause them to lose everything they have worked for decades to achieve. Meanwhile, financial advisors, insurance agents, and attorneys target physicians and capitalize on that fear in order to sell them services, insurance policies, or trusts that they probably do not need and that may not even work for their intended use.We live in a litigious society and malpractice lawsuits are not the only source of litigation risk. However, before you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a complex asset protection plan or worse, start practicing defensive medicine, read this book. Most asset protection books are written by attorneys as thinly-veiled advertisements that scare you into hiring them to create expensive, complex asset protection plans. Not this one. This one gives it to you straight. The White Coat Investor’s Guide to Asset Protection gives you a realistic picture of the risks you face, walks you through a medical malpractice lawsuit, shows you the cheap and effective methods to protect your assets, and gives you an unbiased review of the more complex, expensive techniques and when they might be useful to you. Most importantly, the book recognizes that asset protection law (technically debtor-creditor law) is state-specific and provides a comprehensive listing of relevant asset protection laws by state. This compilation alone is worth the price of admission.Are you worried that you could lose it all?The White Coat Investor’s Guide to Asset Protection will explain to you all that you need to know about asset protection. You will learn:What happens when you are suedHow to reduce the risk of being named in a lawsuitWhy insurance will be your first and most important line of defenseHow often doctors actually lose personal assets in a lawsuitCheap, easy, and effective asset protection techniquesWhen you might want to consider trusts and other complex asset protection techniquesWhy asset protection law is state specificThe asset protection laws of your stateHow to quit worrying about losing everythingThis book will help you to put an effective asset protection plan into place and finally stop worrying about losing it all. Then you will be able to put your focus back where it should be—on your patients and doing what is right for them.Take a look at the first pages of the book by clicking on the Look Inside feature!Praise for The White Coat Investor’s Guide to Asset Protection”This book takes the appropriate defense-in-depth approach to asset protection planning; I would heartily recommend it to any physician.” –Jay Adkisson, Esq, Author of Asset ProtectionScroll up, click the buy button, and get started today!

James M Dahle MD
April 22, 2022
216 pages

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  • This book is fantastic. I’m not a doctor, which it is slanted toward. I am, however, an attorney—so I was able to quickly assess how well this book was researched and whether it was accurate. I spot checked several of the claims as I read through, and they all checked out perfectly.This is the book you need to help you sleep at night if you are a high net worth individual (or on your way). Straightforward and simple advice with no agenda whatsoever. If your situation is complex, no problem, you have all the breadcrumbs you need to meet with an asset planning attorney and ask the right questions. But, for the 99.9% of folks with a net worth below $5,000,000, this is all you need. You can spend a weekend reading this book and tweaking your situation—and probably still have Sunday left to relax. It only took an hour or two to read this book because Chapter 7 (the largest in the book) covers a ton of information that isn’t applicable to your personal circumstance (i.e., it covers all 50 states). With that said, Chapter 7 was my favorite part! It is absolutely fascinating to see how different each state operates with respect to asset protection. Even if you live in a great state for asset protection like Texas or Florida, you may well have parents, kids, etc. in other states and can instantly help them tweak whatever is necessary. At a minimum you can at least warn friends and family that they may not be as protected as they think.It truly is an outstanding book and well worth the very small investment. This should be required reading in medical and law school.
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    File Size: 21 MB