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Undressing the Bible: in Hebrew, the Old Testament speaks for itself, explicitly and transparently. It tells of mysterious beings, special and powerful ones, that appeared on Earth. Aliens?Former earthlings?Superior civilizations, that have always been present on our planet?Creators, manipulators, geneticists. Aviators, warriors, despotic rulers. And scientists, possessing very advanced knowledge, special weapons and science-fiction-like technologies.Once naked, the Bible is very different from how it has always been told to us: it does not contain any spiritual, omnipotent and omniscient God, no eternity. No apples and no creeping, tempting, serpents. No winged angels. Not even the Red Sea: the people of the Exodus just wade through a simple reed bed.Writer and journalist Giorgio Cattaneo sits down with Italy’s most renowned biblical translator for his first long interview about his life’s work for the English audience. A decade long official Bible translator for the Church and lifelong researcher of ancient myths and tales, Mauro Bilglino is a unicum in his field of expertise and research. A fine connoisseur of dead languages, from ancient Greek to Hebrew and medieval Latin, he focused his attention and efforts on the accurate translating of the bible.The encounter with Mauro Biglino and his work – the journalist writes – is profoundly healthy, stimulating and inevitably destabilizing: it forces us to reconsider the solidity of the awareness that nourishes many of our common beliefs. And it is a testament to the courage that is needed, today more than ever, to claim the full dignity of free research.

Mauro Biglino
April 19, 2022
314 pages

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  • This is not about the Bible. Only about 2% of it deals directly with biblical interpretation or translation. 98% of it is about Mauro Biglino and most of that isn’t written by him. Rather, it’s sensationalism about the Bible by a kind of interviewer, proposing literal interpretations that are beyond the proper purview of literal interpretation (which is formal cause). It would be useful to have Mr. Biglino’s actual translations rendered in English allowing the reader to make up their own mind about the interpretations that are proper, but since that’s only about 2% of the book I definitely feel ripped off, tricked into buying something I really don’t want and don’t need. Take the following passage which is a mix of quotes from Mauro and interpretations of the collaborator:’Creation, however, is not one of them [a meaning of the verb used in Genesis 1]. Is that possible? Yes, says Biglino: just analyze the verb from which that idea is derived. “Bara”, which is pronounced “ba-RA”.’It can have different meanings, as reported by all major dictionaries. It can mean to form, to choose, to divide. “But in no case whatsoever can ‘bara’ mean the creation of something out of nothing.”’ p. 74Well yes, because it’s about formal cause not about the creation of something out of nothing. This was well known in the Middle Ages. Formal cause is about forming something relative to an ideal, choosing a “this” rather than a “that” and splitting effects and merging them with causes via concepts. The Medieval philosophers also called this “extrinsic formal cause” reserving “intrinsic” for the kind of cause that results in an apple tree from an apple seed.Understanding any scripture requires understanding four modes of interpretation that are each properly paired with a different kind of causation. These four causes, with their appropriate mode of interpretation, are: efficient (moral), material (allegorical), formal (literal), and final (eschatological). So literal interpretation is proper to formal cause… but what is formal cause? The impression given in this sensationalist account is that literal interpretation *proves* that the passage is not about what’s called *efficient cause* which would be of the form: A causes B, and then B causes C, so A is the ultimate cause of C. But a proper reading of the passage would simply say: “Of course, so what else is new?” There is nothing especially sensational about this.Since efficient cause only implies a moral interpretation then disproving it using literal interpretation is a misuse and an improper exegesis, and we are still left without any understanding of what the term “formal cause” actually means. This is not a simple topic for a modern person, at least so far. The closest that physics comes to an understanding of formal cause is with Wal Thornhill’s “Electric Universe Theory” in which he proposes that form comes about through the influence of electrical plasmas, and such things as Birkland Currents. To understand this it’s helpful to understand something about electricity, but also something about the distinction between “ground” and “figure.”A book that starts with Bigolini’s “literal” translations, relating them systematicaally to formal rather than efficient cause, would be very helpful to a 21st century human who is only now, after an hiatus of nearly 600 years, being exposed to the notion of formal causation. It’s about time!I would also say that most of the time the mode of interpretation proper to the Bible is literal, in precisely the sense that Mauro has undertaken… although that isn’t true 100% of the time. There are times in the Bible where an interpretation proper to material cause is appropriate, which is neither moral nor literal, but allegorical or metaphorical. Since the Bible is *also* about material things, this should not be out of bounds.If you find these statements a bit confusing, welcome to the new Plasmic era, where the very ground is formal, and the figures are moral/ethical, allegorical, and eschatological. Formal cause is “where the action is” for humans. And this has *always been* the case. Other causes are peripheral, so a scripture intended for humans would most certainly be mainly about formal cause. QED
