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Are you looking for a fun way to boost your child’s learning while providing hours of screen-free entertainment? This book of word search puzzles is the perfect choice. Brain games are a proven, engaging, and fun way to learn: Reading speed, word association, vocabulary, spelling, and other subjects are improved with word search activities. And using a pen or pencil to complete the puzzles engages certain parts of your child’s brain that digital products do not.100 word search puzzles: The large number of puzzles means hours of screen-free entertainment for your young learner. They are designed specifically for this age group (8-10) and were created by college-educated, native English speakers. Kid-friendly themes and categories with illustrations: Zoo, planets, family, food, and athletics are just some of the 100 categories and themes of these wordsearch puzzles. Every puzzle has a different theme and category, which helps develop word association and general language arts skills.A format that encourages skill-building: This book is designed to help kids gain confidence, by starting out easy and then getting trickier as children progress through the puzzles. This will both encourage and challenge your child, expanding their capacity to learn. This layout will also help ensure children ages 8, 9, or 10 will have something to look forward to, no matter what level they start at.Word Search for Kids Ages 8-10 is full of fun search and find puzzles. The book starts with easy word searches and gets trickier as it goes on. If you are looking for a kid’s word search book, this is a great first choice.

Word Adventure Books
April 27, 2021
107 pages

File Size: 89 MB
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Language: English, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Deutsch, chinese

  • Very cute activity book! I love that every page has additional little pictures for the children to color. The book comes with A LOT of pages, each with a fresh puzzle, and are arranged with the ‘easy’ puzzles in the front of the book, with ‘intermediate’ in the middle and the most ‘difficult’ level of puzzle in the back portion of the book.The puzzles/letters are not too small yet not too large, so I think they are a good average for the target age range where it is not too difficult but also not too childish for a child in the target age range. I have always loved word search puzzles (literally since I learned how to read) and I think they are a great way to exercise the mind and they especially work as an excellent tool to help children refine their reading/spelling skills. The fact that this book has 3 different skill levels to work with in relation to this is a plus.I would recommend this puzzle book to anybody with a child who enjoys puzzles or anybody with a child who needs a way to help them along their reading/spelling/writing journey.
  • I gifted this to my little brother for his birthday and he thoroughly enjoyed this book! Each page consists of a word search based on different themes such as Safari, Adventure, and Birthday Party to name a few. This book was so much fun to work on with him! I would recommend it for any little kid or even for some bonding time!
  • I love how large this book is. It has enough word searches to last for a while! It could also be shared between children or even with parents. There are many different categories, making it easy for a child to flip through the pages to find something they are interested in. The words are not too simple, but they are not too difficult for this age range, either. If there is a word that a child does not know, it is easy to look up the definition and there is even room on the pages to write down a definition.I also appreciate that there are photos in the book that allow a child to use their imagination if they want to color after doing their searches. Moreover, the difficulty of the word searches increases as one goes through the book, keeping a child from growing bored with the material.This is a good option to have around just for fun, but it also could be a way to incorporate new words or themes into a homeschooling curriculum.
  • Just received this book and the kids will love doing these puzzles over the summer! As a fan of word search puzzles myself, I’m glad to find a puzzle book that is geared towards the younger kids. Easy-to-read puzzles and the topics are interesting for the age group. A couple of examples include pets, the galaxy, rafting, and adventure. The puzzles get more challenging towards the back of the book, which will be great as the summer progresses:) Wonderful addition to our puzzle repertoire!
  • This is a sturdy, jam-packed book! I love how as the book progresses the puzzle box includes more letters. It increasingly gets a bit more challenging. Thumbs up
  • My grandson loves these word search puzzles. I love them because he is learning to spell and improving his vocabulary while having fun. Great buy!
  • I grew up doing word searches so I got this for my niece and it’s perfect. It’s sturdy enough to be handled by kids without falling apart, and also has cute themes and places to color in addition to the word search.
  • This is perfect for kids. The puzzles are fun, and the pictures are a nice touch. I especially like that the word difficulty increases, which is a cool way to introduce new vocabulary to kids. All in all, a nice crossword book!
  • Arrived on time and was a stocking filler for a nine year old who enjoyed completing word searches
  • My 8 year old loves word searches and this book is perfect!
  • Great
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    File Size: 89 MB

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