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KNEE ABILITY ZEROQuestion:What can a guy who couldn’t run fast, couldn’t jump high and had debilitating knee pain and injuries teach you about becoming your happiest and healthiest you?Answer:Zero. As in, Knee Ability Zero.The Zero actually refers to zero weights, zero gym memberships and zero athletic ability needed to make dramatic gains in your overall health and fitness. All you need is THIS BOOK.Author Ben Patrick – aka #kneesovertoesguy – started out as something of an athletic zero. Sure, he was a good basketball player fundamentally, but his 19-inch vertical was laughable, and his time in the 40-yard dash was so tortoise-like that his high school coach thought the stopwatch was broken. He’d never clocked someone that slow.As if that genetic conspiracy wasn’t enough, Ben endured knee pain starting at age 8. After three knee surgeries and countless trips to the personal hell where constant pain resides, Ben retired from the game he loved at the ripe old age of 18. With zero hesitancy, he devoted his life to developing exercises that would not only help others avoid what he’d gone through, but reach a level of athleticism that maybe they’d only dreamed of achieving.Now 30, Ben’s vertical is an NBA-like 42 inches. Even against pro basketball players he’s often the fastest guy on the court. And best of all, he plays the game he loves full throttle, dunking like a machine – always with ZERO pain.Whether you own dunking dreams or simply want to take a pain-free walk around the park with your child’s hand in yours, Knee Ability Zero is your guide. Each exercise is accompanied by photos showing you proper form. Ben explains not just how to do each exercise, but why it’s effective in strengthening your hips, knees, ankles, Achilles and more. And it all takes just a few minutes several times a week.Applying the exercises in Knee Ability Zero, more than 2,300 people have shared their success stories on Joe Rogan, Mark Bell and recent NFL Hall of Fame inductee Charles Woodson are fans. From average citizens to professional athletes, many Knee Ability Zero users attest they see and feel improvement from Day 1. Question:So when do I get started?Answer:Scroll up and click the “buy” button NOW. You’ll quickly learn the truth: That when it comes to helping you look and feel better than you’ve ever looked and felt before, Knee Ability Zero is a 10!

Ben Patrick
November 1, 2021
98 pages

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  • I did the program for about 3 months but had to stop because its quite expensive. Don’t get me wrong, the material is great and setup nice but paying $50 a month is way too much. Save yourself some money and just buy this book, its basically the start of the program and will at least get you going. If they switched the subscription(I hate that EVERYTHING is now subscription based) to say $25 a month, that would be easier for people on a fixed income.
  • The author is more interested in showing pictures of himself dunking than actually educating the reader. At least 25% of the book is dedicated to sharing the author’ss personal story and INCREDIBLE, REVOLUTIONARY discoveries and gains.Every section is rife with grandiose and egotistical claims about revolutionizing physical therapy and making novel exercise discoveries. There are few physiological explanations of the exercises beyond buzzwords and inspirational quotes. The author continuously emphasizes the importance of good form but does not actually explain what good form is.After several days of trying this program, my knee pain had worsened. Perhaps the program would have worked for me if the author had actually explained the principles of good form, instead of regularly interrupting the narrative flow with pictures of himself dunking.The many positive reviews are evidence of a loyal following. Personally, I found this book almost unreadable. Do yourself a favor and find a better book, I would recommend “Built From Broken” by Scott Hogan.
  • I had foot pain, specifically in my big toe joint, from a soccer injury for 8 years. I thought that avoiding the area would help it heal but that only made it worse. Only through the ATG principles presented in this book do I now understand that joints that don’t get used will hurt! Now I never have pain in that joint.I have fundamentally changed the way I train and this has helped me become much more athletic and pain free. If you are getting older, it doesn’t have to be a slippery slope. You can improve your joints incrementally. It’s not an overnight fix, but applying the principles in this book consistently will help you live a long and pain free life.
