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Why Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart Workbook?The updated 2022 Summer Learning HeadStart™ workbook for kids moving from Grade 7 to 8 covers Math, Vocabulary, Reading & Writing to support fun at-home learning during the summer months.These fun & educational summer workbooks are designed to help school children beat the summer slide with curated summer activitiesIt helps students retain and strengthen their Math and ELA skills, providing a bridge for academic success in the 8th gradeThis is the simplest yet most effective summer learning workbookThe 2022 Grade 7 to 8 summer workbook edition Stimulates creative thinking & nurture’s growth mindset withDaily challenge roundsEducational gamesFun summer activitiesRecommended by Teachers, Trusted by Parents”My 12-year-old daughter enjoyed this workbook. We have tried a variety of workbooks, but I will say this particular workbook is the only one to offer a short story drawing that she can enter for a chance to win $100. Definitely piqued her interest to get her writing, which I thought is fantastic. I thought that was great! All in all, it was a great workbook.”- Jackie RichardGrade 7 to 8 Summer Learning HeadStart Workbook:This summer workbook offers cheerful activities & fun brain teasers to keep your child engaged and provides much-needed socio-emotional support. It also offers:Daily and weekly practice of seventh-grade Math & ELA skills40+ ELA & 30+ Math standardsLessons with answer keys & explanationsFun and Useful Skill-Building ActivitiesPractice for 15 mins/dayInformative articles for students, parents, & educatorsOnline Learning Resources Unlocked Through Access Code:Unlike a traditional printed book, these workbooks provide online access to hundreds of standards-aligned fun & engaging learning resources.Daily online challenge rounds to keep your child engaged & motivatedPreview of eighth-grade Math & ELA learning standardsGrade-appropriate Reading and Vocabulary Enrichment ActivitiesA Summer Diary Tool to keep their writing skills sharpParticipate and win gift cards worth $100 in the Lumos Summer Short Story Writing CompetitionConveniently access online resources, anywhere, anytime.Benefits for Parents:Get access to your child’s performance reportsAssign practice questions & resources to your childDownload, share reports & create resource kits for your childBenefits for Teachers:Get complimentary access to Lumos StepUp™ Basic AccountIt supports up to 30 student accountsAssign practice & monitor progressGet access to actionable student performance reportsSummer Workbooks To Help Your Kids Bridge The Learning GapThis Grade 7 to 8 workbook helps bridge the summer learning loss. It helps students review & retain what they learned during the academic year, enrich their knowledge and skills during summer break, and confidently start grade 8.This summer learning study solution is ideal for self-paced at-home learning, Home Schooling, Summer Schools, Summer Learning Associations, District Summer Academies, Summer Tutoring, Summer Camps, & Summertime Learning Initiatives.Lumos Learning Study Programs are trusted by 539,800+ Students, 76,400+ Teachers, 33,900+ Schools, & 100+ Libraries to improve student achievement on standardized tests.With the Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart tedBook™ at your side, your child will be better prepared & confident to start the 2022-23 academic year.Give Your Child The Best Summer Learning Workbook To Overcome The Summer Learning Loss!

Lumos Learning
July 4, 2015
288 pages

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  • I bought this a couple of weeks ago for my 13 year old son. Honestly when I first told him I bought him a workbook he groaned. He kept lamenting that it’s summer and how could I do this to him, etc etc. When I showed him the length of the days he didn’t stop groaning but it doesn’t mind cause the sections are so short. He has to pass over a couple cause I guess he wasn’t familiar with some of the work but we’ve gone back and looked it up thru the answers in the back. I love it as a parent and well, my son tolerates it but he’s doing it without me threatening of taking away all electronics.
  • We bought this book in hopes that it would challenge my daughter who, in a week, starts 8th grade. The book is designed and printed by days. My daughter can tackle 5 days at a time, if not more. The daily assignments are ridiculously short, too easy, and there are errors to top it off. That editor needs to check everything thoroughly.The purchase of this book includes access to their website. There, you, as a parent, have to log on to your own account and assign lessons, tests, etc. The website is so primitive, that assigning anything becomes annoyingly tedious. I will absolutely stay away from the HeadStart books from now on. Disappointing.
  • I appreciate that the book is laid out by days, but it’s disappointing that it only covers 37 days. Our summer break is 10 weeks, or about 50 week days.We are actually using this book to supplement our school district’s online learning though the COVID-19 quarantine, and for that purpose it will work fine. It came with a code for digital access, but it looks like you can access it but you have to pay to download additional worksheets to print at home.Overall it’s fine for what I purchased it for, but I prefer the larger grade level bills from a different publisher. Unfortunately those only go through 6th grade.
  • My son ripped through this in just a few weeks (using it 1-2 hrs/week). I liked the content and broad range of coverage. Would prefer if the answer key in the back of the book was removable so the parents can keep their kids honest.
  • I have been purchasing summer workbooks for my kids for years. This was the first year I purchased this brand. My daughter preferred this book to her one from last year. It was engaging and formatted in a way that it was not overwhelming for her to accomplish each day’s work.I definitely will be buying these again next summer!
  • I am beyond thrilled with this book! I wanted something that would give my son review for only reading, math, and language skills but wouldn’t have too many problems for him to do in a day so that he would stay motivated. To be honest, most rising 8th graders don’t want to do school work during the summer. But I at least have fighting chance to get him to complete this. There are only about 8 to 10 total problems per day including math, reading, or English skills, but the problems are age appropriate. Looks like the activities rotate, usually including only two of the subjects and not all 3 each day, which is fine. Perfect for my son, who becomes exhausted with doing extensive amounts of work. Looks like the standards are covered and the focus is on quality not quantity. There are still about 3 – 8 because of the reading selections pages per day and 10 weeks worth. Since the reading selections are so thorough I won’t need to require my son to do extra novel reading to keep up his skills over the summer. I also can’t wait to use the online support features, which were designed for distance learning support. PERFECT! JUST PERFECT!
  • I like that the lessons are short but challenging enough to keep my boys going without them feeling overwhelmed. On problems that I can’t noodle out there are answers and explanations in the back of the book. My only suggestion is to make it easy for the answer key to be removed. It’s kind of lengthy and took some time to do.
  • These books are great for bridging the gap between the grades. By continuing to do things over the summer helps my children when they start back in fall. The lessons don’t take much time to do and if the kids focus, they can be done in 5-30 min for the day’s material (depending on if it’s reading or not). The online portion is also helpful to get the kids used to navigating websites and answering questions online. There are a couple of typographical and content errors I’ve noticed, but to be fair, that’s with pretty much every book and parents should be engaged anyway to go over material with their children. I also would like to see the answer sheets be the tear out kind, so we can remove them easier.
  • The book contains lots of repeat reading comprehension paragraphs. For example, the story (Week 1 Day !) “Tryouts” that begins with “For years, Sam had dreamed of being the best tennis player in the world,” appears in the studies of Week 1 Day 2 as well. I would not buy this product if I were you.
  • Not a good buyWasn’t interesting enough for kids
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