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The LSAT Trainer is an LSAT prep book specifically designed for self-motivated self-study students who are seeking significant score improvement on the Law School Admission Test. It is simple, smart, and remarkably effective.Teachers, students, and reviewers all agree: The LSAT Trainer is the most advanced and effective LSAT prep product available today. Whether you are new to the LSAT or have been studying for a while, you will find invaluable benefit in the Trainer’s teachings, strategies, drills, and solutions.The LSAT Trainer includes:over 200 official LSAT questions and real-time solutionssimple and battle-tested strategies for every type of Logical Reasoning question, Reading Comprehension question, and Logic Game over 30 original and unique drills designed to help develop LSAT-specific skills and habitsaccess to a variety of free study schedules, notebook organizers, and much more.

Mike Kim
Artisanal Publishing; 2nd edition (April 2, 2017)
598 pages

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Hi, I’m Mike Kim. Thank you for considering the Trainer for your LSAT prep needs. I have spent many years developing LSAT learning products, training LSAT instructors, and, most importantly, working with LSAT students. I’ve seen countless students improve their scores significantly, and, unfortunately, I’ve also seen countless students not improve their scores significantly. I understand the common challenges that students face, and I understand how students actually get better at this exam. I’ve put everything I know about the test into The LSAT Trainer.My mission is to be an advocate for hard-working, self-motivated students, especially those with large ambitions but limited means. I believe that The LSAT Trainer is the finest LSAT learning tool available, in any form or at any price. If you’d like to see an extended sample before purchasing the book, please visit The LSAT Trainer website, where you can view eight chapters for free. About the Author Mike Kim is one of the most well-known and well-respected teachers in the LSAT industry. Mike has a unique ability to understand the architecture of standardized exams, and more importantly, Mike has a proven ability to help students drastically improve their scores. Previously, Mike co-created and oversaw the development of the Manhattan LSAT books and courses. Inspired by self-driven students who prepare for the LSAT on their own, he set out to create the ultimate self-study guide, and The LSAT Trainer is the result. <div id="