  • I became disillusioned with my parents Catholic religion by the age of 12. I was a not a child of “faith.” Too many of society’s rules seemed short sighted and religious beliefs were at the top of the list. If there was a loving god in the bible, why did he wipe out cities, emotionally torture fathers by demanding they kill their sons and deal out infanticide like candy?? Why did we still fight wars for God, even though the other side had God too?So I started to read church history, apocryphal gospels, the proceedings of the council of Nicaea where Jesus was declared the son of God and any reasonably well documented alternate history I could find, ending up with Bigloni’s Italian Youtube videos. So glad to have it all in English now, though Amazon has quickly ended the books availability leaving only the kindle version which is open to change.Skip the history and occasional opinions dealt out by the narrator in this “interview” and read Biglino’s words. Few scholars have his command of ancient history and language. The man was born for this job and does it well. If your “faith” is based on the bible this will upset your apple cart. If you have ever contemplated what hidden hand has fouled up the earth and may still, this could answer many questions.Biglino does not deal with whether there is a God, only whether there is a God in the bible and the answer to that is NO. So where does that leave those whose faith is limited to the “good book”? We have been effectively cleansed by “scientific materialism” to believe that material reality is the only reality. Then in a separate box off to the side is this God who will somehow “fix things” and punish any rogue science from maiming and killing us..If Bignoli’s information is known to those scientist who hide our history…then what?? Many of us still feel that world around us is alive, not with WIFI, which is probably dulling our connection to the universe, but with an extended consciousness and nature beyond the need for saints and deities. It is alive, but not punishing in a human way. It is time to contemplate its workings.A good companion to this read is the late biologist Lyall Watson’s, The Gift of Unknown Things. It will reunite you with the real magic of existence that the much altered bible leads you to believe can only be had through a deity. Interesting how often lectures on consciousness are banned. Someone wants your “faith” to fail when true history is revealed, transhumanists perhaps??
  • I could not put this book down, it really explained why are so many are some many people confused about creation. I’m a Christian who is constantly looking for the real meaning of the Bible, and who wrote it. Definetly a topic that I will continue to persue.
  • This is an outstanding book but turn over to the back cover and learn what we’ve already known: others have revealed this truth! History has been appropriated, shaped to exclude the very people the greatest tales have been written about. The thing that is obvious here, and consistent with the other authors listed on the back of the book, is the fact that only Bauval, James, Windsor, and Abernethy give credit to people that civilization was built on…the color the world loves to hate so much.
  • Truly eye opening!!! The author frees the narrative of the Bible to covey it true intent – the intent is to convey in simple terms what happened at “the beginning” and since!!!A truly great read!I could not put the book down, I read it from cover to cover in one sitting!!!I strongly recommend this a a must read for others!!!Thank you Mauro for your patience and persistence!!!
  • this isn’t any kind of comprehensive take on the Bible, just hit and miss points based on certain terms. But it is very fascinating, and I’m not usually so engaged on the topic. But now I have gone from thinking the Bible was a divine type of work to realizing that it is propaganda used to chorale thinking and worship. I feel free in some way now. I am more then 1/2 way through but so far the author hasn’t touched on Jesus, so I can’t say yet if that is going to be discussed.
  • This amazing book strips away so many myths that we have been subjected to for millennia. If you have the courage, it will open your eyes forever.
  • After reading Zechariah Sitchin this book just even more validates the ancient astronaut theory.If you are a fan of the theory, this is a must read.
  • Well-written book & scrupulously explained. Mind-blowing & honest.
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