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Readers who want to better understand the founding principles of America, as expressed in the words of the Founding Fathers, will love this book. In developing The Founders’ Speech to a Nation in Crisis, author Steven Rabb spent two years compiling the words of the Founding Fathers into narrative form, weaving their texts into a single powerful speech to America. His purpose was to give depth to the current conversation and ongoing debate about the founding ideals of our nation. In so doing, Steven has also created a single source of “best of” quotes from the Founding Fathers that will be read and reread for generations to come.In a work described as “the best single source for the understanding of America’s Founding,” and reviews such as, “This book nearly made me stand and cheer!” The Founders’ Speech offers a powerful read through the synergized writings of America’s Founding Fathers. Through their own words, Steven has demonstrated with amazing clarity the continued relevance of America’s founding ideals and their resonance for our nation today. Framing the work as a reunion between the Founders in contemporary America, Steven gives voice to their views on modern-day issues from religious liberty and the rule of law to freedom of speech and the continuing threat of tyranny. The Founders’ Speech to a Nation in Crisis is a rich tapestry of the Founders’ own words presented in ten chapters and woven into a single, powerful speech and call to action for every American. The first few chapters remind readers of the God-given rights of man, along with the virtues and duties required in a people who seek to retain them. Through the writings of George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and many of their contemporaries, the speech builds as the Founders caution against the threats to liberty from unbounded power and unrestrained majorities. The continued relevance of our Founders’ words – as revealed in this unique, meticulously crafted work – is a clarion call to defend our natural rights that will both stun readers and leave them celebrating America’s Founders. Here is what some of the reviewers are saying:”In their own words, the founders and other free thinkers perfectly predict the corrupt and increasingly authoritarian country we now live in. Even with a very detailed list of the possible ways we could destroy ourselves from within, we’ve managed to do it. We’ve sold our liberty for security and we shall have neither. Anyone who values free thought, free speech and inalienable rights needs this book. I plan to give it to my kids as a resource for discussion.””The unity of this book is powerful, but the most impressive aspect of the book is the fact that the figures who arose from the enlightenment saw precisely the kinds of challenges which we face today. Their views are familiar; we need an educated, religious and virtuous populace but we also need a brave populace, willing to fight to the death to preserve our precious liberty. We must have no illusions with regard to man’s fallen nature and be ever vigilant with regard to the need of checks and balances on power (as Montesquieu here reminds us). We must resist the assumed power of elites, Jefferson points out; the government works for us and not us for them. In some ways this is a sort of commonplace book or a vade mecum, a book of common (political) prayer, something to which we can and must return when we need to be reminded of the stakes, the wishes of liberty’s adversaries and how their siren song of socialism has brought death and oceans of blood. One hopes that it will be shared widely and that readers will attend to its collected wisdom.”

Steven Rabb
October 15, 2020
159 pages

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  • The warnings from the Founders contained in this volume astound me for their vision that have been proven so correct hundreds of years later, and this just decades after forming this nation.These writings here are not for casual reading but to be read and re-read, highlighted and memorized. I find myself yelling HA out loud as I read another nugget to my liking. Chapter 7 Tyranny was my favorite and sadly, true for these days.I like having all these quotes available in my arsenal for future reference. My only negative and reason for my one star deduction is for the layout. I don’t care for the Bible type verse numbers for each author and think they should be deleted. I would also have preferred that each writing be on a new line and then followed by the authors name.Sadly, the wisdom in this book has been around over two hundred years but has fallen on deaf ears. I wish for the America that was framed but with human nature being what it is, no one with power will voluntarily give it up for the good of our nation. In a free society corruption is bound to breed by the selfish. So here we sit reading these pages with heartache and frustration wishing the Founders Republic could have stayed the course. I weep for my country but will fight to preserve our liberty until the day I die.PSI would encourage you to read Our Sacred Honor by William Bennett. I found it had many more nuggets that this book but with it being much longer that was logical. The writing of our founders are beautiful but difficult to comprehend since we don’t read or write like that anymore. After a while it’s easier to understand but borders on being long winded compared to today. Fortunately there is a comment written by Bennett preceding each letter.
  • While I’ve read books about the Founding Fathers here and there, I’ve never sat down and read their own writings. Honestly, I don’t think I’d have the time, and I wouldn’t know where to start, but I think it’s really important that Americans learn more about the history of their founding, including me. I remember teachers always saying the primary sources are the most important. Well, this book ticks every box! In one short book, I’m able to interact with their actual words, and not just one, but a vast array of the Founders (even Lincoln, Douglass, and some others outside their time). The entire book is all in their own words– and the quotes in the book are so relevant to today, you’ll freak out. You’d seriously think they were talking about today, like when they talk about the press, or political parties. It’s uncanny. The author tackles different topics for each chapter, and actually pieces together different quotes from all of them to form one seamless statement– you’d think it’s one person speaking. After reading this book, I feel like I have a much stronger, comprehensive understanding of what the Founders believed, and it has really informed my view of the current state of affairs in our country. Though many subjects are touched on, there’s one word that summarizes this book: liberty. It jumps off every page. This book is going to be a go-to reference for me (I had never even heard of some of these quotes from the Founders’, and they are incredibly powerful!), and it should be on the reading list of every school!
  • Anybody who cares deeply about this country should read this book! The book as a whole is absolutely great, but my favorite chapter was Chapter 9, “Law”. Working in government myself, specifically Criminal Justice I may have naturally gravitated towards this chapter individually. Chapter 9 related so intrinsically to a large issue this nation faced during the latter half of 2020; the riots and violence associated with the deaths of lives in police custody. Many people in response, specifically progressives, have thoughts to erect new forms of law and order; cashless bail systems, restriction of the powers of the police or completely the dissolve the police!!! This chapter does a great job and outlines why Law and Order, from a founding fathers standpoint, is so important and why there is a need for law enforcement but also that we need to have citizens themselves upholding their duty to protect law and order. My favorite quote was on pg. 113 by John Locke, “For the end of Law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge Freedom. Where there is no Law, there is no Freedom.” I think that stuck out the most to me on how the founding fathers felt about the stance of Law and Order and how it applies to us as citizens of this society today. I think what makes this book so diverse is that included quotes and directives from founding fathers on BOTH sides of the political spectrum, from Hamilton to Jefferson, which eliminates bias and gives more credibility as a source of information in regards to how far this country is shifting from the start of our birth and our American ideologies.
  • My heart has been aching, wondering what our Founding Father’s would think of our country today…then I found this book. I was in tears just in the Prologue! How did we let things get so far from the original intent? How do we get it back? Every American should have and read this book! My dream is to get the Founder’s Bible in every American’s home and know I want to add this book to it as well!
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