Self-Love Workbook for Women: Release Self-Doubt, Build Self-Compassion, and Embrace Who You Are (Self-Help Workbooks for Women) PDF AZW3 EPUB MOBI TXT Download

Embrace who you are with this guided self-love workbook for womenDiscover how much there is to love about yourself using this practical workbook for women of all ages. You’ll embark on your journey of self-discovery by learning what self-love is and then immersing yourself in exercises to help you build your self-esteem and improve your relationships.What sets this self-care journal and workbook apart from other self-love workbooks for women:Proven techniques—Fall in love with yourself using a variety of compassionate exercises rooted in mindfulness and positive psychology.Inspiring prompts and motivating activities—Explore all that you are with quizzes and journaling exercises that will help you tap into your emotions and let go of limiting beliefs. Includes writing space for reflection and introspection.Empowering affirmations—Boost your positivity and nurture yourself using the uplifting affirmations interspersed throughout the book.Create a life filled with purpose and greater self-love using the Self-Love Workbook for Women.

Megan Logan MSW LCSW
September 29, 2020
174 pages

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“Are you a woman, a counselor, or a group facilitator interested in growing self-love? If you answered yes, this unique workbook can show you the way. The Self-Love Workbook for Women not only addresses why self-love is so important, it guides you through an easy to read, step-by-step process, including helpful exercises and assessment tools. Megan Logan, an early adopter in the self-love movement, draws from many of the field’s experts as well as from her own in-depth knowledge. I look forward to both gifting this book and using it in my private practice with individuals and groups.” ―Connie Cooper, Licensed Clinical Social Worker“This workbook is timely for those struggling with eating and body image disorders. Megan nails it first by defining self-love, next outlining the importance of self-love, then delivering the keys to loving you more. Suggestions are given for meditations, road maps with bus stops along the way, and concrete steps to affirm you are enough.” ―Marilyn Dahl, RDN, MBA, CEDRD, CYT“Do yourself a favor and dive into this book. It tackles all of the hurdles women face. It’s more like all of self-help books combined, with a therapist thrown in for free. After you finish it, you can blame me for wanting to get copies for your mom, daughters, sisters, and at least 5 of your girlfriends!” ―Jessica Bradstreet, Licensed Clinical Social Worker“This book was such an extraordinarily eye-opening read, I felt like Megan was writing this book directly for me. With the focus on women and especially our roles in our home, our kids, and work―like we are on a hamster wheel and performing a juggling act, that never stops, this book made me realize how much I need to slow down and take care of me. I can’t help other people if I’m not taken care of. She really makes you think about some deep questions that I had never asked myself before―I loved the journaling and prompted diary-like approach of the book―it made it very easy to put my thoughts on paper. I would recommend this book to any woman who is trying to dig deeper and find peace in this crazy world of ours. Megan’s 20+ years of experience shows in this workbook.” ―Traci Bragg, MD About the Author MEGAN LOGAN has more than 20 years of counseling experience in a variety of mental health settings, including domestic violence and sexual assault centers, an eating disorders program, and a local hospice program. For the past 10 years, she has enjoyed private practice, specializing in issues related to trauma, abuse, eating disorders, grief, and loss. <div id="

