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Wonderful story of the human will fro survival!

Carol Shaben
May 13, 2014
336 pages

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“Gripping and emotionally affecting. . . a deep and satisfying book.”―Washington Post”[Shaben] vividly recreates how these four total strangers managed to survive the tragedy.”―New York Post”With Into the Abyss Carol Shaben gives us an astonishing true story of catastrophe and redemption. Shaben writes from the inside out, as in the best non-fiction, creating a nuanced and tightly braided portrait of four men and their shared trauma that is by turns terrifying and deeply humane. Every line in this story rings true.”―John Vaillant, author of The Tiger”Electrifying…Shaben’s riveting narrative is filled with heart and the story is well told.”―Publishers Weekly”[T]his is a complex, chilling narrative rendered with depth and precision, engaged in both its characters and the larger social moment… A worthy addition to the canon of extreme-survival nonfiction.”―Kirkus”As a concept, it doesn’t get much better [than this]… Into the Abyss is in the best traditions of true-life journalism and grips from beginning to end.”―Iain Finlayson, The Times”The gripping account . . . is ultimately about the survivors, telling the story in scouring yet respectful detail of the four men who limped away from the fatal crash.”―Fish Griwkowsky, Edmonton Journal”A story that has haunted Vancouver-based writer Carol Shaben, Larry’s daughter, since it happened… She was able to use [Archambault’s] story to take readers along on that stormy night, to the side of a mountain where four men struggled to stay alive overnight alongside the six others who had died.”―Tracy Sherlock, Vancouver Sun About the Author Carol Shaben won two Canadian National Magazine Awards — a Gold Medal for Investigative Reporting and a Silver Medal for Politics and Public Interest — for articles that highlighted the subject of this book. <div id="