  • First things first – I have just started the paid program (online coaching) and I like the range of exercises and the thinking behind it. I am looking forward to seeing how it progresses.This review is for the book itself. It is essentially a series of screenshots from the how-to videos that you watch on the program. This is accompanied by lightweight descriptions of the exercises. Overall the book is pretty thin.If you just want a think volume that you can perhaps write notes in then this may be fine. I was hoping for something more than this, especially for over $20.Overall disappointing book – but good program. The book lets it down.
  • Knee Ability Zero is a great program for your long-term health and the development of critical muscles and tendons that otherwise go overlooked or misunderstood. The training program is no doubt revolutionary in that regard, adopted widely by professional athletes and programs for said athletes over the last 2 years.If I was reviewing the program, I would give KNEE ABILITY ZERO 5 STARS. But this is a book, and it is sold as a picture-book with careful instructions. As far as that goes, I find the book incredibly lacking and poorly assembled. The pictures are strictly camera shots that seem to be rendered on fairly poor resolution. Many of the pictures are not very instructive whatsoever, relying upon subsequent text to explain how to do the movements.Simply put, you’re better off finding the instructions on youtube or instagram or wherever else KneesOverToesGuy posts, because this book isn’t really worth it unless you prefer to have a handy manual for the exercises. But that’s just it – it’s not an effective picture-book, and at best it’s an instruction manual.The explanations are decent, but frankly not very elaborate. But ultimately, the price for this material, for a book with picture-by-picture instructions, is not justified.Reprint the book with better quality images and visual instructions, and it would probably be worth $25. But as it is, definitely not.If you’re buying it support a revolutionary exercise routine and instructor, more power to you. But I think you might as well just subscribe to their ATG program on their website instead, as that would be a much better use of your $25.EDIT: I was going to return this book but the program is so good, I feel the guy deserves proper credit. Again, the book is not worth it and you should only buy it if you absolutely need a paper copy of the routine he developed. Otherwise, much better to just check on your phone on his IG or Youtube etc.
  • It’s just an commercial for his program
  • So I am a huge knees over toes fan! Did his online program works great, when he published a book I thought awesome let’s check it out! Here’s the good and the bad, it’s the exact same info on his paid website, Line for line picture for picture.I feel like I could have bought a color printer and got the exact same thing. I do prefer the paper medium to the digital, So that’s good, but I was hoping it would contain the complete zero program (upper body too) but alas it doesn’t.I plan on giving it to my buddy who has bad knees but is too much of tight wad to do an online program, will let you know he likes it. Content 5/5, paper medium 5/5, new info….0/5, but it is exactly what it says it is the knee zero program so can’t complain
  • Hello, the book seems like it has lots of great information, however page 29 – 68 simply arent there.
  • First, let me say I’m a big fan of Ben Patrick’s message and I believe his ideas for improving knee strength are truly ground breaking. So if you’ve seen him online and want a more detailed understanding of the exercises he does and how they might work for you I say go for it. This book is great, it’s nicely written and clearly illustrated, what’s not to like? An easy 5 Stars…Well it would be but this is more of a homemade pamphlet than a book, the production quality is terrible. The paper and printing are poor, the photos, although they do what they need to, look like they’ve been shot on an old camera phone, and the layout is very amateurish. All-in-all it feels cheap and is not the sort of book you could lend to anyone as I’m sure it’ll soon be in pieces.Now I could have overlooked this if I hadn’t just paid nearly £15 for a 94 page pamphlet with eight exercises in it. Yes, the content is great but for what it is £7.50 would be more than enough!!!
  • Excellent process. My physio put me on to it after ACL & PCL surgery. As they used my knee tendon to tie the ligaments my rehab was sore and slow.3 weeks after following this process i was right up a munro in snow storms, albeit using walking poles!Liked it so much i signed up for the online course which is also very cheap and full of top tips and processes.The instagram accounts are also full of excellent content.Highly recommend this book but especially the processes
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