  • I usually don’t leave reviews but this book has literally changed my life forever. I am not a great test taker, I don’t come from a well-off family, and I got a master’s degree (3.9GPA) due to how average I did in undergrad (3.01GPA). My first diagnostic test score was a 140 (which meant that I was not about to get into ANYONE’S law school) and I felt like all hope was lost. Until I started working through Mike’s lessons and being tremendously encouraged by him that anyone has the potential to do well on the LSAT with enough practice and with the right habits in place.After 4 months of studying this book in conjunction with plenty of additional LSAT practice tests (more than double what is suggested in the guide) I scored a 165 on the actual exam and have been accepted into all 7 schools I applied to – including 2 ivy league schools (Georgetown and Cornell). Because of Mike and this book, my future will be much brighter than my past.I don’t know who this for, but regardless of what you have been through and what odds are stacked against you, you can completely annihilate the LSAT with enough time invested in studying and creating LSAT-focused testing habits. This book may not work for everyone, but it worked for an average test taking student like me. Again, I did take a total of 25 full-length exams before sitting for the actual test, so be sure to cater your strategy to the score that you need to be competitive in the schools you want to go to. Good luck to you all, and thank you Mike for all of the work, attention, and encouragement you put into this guide.
  • Read this front to back and you won’t need an expensive course. He teaches you how to think about the problems and not just how to do them. I started about 3 months before the LSAT and went from a 153 diagnostic to a 168. I did not take one course and found they would almost offset the progress I made. Really focus and spend an hour a day working as this book suggests. I also listened to as many of the Thinking LSAT podcasts as I could (not affiliated to this book) but I found them to compliment each other extremely well. Your LSAT basically defines your law school opportunities , don’t waste time or resources. I highly recommend this book!!
  • So you just spent $180 registering for the LSAT, and an additional $175 for CAS (which is the biggest racket ever because that $175 only covers storing your information – in order to distribute it to schools, it’s another $30 per application). When they told you “Law School isn’t cheap!” they weren’t lying.Here’s the thing: What book you use depends on how you think. I took the LSAT last year and used a combination of Kaplan and Princeton Review – didn’t feel like I learned a damn thing and my test scores showed that (still got a decent score – but didn’t get into my school of choice or a substantial financial aid package). Both of those books focused a lot on timing and on the day of the test, in spite of the fact that I practiced using LSAT Preptests left and right, I sat there twiddling my thumbs for at least five minutes after each section, believing that I couldn’t do any better.I’m halfway through The LSAT Trainer, and my times for games are way down (Kim uses a different diagramming model that makes sense to me more than Kaplan or Princeton Review), and I genuinely know how to approach logical reasoning questions in all of their forms.The biggest pro: The explanations.I’m one of those people who can’t learn unless I know what I did wrong. If that’s your affliction, this book explains most problems to you. I can backtrack, reread the problem and figure out exactly where I went wrong and what needs to happen to get it right. Halfway through the book and when I’m wrong, I was able to narrow down the answers to the two most viable options.Things that bother me: Sections do have errors (there’s a crappy “Rate how you did section” that tells you to rate yourself 1 – 5 on five different criteria, then has you total it out of 20 instead of 25), and the denotation of answers changes throughout the book (sometimes they are bold, sometimes circled, sometimes just wrong answers are crossed out).Is this the best book out there? Probably not, but after forking out $355 before even taking the damn test, you better believe that I’m not about to fork out another $150 for the PowerScore books, especially when, like most people, I’m not in an area where a print version can be acquired before buying – and that’s a lot of money (money that could be better spent sending me scores to five schools through the mandatory CAS system).But, here’s the thing: The LSAT is a test that is designed not to be finished. I’ve known people who woke up the morning of without ever studying and people who dropped thousands of dollars on prep courses who scored the same. I’ve known people who took practice tests, spent thousands on prep courses and scored the exact same on the test the day of.If you have a decent test taking foundation, this book will likely help you.If you have no idea how to do logic games, this book will likely help you.If you’re struggling with understanding why you’re getting logical reasoning questions wrong, this book will likely help you.If you get this book and insist that it didn’t help you at all because you couldn’t understand it and it didn’t provide enough of an explanation, do not become a lawyer.
  • I got a 174. This book really teaches you to understand the LSAT, and it’s written in a fun and engaging style that makes studying less painful. Excersizes are consistently helpful. Consider using in combination with the Powerscore Bible and/or 7Sage videos if your weakness is logic games like me.
  • I read this book.I got a 171 on my LSAT.Your results may vary.The details: over a 7 week period leading up to the December 2015 LSAT I read and studied about 90% of this book, doing probably 70% of the exercises inside. My decision to apply to law school was relatively last minute–I had no time to sign up for any LSAT prep courses, either online or in person. I was working a full time job plus carrying a small adjunct teaching load. The only additional study materials I used were the official prep tests (some very early ones plus 62-71 and 76) and the free logic game videos available on 7sage’s website. I roughly followed the 8-week study schedule from Mike Kim’s website. I took 9 timed practice tests total, which is a few more than Mike Kim recommends. My first timed test was a 156, then I jumped to 163, and after that I averaged 173 (high of 177).Overall I found the book to be engaging and–dare I say it–fun. I looked forward to each chapter, as the LSAT became a quest in itself for me. Mike’s writing style was such that I felt we had become friends by the time it was all said and done (although I was afraid to watch any videos of him, lest they disrupt my mental construction of his personality). Of course, that’s not to say that this book doesn’t require determination to get through. Mike’s emphasis on “self-driven” in the subtitle is very appropriate. If that’s you, though, then I think you will benefit from this book as much as I did.
  • A great study guide! This will definitely help you get a good score for your LSAT and will also increase your confidence. I struggled a lot with Logic Games, even though I knew how they worked in theory I wasn’t able to make that translate into my work. This made me so anxious as the test date was approaching. But doing just a few of the drills and reading some of the techniques introduced by Mike Kim, I improved so much and I wasn’t nervous about them anymore! It’s so easy to read as well. All you need is in this one book!! But you can group it with some of the preptests by LSAC as well for maximum effect 😎
  • I found this book very beneficial for me prior to writing the LSAT. If you are the kind of person who can stick to a self-imposed schedule, you will too! Note that you will also need to purchase a book or two of previous exams (the author explains why). The author’s website has schedules for different lengths of study you can follow if you choose. With this book, I exceeded my LSAT score goal!
  • Fantastic self study book. Only for those who can push themselves to finish the book. It splits the three categories in different sections to understand the theory and how questions are testing certain abilities. This book in combination with multiple practice tests in congruence with online materials is fantastic for students who go at their own pace and find Kaplan prep courses expensive and not conducive to self study timeline.
  • The LSAT trainer has good information, it is just presented in a confusing way. It bounces back and forth between sections of the LSAT, which doesn’t leave me feeling I’ve mastered skills at all. Some theory/explanations will be entirely too brief before starting an exercise, and others will seem to drag on. The insertions of comedy here and there are also unneeded. Gave up halfway through and I regret spending two months of study on this book. If you are a straightforward. no-nonsense type of person, then I’d look elsewhere, especially for the logic games.
  • great for LR/ RC great broad perspective approach I would recommend this as an introduction to lsat- I like his approach to RC it is very broad scale a new approach not explained by RC bible, 7sage, Harvard ready- he focuses on simple solutions I would also recommend getting this with 7sage – together the combination is powerful and doest contradict each other- rather they complement one another. best of luck studying!!
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