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The authors of the international bestseller Business Model Generation explain how to create value propositions customers can’t resistValue Proposition Design helps you tackle the core challenge of every business — creating compelling products and services customers want to buy. This highly practical book, paired with its online companion, will teach you the processes and tools you need to create products that sell.Using the same stunning visual format as the authors’ global bestseller, Business Model Generation, this sequel explains how to use the “Value Proposition Canvas” to design, test, create, and manage products and services customers actually want.Value Proposition Design is for anyone who has been frustrated by new product meetings based on hunches and intuitions; it’s for anyone who has watched an expensive new product launch fail in the market. The book will help you understand the patterns of great value propositions, get closer to customers, and avoid wasting time with ideas that won’t work. You’ll learn the simple process of designing and testing value propositions, that perfectly match customers’ needs and desires.In addition the book gives you exclusive access to an online companion on You will be able to assess your work, learn from peers, and download pdfs, checklists, and more.Value Proposition Design is an essential companion to the ”Business Model Canvas” from Business Model Generation, a tool embraced globally by startups and large corporations such as MasterCard, 3M, Coca Cola, GE, Fujitsu, LEGO, Colgate-Palmolive, and many more.Value Proposition Design gives you a proven methodology for success, with value propositions that sell, embedded in profitable business models.”

Alexander Osterwalder
Wiley; 1st edition (October 20, 2014)
320 pages

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The authors of “Value Proposition Design” are obsessed with bringing practical tools and processes to the fields of strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship. They all share a common passion for making business concepts simple, beautiful, and applicable so that they become useful and indispensable in the lives of business professionals and organizations.The team behind “Value Proposition Design” is the same as for the global bestseller, Business Model Generation, composed of Dr. Alexander Osterwalder, Dr. Yves Pigneur, Alan Smith, and completed by Greg Bernarda,, and Trish Papadakos.Dr. Alexander Osterwalder and Alan Smith are co-founders of, a company specializing in tools to design, test, and manage strategies, business models and value propositions. Dr. Yves Pigneur is a professor of management and information systems at the University of Lausanne, Greg Bernarda is a consultant and certified Strategyzer coach specialized in strategy and innovation, Trish Papadakos is a renowned designer and photographer. Alex Osterwalder Dr. Alexander Osterwalder is the lead author of the international bestseller Business Model Generation, passionate entrepreneur, and demanded speaker. He co-founded Strategyzer, a software company specializing in tools and content for strategic management and innovation. Dr. Osterwalder invented the “Business Model Canvas,” the strategic management tool to design, test, build, and manage business models, which is used by companies like Coca Cola, GE, P&G, Mastercard, Ericsson, LEGO, or 3M. He is a frequent keynote speaker in leading organizations and top universities around the world, including Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, IESE and IMD. Follow him online @alexosterwalder. Yves Pigneur Dr. Yves Pigneur is co-author of Business Model Generation and a professor of management and information systems at the University of Lausanne. He has held visiting professorships in the United States, Canada, and Singapore. Yves is a frequent guest speaker on business models in universities, large corporations, entrepreneurship events, and international conferences. Greg Bernarda Greg Bernarda is a thinker, creator and facilitator who supports individuals, teams and organizations with strategy and innovation. He works with inspired leaders to (re)design a future which employees, customers, and communities can recognize as their own. His projects have been with the likes of Colgate, Volkswagen, Harvard Business School and Capgemini. Greg is a frequent speaker; he co-founded a series of events on sustainability in Beijing; and is an advisor at Utopies in Paris. Prior to that, he was at the World Economic Forum for eight years setting up initiatives for members to address global issues. He holds an MBA (Oxford Saïd) and is a Strategyzer certified business model coach.Alan Smith Alan is obsessed with design, business, and the ways we do them. A design-trained entrepreneur, he has worked across film, television, print, mobile, and web. Previously, he co-founded The Movement, an international design agency with offices in London, Toronto, and Geneva. He helped create the Value Proposition Canvas with Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, and the breakthrough design for Business Model Generation. He co-founded Strategyzer where he builds tools and content with an amazing team; helping business-people make stuff customers want. Follow him online @thinksmith.Trish Papadakos Trish is a designer, photographer, and entrepreneur. She holds a Masters in Design from Central St. Martins in London and Bachelor of Design from the York Sheridan Joint Program in Toronto. She teaches design at her alma mater, has worked with award-winning agencies, launched several businesses, and is collaborating for the third time with the Strategyzer team. Follow her photography on instagram @trishpapadakos. <div id="