  • After reading A LOT of self-help books over the years, I thought is was definitely time to try a self-LOVE workbook. This was the perfect choice! Don’t laugh when I say the first thing that caught my eye was that it is colorful, inside and out. That immediately cheered me up. Secondly, this book allowed me to actually have FUN on my journey of self-discovery and self-love. Yes, I shed a few tears, but I also laughed and I was amazed at how much I found to love about myself and truly embrace. It has always been there. I just buried it under a lot of shame, guilt, and beliefs that basically came from other people. Also, I didn’t just write in this book, I got to draw and doodle and truly express myself in so many ways. Each page was like opening a gift. In addition to the insightful information, the author shared inspiring messages and quotes from dozens of women like Brene’ Brown, Maya Angelou, and more — all women who have forged their own paths of inspiring others. The beauty of this workbook is that it becomes a treasure to revisit again and again. It’s not a book that will just sit on my shelf. It’s meant to be lovingly reviewed and reread; cherished and amended over time to see how far I’ve come and grown, and how I can continue to grow. I love that it’s like a travelogue of my journey and evolution. MY story! MY growth! ME loving ME! FINALLY!
  • This is one of those “self-help” books that falls down on itself.I’m not as educated as some of the people who write them – I am a real person who lives in the real world.That said …This book is slightly skewed towards more of the “everything you do is okay” as opposed to maybe “do more of this, less of this, work on this”. It is also, in my opinion, not written for the real world. Some of it is a bit too open for interpretation.What do I mean?Take chapter 4 “Find Self-Compassion”. On page 48, it asks you to talk to yourself like you would console or counsel a friend. Let’s be honest – we sugar coat things and our friend gets the wrong impression, we’re too harsh and we’re “shaming” them. But, given these scenarios – it is cringe-worthy to image having these conversations:#1 – “I got fired from my job for making a mistake”REAL LIFE: Depending on the mistake, being fired MIGHT be the least of the person’s worries. I knew someone who “lost” about $480 from a night shift drop. That mistake isn’t easy to “soothe” over with something cozy. In some cases it can even led to charges being filed. You cannot soothe that over. Even in a minor case – that is the employer’s prerogative to fire someone for a mistake.#2 – “My significant other broke up with me”REAL LIFE: If my friend wasn’t faithful, I’d say the significant other probably had a reason to walk out.#3 – “I did not get hired for my dream job because I was under qualified”REAL LIFE: Uh, this one I cannot get into. Really can’t. The person isn’t qualified, they don’t get hired. I just can’t see the problem there. My mom had 20+ years in her field and still had issues getting another placement in the hospital where she worked. It happens to qualified and even over-qualified people (true story – my mother was denied a job because she was TOO qualified). Under qualified? There isn’t anything wrong with an employer saying no to them.#4 – “My friends had a party and didn’t invite me”REAL LIFE: “This is a shaking my head” one. This is NOT elementary school, junior high, or high school. My family has had events and not invited me despite being in my home town to hold said event. My uncle got re-married in my home town and didn’t even invite my mother, his sister. These things happen.#5 – “I had to go up a dress size”REAL LIFE: Being plus size, this is NOTHING new for me. There are two choices – get the bigger size or lose weight. But, some companies are sizing “down” on their clothing. I can order a 2x top from Target, Walmart, and Kohl’s – they’ll all fit differently. FYI: this happened to my mom with a set of pants at one retailer. Black – normal fit; navy blue – loose; khaki – WAY TOO TIGHT. I have at least 3 different sizes of clothes in my closet.This “assessment” situation isn’t too clear as to the situation which led up to the statements. Based on my REAL LIFE answers, I’d be a terrible friend, but an honest one.If the person truly didn’t do anything wrong (except #3, possibly #5) – yes, compassion and honesty are to work in tandem. You would likely console or counsel them in a way that made them feel better. But, these scenarios are FAR too broad to use for a “worksheet” in being kinder to ourselves.This is just ONE example of some questionable “assessment” worksheets.Chapter Six: “Build Your Self-Worth” has a Body Image Gratitude Scan on page 95. While interesting, I think it really gets far too “graphic” especially with “thanking my stomach for digesting food” and “thanking my bottom for removing waste”.I get the section is trying to get people to have a positive body image, as a plus size girl – thank you – but let’s be real, I should lose weight and am working on that.I do think the author tries to be helpful in getting some with low self-confidence and low self-esteem to rise above, which is why I got it as I can use a booster more often than not. It is the methods I cringe at.This is not something I’d recommend or get someone as a gift.
  • I got this as a gift for a friend, but also to low key check out the interior to see if it would be something I would like… and after flipping through it looks like a really good workbook and I’ll be buying another for myself. There is a solid mix of descriptions & small activities, the book is broken up into a few different sections and it looks like it could be really good. There were a few weird scuffs on the cover of the book but as this is a workbook that will hopefully be getting alot of use in not worried about it, I’m sure things happen at the shipping facility.
  • This workbook is amazing and really is a journey! I am in love with this workbook & really is a tool to help with anyone’s journey towards self love. ESPECIALLY if you are a women who has been through deep rooted pain and trauma that hinders you to love yourself. No regrets with this purchase. I will recommend this to all of my friends!
  • I just got this workbook going thru a struggle in life right now & I went thru chapter 1 & my mind is already AMAZED. Just overall beautiful & helpful tool. I’m looking forward to taking time everyday to complete this. Best gift I’ve given myself so far & appreciate this eye opener.
  • Moderately disappointed as I assumed this was more of a Kama sutra for all the single ladies as the title suggests. I did learn to appreciate myself more!
  • The author did an amazing job making this workbook engaging and easy to follow. The inspirational quotes add just the right touch in getting you to look within yourself while journaling, completing quizzes and taking the suggested steps towards loving yourself inside and out. I very much enjoyed connecting with my younger self and working on embracing who I was years ago and who I am now. The author also has a way of creating a sense of safety  throughout all of the chapters/exercises while slowly guiding you and teaching you how to move through feelings and welcome the process of growth and learning.
  • Reading this book is like talking to an old friend. It is insightful, witty, and thought provoking – and the journaling part is fun and helpful. – Carmen O.
  • This book is fun and helpful. For a much deeper dive into self-compassion I recommend for anyone interested the book: Compassion Focused Therapy by Paul Gilbert. It helps to know the underlying causes beneath the reasons we may struggle with self-love.
  • Loving it writing in it and working through self love
  • I am half way through the book, and although I am not fully transformed and exuding self love energy every day I actually find this book really helpful. I understand that loving myself takes daily practice and conscious effort. The activities in this book are very relevant and I try to dedicate 10 minutes a day to immersing myself in the book’s activities. Really enjoying it so far and highly recommend it!
  • Lovely design with some great prompting questions. I purchased this for my sister who is doing a counselling course and it was everything I wanted for her journey. It allows you to dig deeper into emotional feelings and response.
  • This book is great to fill in. Some of the questions are a little home hitting and they do make you stop and think. Some of them may not be relevant to how you’re feeling but I love it!
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