Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Wiring Updated 8th Edition: Current with 2020-2023 Electrical Codes (Volume 8) (Black & Decker Complete Guide) PDF AZW3 EPUB MOBI TXT Download

For over 15 years, BLACK+DECKER The Complete Guide to Wiring has been the best-selling home wiring manual in North America. With this 8th edition, get the clearest, most up-to-date advice available.As the most current wiring book on the market, you can be confident that your projects will meet national wiring codes. You’ll also spend more time on your project and less time scratching your head thanks to more than 800 clear color photos and over 40 diagrams that show you exactly what you need to know about home electrical service; all the most common circuits, all the most-needed techniques, all the most essential tools and materials. Chapters include:Working Safely with WiringWire, Cable & ConduitBoxes & PanelsSwitches (including wall switches and specialty switches)ReceptaclesPreliminary Work (planning your project, highlights of the National Electrical Code, and more)Circuit MapsCommon Wiring Projects (whole-house surge arrestors, underfloor radiant heat systems, doorbells, backup power supply, and many more)Repair Projects (light fixtures, ceiling fans, lamp sockets, plugs and cords, and more)The information in this book has been created and reviewed by professional electricians under the watchful eye of the experts at BLACK+DECKER. You can find plenty of articles and videos about wiring online or in other publications, but only The Complete Guide to Wiring has passed the rigorous test to make it part of the best DIY series from the brand you trust.

Editors of Cool Springs Press
February 8, 2022
336 pages

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The Editors of Cool Springs Press have produced the highest quality DIY home improvement books for more than 30 years. In conjunction with the experts at BLACK+DECKER™ they have combined resources to create more than 200 home improvement titles that provide consumers and weekend DIYers with the information they need to get the job done right. Their books have set the standard for do-it-yourself publishing, featuring clear, professional photography and concise step-by-step instructions that get straight to the point. View our full catalog at or connect with us on Facebook (, Twitter (@quartohomes), or Pinterest ( <div id="

  • I love the Black and Decker books for home improvement. I have wired an entire house using the book. The writing is simple enough for a layman to understand and the pictures support the learning objectives. I have never even taken an electrical class. When my brother was taken in by an electrician who walked off the job with all his money and a 20% done house, he was in trouble. He just did not have the funds to recover. I started with a single room and a few outlets. Using the book I was able to complete both apartments in his house. I cannot rave enough about how much this book taught me. I am now going to completely redo my own house (because why not test out my skills on my brother’s place first right?) After reviewing the latest edition, I have no doubts I will be able to pass on the first inspection try as I did with my brother’s house.
  • Bought a house that had ungrounded NM wire from the 1940s, so it was time to upgrade. This book did an excellent job of showing how to wire all of my runs for every room in the house, to a subpanel in a guest house, and to my heat pumps outside. The charts, diagrams, and example layouts were incredibly helpful. My code inspector was very impressed with the work. I only encountered a few minor issues:I noticed that the diagrams for 3-way switches in the book sometimes used 1 more conductor than the instructions that came with my 3-way switches. My code inspector was fine with me using the simpler method.The book mentions that AFCI circuits should be used in all livable rooms. That apparently also includes dedicated smoke detector circuits, which the book omits to specifically mention.The example for double receptacle small appliance circuits shows the two 12/2 circuits interleaving between receptacles. You can also split the room in half and use the #1 circuit on one side and the #2 circuit on the other.
  • This book is ok, I’m not electrician but am a contractor. I know quite a bit about residential electric work but bought this book to maybe fill some knowledge gaps, overall it’s a fine book for a beginner wanting to understand how residential wiring works, but the book lacks a lot of code basics. The worst thing is the book teaches the reader just enough to be dangerous, their write ups about working with panels is not detailed enough and lacks proper warnings and safety precautions, honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if a novice homeowner accidentally killed themselves after reading this book and attempting something they shouldn’t.
  • I checked this book out from the library (kindle) a couple of times before purchasing it as a paperback and ebook. As a newbie homeowner I found this book invaluable in understanding the electrical system in my home and providing the confidence to tackle projects. This book is thorough and covers the content in similar Black & Decker books on electrical switches and repairs. My only gripe with the book is a lack of a table of contents in the ebook edition; search can be time consuming if you haven’t bookmarked the topic you’re trying to quickly lookup.
  • This book answered many questions on how to address electrical wiring issues of an old home. My home has portions of it’s original 1917 wiring still in place and in use, plus remodels and additions done in the ’60s and ’90s. It can all be very confusing, specially when trying to incorporate 21st century IoT technologies in the mix. This book clarified many areas on how all this was done over the past century and given me options on how to move forward.
  • There is basically no information in this book about working with metal conduit, which is what I need to do.I would also have liked to see step-by-step guides for a whole project like wiring a garage. This would have been a very practical example, and a way to teach you to tie all of the individual lessons together.As a beginner’s book, it’s good. Picture-heavy, it will definitely help a newbie through some basic wiring tasks, which is what it’s designed for.
  • If you own a home ….buy this book! You will need it for the most simplest of tasks. The pics explain everything. We are purchasing their plumbing book next. Its a good small solid investment in your home. This paperback is much more user friendly than the Kindle version.
  • This book is mostly about how to physically install common electrical components. It doesn’t have much about loads, circuits, or calculations and in short, just said use a multimeter to measure how much electricity is being drawn into all the stuff in your house. While that is a valid approach, I wanted more details about wattage, amps, volts, and how to calculate how different circuits in a home draw each of those and which lines I can tap into or not.Otherwise, the pictures and info about how to install, what tools or parts to use for electrical work, and various common projects seems helpful for non-technical folks.
  • I got this book for my boyfriend ahead of some rewiring he was about to do in the shower and he pointed out that the sockets in the book were not British ones . ( in my ignorance I had assumed they would be. I will check the details of things better in future)!
  • This is for an American home not a UK home. This was not made clear in the description!
  • Out of date for this country
  • It’s not for the Uk
  • This book makes it easy.I’m about half way through it and understand everything I’ve read so far. The explanations are easy to understand and the illustrations couldn’t be better. It seems very thorough…… learn about tools, materials, methods and good practice.I probably don’t need the book on plumbing, but this book is so good that I think I’ll get it anyway. It’s the illustrations……… they really make it easy.
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    File Size: 61 MB

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