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Serious poultry farmers and backyard bird raisers have relied on this best-selling reference for more than 20 years. The fourth edition of Gail Damerow’s comprehensive handbook is now completely revised and redesigned, making it more accessible and informative than ever. You’ll get the most up-to-date details on shelter, food, health care, eggs, chicks, and meat, and recent research into chicken behavior and communication makes the sections on flock management truly authoritative. New color photos and illustrations provide more specificity and information about chicken breeds, anatomy, and health.

Gail Damerow
December 26, 2017
424 pages

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“Not only is Damerow a knowledgeable farmer, she’s a great writer, too! Every chicken keeper of every experience level should have this book on the bookshelf.” — Roger Sipe, editor of Hobby Farms and Chickens magazines   “Redesigned but still exhaustively thorough! Every possible topic is covered in an easily understood and complete manner.” — Paul Kroll,  American Poultry Association – American Bantam Association general licensed judge “Gail Damerow has inspired and educated generations of homesteaders. Here she offers well-researched information for both the novice and experienced poultry keeper.” — Patara Marlow of Appalachia’s Homestead   From the Back Cover Whether you are raising a few backyard chickens or a flock of 100, this is the book you need to keep your birds healthy and safe. With the most up-to-date information on shelter, food, eggs, chicks, health care, and meat, this time-tested authority can help beginners and seasonsed pros alike find success with a flock. About the Author Gail Damerow has written extensively on raising chickens and other livestock, growing fruits and vegetables, and related rural know-how in more than a dozen books, including What’s Killing My Chickens? and the best-selling Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens, The Chicken Encyclopedia, The Chicken Health Handbook, and Hatching & Brooding Your Own Chicks. Damerow is a contributor to Chickens and Hobby Farms magazines and a regular blogger for Cackle Hatchery. She lives in Tennessee with her husband, where they operate a family farm with poultry and dairy goats, a sizable garden, and a small orchard. Visit her online at   Read more <div id="

  • This book is missing pages 161-176. Most pages in that section, first aid for chickens, were completely blank, and some were half-printed and the ink faded to nothing. This was the most important section for me! I’m new to raising chickens, and needed to know how to administer first aid for my chicks broken leg! Unfortunately, I didn’t find out that this section was missing until after the return date. Very disappointed in this book!
  • While I get so much learning for online, you can’t beat a well laid out from egg to table book! I look thru many available books but could only buy one due to cost. I am glad I chose this one at least for now as a total beginner to raising my chicks. The author is quite knowledgeable on all aspects giving me things to research further online. I’m jumping around the book to what I have immediate questions for and the book is easy to navigate and locate information.
  • This book touches on many subjects. But there have already been some things I wish it went further into detail on. The book is huge though, and there is still much I can learn from it. So, I get that it can’t have everything on chickens because I can’t imagine it being thicker than what it already is. So, I would recommend it, but I do wish some things were more deeply explained. As far as your basic how to raise chicken book, it’s perfect.
  • This book has everything you need to know about raising your own chickens. It answered many questions that we had. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to start a backyard flock!
  • If you are looking to raise chickens, you need to pick up this book. There are lots of good books out there about raising chickens, and many specialized books on health, breeding, meat birds, layers, ect. but this book is one of the best comprehensive books on raising chickens. If you only get one book on the subject, this is the one to get. It has all the information a beginner needs, and it will serve you well as a reference that you will come back to in the future. My copy is well worn, and it’s the book i recommend to people that ask me questions about starting their own chicken flocks.
  • I inherited a flock of chickens for free (yay!) and never kept chickens before. I found this book to be a great crash course. Damerow writes for varied keepers – from folks who keep poultry as pets, to those who expect to turn a profit on eggs or meat. Lots of good tips on building your own chicken coop. Between this book and the Backyard Chickens forum I feel prepared to take good care of my flock.
  • Easy to read, easy to understand, engaging writing style, great info, beautiful color illustrations. This is a very informative and worthwhile book if you are considering getting into raising chickens or even if you just want to learn more about it. It’s fun to read this.
  • This book covers almost all the bases you need as a new keeper.The biggest detraction was the condition of the book from the seller. It was badly damaged on random pages lots of tears, rips, chunks missing when the outside however was flawless. Incredibly strange actually, I couldn’t determine the cause. Read and enjoy with confidence as you have the knowledge of your and my kin of previous generations at your fingertips.
  • Bought for a present for a family member so not sure about the content (all the reviews online said this this the author to choose though) but very impressed with the quality, even though it was listed as used the book doesn’t even look like it’s been opened!
  • This book along with The Chicken Health Book , by the same author, is my absolute go to if I have any worries about my newly acquired Ex Battery hens, both books give excellent advice on DIY first aid and what to do in an emergency, I’m not happy to look at the part about meat so I don’t.
  • Interesting ,covers lots of areas And written in clear English not too much gobbledygook
  • I bought this book because I am planning on getting chickens and needed to know everything from start to finish. It lost me in a few places because I have no background in chickens or livestock of any kind but I did get enough out of the book to give me a good start on my coop and the chickens.
  • There is nothing to dislike in the book. The topics approached in the book are helpful for my studies and probably will essential for my students, farmers and myself in the near future.Thank you for the worthy information the book provides.
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    File Size: 77 MB

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