  • The story focused heavily on Eric initially and built the case as to why the crash occurred. The writer attempts to place blame on the company when in fact Eric made several bad decisions that ultimately lead to a crash. The actual crash and survival make up a very small portion of the story. Afterwards there is an effort to justify Eric’s actions. The story line is disjointed and it’s never clear what the purpose of the story is. For example, the authors father and mother are attacked on an isolated stretch of Highway, but there is no context as to why this happened and how it fits into the story. In the end I was glad it was a free read, I would have been disappointed had I purchased it.
  • Thought this was going to be a survival book. Great writing but I’m 1/3 of the way through and nothing about survival. Just airplane pilot technical narratives. Maybe I read the description wrong?
  • I did not care for this book at all. Over 1/3 to 1/2 if the book is a technical description of and details of actually flying a small plane. I was really bored with talk if “buttons and knobs” talk. This book seems an overwhelming response to a 24 hour flight accident. It’s one book I’d never recommend or keep.
  • The description and the cover illustration make this sound like a dramatic survival story (as in, a group of people making their way through the winter wilderness to civilization….lions & tigers & bears oh my!) But it’s not like that at all.There is some suspense associated with the crash….tragedy for those who didn’t survive….but those who did were rescued effectively immediately. The bulk of the book is both prologue and epilogue, and neither is particularly engaging. By the end, we’ve collected a grab-bag of information about those who walked away from the wreck….but honestly, we really haven’t come to care about any of them. Unfortunately.
  • I disliked that the author only spent a small portion of the book on the actualdisaster but wrote way too much about the lives of characters that I considereda waste of my time. I skipped lots and just quit reading it after they were recued.
  • This read reminded me of the movie on Sully who landed his jet in the Hudson Rive a few years ago. It beautifully sets up the story by focusing on the “players” before the crash, while they survived and what happened to them all after the crash. Nice character development and superb commentary on the state of flying small commuter planes to small outpost airports in some pretty rough country and the perils they faced.
  • In October 1984, a Piper Navajo Chieftain commuter flight, loaded to the gunwales with nine passengers and too much baggage plus one young and thoroughly in-over-his-head pilot, crashed onto a snowy mountain slope in northern Canada. Six of the passengers died, some slowly and in agony. Three, plus the pilot, survived and spent a bitter-cold night and part of the next day in their street clothes, without shelter, before being saved by a substantial search-and-rescue operation mounted by the RCAF, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and civilian pilots and snowmobilers. All four kept their wits about them despite having injuries ranging from banged up to severe. It was an odd quartet. One was an important Canadian politician. Another was the pilot, who knew he had screwed up badly by trying to make a solo night instrument approach to an airport that was below minimums and had an ADF beacon as its sole navaid. And the other two were a Mountie and a tough young ex-con he’d been escorting to court. The prisoner was the strongest, bravest and most resourceful of them all. Without him, some might have died. The author, Carol Shaben, had unusual access to the four. Her father was the pol, and she has used that happenstance to tell a survival story in a manner and with a style that the deservedly lauded Jon Krakauer would appreciate. As somebody who has both piloted Piper Navajo Chieftains and flown in the Canadian north country, I also find it remarkable that Shaben, a nonpilot, has gotten every aviation detail right. There are “aviation experts” writing and reporting for major media outlets who couldn’t do half as well as Shaben does. The book in fact is about long-term survival far beyond a cold night in the bush. There are the struggles of an overworked young pilot trying to build hours so he can get a real airline job, as well as the marginal existence of the tiny, family-run commuterline that hires him. The crash bonds the four survivors, who become friends thereafter–particularly the Mountie and his former prisoner. Each handles the crash experience in a different way, and their lives are thereafter shaped by it. Shaben follows them all through their emotional and physical struggles. She tells a fascinating story of lives that were changed forever by a dreadful night that the rest of us can barely imagine.
  • The story by Carol Shaben is a very interesting look at the issues of piloting a small aircraft in very bad weather for a small company in northern Canada. What happened to the lives of the four survivors after the crash is intriguing as they became friends. And when you add in the fact that one survivor was a RCMP officer escorting a prisoner to sentencing and that the prisoner was the one who saved the other three, you’ve got a great story. The prisoner was forgiven of his crimes and became a hero. It is a nice slice of four unique lives and why the crash happened in the first place. The six people who were killed in the crash were not forgotten in the book were either.
  • A small plane sets off from Edmonton to fly north to High Prairie. It is October 1984. The weather is bad, cloud cover is thick and low, it’s snowing but worse still the plane ices up quickly. The young pilot is tired from long hours of intensive flying and the co-pilot’s seat is occupied by the 9th passenger which makes this a full flight.The passengers include two elected representatives flying home for the weekend after a week in the Alberta legislature. There’s also a RCMP officer (a Mounty) and the prisoner he is escorting to High Prairie to stand trial. The other passengers are locals going home to their families.The plane does not make it and neither do 6 of the 10 people flying on it. In the darkness and cloud the plane ploughs into a remote, snowy, forested hillside. Four people crawl out of the wreckage alive but injured and begin to battle against the elements and their fears. More than 20 children lost a parent that night.This book is written by Carol Shaben who is the daughter of Larry Shaben one of the passengers on the doomed flight. He was an elected representative in the Alberta Legislature, a muslim of Lebanese origin. At first Carol Shaben focuses on the events leading up to this crash and the overnight battle for survival by the injured crash-survivors. She goes on to look at how the lives of the survivors were changed for ever on that night. Both the ‘before’ and ‘after’ make compelling reading. Her critique of the safety practices and record of Canadian commuter airlines is frightening.
  • I was expecting something riveting from this book but although its a good story they were only stranded for one night which I felt detracted from the enormity of the situation….a little disappointed really and felt it wad written to be a movie
  • I like books based on true stories and this one did not disappoint. If you like adventure mixed with real life, this is a book to cherish.
  • loved this true story novel,it was truly moving and kept my interest from start to finish,highly reccommeded a really good read
  • Superb read for anyone interested in surviving against the odds, I often start books like this and never finish, but this was unputdownable
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