  • The concepts behind the book are excellent. I found it easier to read on the Kindle the physical book has really poor graphic design. It seems like it was put together by graphic designers to impress other graphic designers rather than helping the reader learn the concepts. It used a lot of hard to read small fonts and reverse type. At least on the Kindle, I could enlarge the type so that I could easily read it.
  • I was very disappointed with this book. I bought it on a recommendation without previewing it, and for me it was a waste of money. I have no one to blame but myself. If you like lots of pictures, diagrams, repetition and trendy jargon, this book is for you. I couldn’t read it.
  • This is an outstanding introductory book that contains a step-by-step framework for idea creation and validation. I agree with other reviewers, like Jackal, that mention the cute graphics can sometimes get in the way. However, the book makes up for the noise by providing a clear path to follow for new entrepreneurs.As someone who knows very few people and who doesn’t want to “get out of the building”, I was completely at a loss as to how I was going to validate my idea without building an MVP. The section on testing covers ways to do it all yourself by leveraging platforms (e.g. use online surveys, create a landing page and drive traffic with ads, then measure the CTA clickthrough rate, etc).Overall, very happy with this book.
  • Overpriced useless junk book. I read a lot of books. I constantly buy books. Even if I get 1 quote from a book: I say “It’s worth it.” This book is so useless with so many useless images, just stupid. It’s not children book but full of irrelevant BS cartoons taking up space. THERE IS NOTHING VALUABLE IN THIS BOOK. Only random disconnected information. I WRITE A REVIEW ONCE IN A GREEN MOON. Today is another green moon so I am writing a truthful review how useless this book is.
  • Value Proposition design dives into the value creating areas of the business model canvas and provide many exercises and schematics to help lead a group, team or individual through the process of discovering what customers need, what pains they have and what gains they hope to achieve that your value proposition can address. Useful tool. Nothing radical, just good packaging of basic marketing principles.
  • I was very excited to read this book but there were a lot of interactive online parts that I never got access to.
  • I had qualms about this book, but I was having some troubles writing my value proposition. A successful, older colleague of mine said he liked this book. I ordered it, read a bit, and I was able to come upon with my value prop. One I am very happy with too.It’s a short and succinct one that also appeals to what my buyers want. All in all, I liked this book, found it useful, and I would recommend it.
  • This is not a review of the book, it’s a warning to Kindle Oasis owners:This book is for some reason not compatible with the Kindle OasisMessage on the Oasis Screen:Unavailable for download”Value Proposition Design: How to create products and services customers want (Strategyzer)The item is not compatible with this device.”I’m trying to figure out either how to resolve this or get a refund.
  • A really good book, nothing inspirational or new in terms of the fundamentals and underlying approach of the piece however, what is new is the methodology of idea production, tracking and development.The online toolkit (which you get a lite version of free after purchasing the book) has some really useful stuff in it and I would encourage any purchaser to use this as well in conjunction with the book as it really enhances your learning trajectory.The book itself is short on words and big on ideas. As they say – a picture is worth 1000 words and a lot of the time you’re reading something, with the visuals and the guides online new ideas pop into your head as you’re reading. I’d encourage all purchasers to sit there with a big pad whilst reading as you’re likely to get at least 40 new ideas for your company whilst going through it.I wouldn’t advocate a complete adoption of all the suggestions in the book, some of them are very American and wouldn’t go down with a British audience or workforce, but there is a tonne of good stuff there. The Stanford 2016 reading list highlights yet another blinder!4/5 – brilliant book, well worth a read.
  • I brought the original book called “business model canvas” and i have used the book in my own business and for client businesses.This book in particular narrow down on the value proposition and how to test the products / service against client needs. I did a brief workshop to test out the client pains against the value proposition and the results were very interesting. It gives you food for thought and also gives you scope to test, review, pivot, improve and grow your proposition.A CD is also available to help guide you thought all the steps.I would recommend this book to anyone that has an interest in improving, testing their product and service lines. Even more valuable if you are starting up from scratch!
  • This book is almost unreadable! It’s full of nonsensical jargon and waffle.It’s not worthy of a space on my bookshelf and I’d feel guilty if I sold it so, it’s on it’s way into the bin. Maybe the recycling centre can turn it into something useful.
  • A lot of this is just freely available on the web somewhere or via Twitter, unfortunately. The graphics are probably more appealing than the content, it’s cleverly pieced together and everything but fairly straight forward, vague, generic thinking to be honest. Certainly nowhere near as precise as some of the blogs you’ll find out there via seasoned startup CEO’s and heads of departments that are sharing strong acumen in specific fields. A useful resource you can use across varying departments, include in internal training/appraisal or have graduates/interns read when joining a company.
  • This book is overrated. The “Business Model Generation” is good and useful, though too expensive for the real content which is the schematic itself.This Value Proposition Design is a good example of how to sell more to the same customer.Value Proposition Design gets only 3 stars because :* For experienced people it is a good recap and a nice refresher. But it is too expensive and has too many useless drawings. The format is not handy at all.* For people with no experience it does not explain enough.Hence my 3 stars: ok, but overrated
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