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Are you planning on taking the AFOQT and want to get your best score?Experienced educators at Military Prep Academy have created a comprehensive study guide for the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test. This exam preparation book covers every section on the AFOQT:Verbal AnalogiesArithmetic Reasoning Word KnowledgeMath KnowledgeReading ComprehensionSituational JudgementSelf-Description InventoryPhysical ScienceTable ReadingInstrument ComprehensionBlock CountingAviation Information300+ Practice Test Questions: Each section of the AFOQT is covered in this study guide and is accompanied by a real length practice test that will prepare you for the official test. Detailed Answer Guide: After each practice test, we have included a detailed answer guide. Not only does it contain the correct answers to the practice test questions, but it explains how to arrive at the correct answer. You can learn from your mistakes on the practice test by checking your answers with the detailed answer guide. Guaranteed to Raise Your Score: If this study guide does not help you boost your score, return it for a full refund. We believe in this product’s ability to raise your score so much so that we are willing to make a promise of improving your score or your money back. Includes Exam Success 2.0: Understanding the subjects and types of questions on the AFOQT is only one aspect to exam success. Understanding how to study and mentally face the most challenging aspects of the test is an entirely different skill, yet vital to you maximizing your score. Exam Success 2.0 covers expert tips and strategies to get the most out of your test preparation and doing your best on test day.USAF is not affiliated with Military Prep Academy. AFOQT is a registered trademark of Air Force Officer Qualifying Test.

Military Prep Academy
Independently published (December 13, 2020)
326 pages

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  • PROS:Pretty much everything in here is great review. I definitely had to of had an improved score over going in blind.CONS:I would say for those who’s degrees that pertain to STEM like engineering, please do a more in depth review of math at the college algebra, geometry, and maybe calc one level. It’s weird to say, but I can do calculus 3 problems. However, I get lazy on the simple things like factorials and ratios because you end up using things like MATLAB and calculators to do everything. These are the two things that me personally, threw me for a loop. My quantitative score is as low as it is because I didn’t review it enough. Not so much a diss toward the book, but a warning for those who are confident in their math skills because they’re in STEM. I am an E.E. student.Pilot: 98CSO: 94ABM: 97Acad Aptitude: 73Verbal: 69Quantitative: 72
  • After havingtaken my first attempt at the AFOQT already, and looking through thestudy guide, I can say this perfectly mirrors the actual test andprovides a lot of amazing definitions and term knowledge!
  • The AFOQT Study Guide 2021-2022 appears to be a very effective learning resource. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the content and the straightforward approach. It is easy to use and not intimidating at all. The chapters begin with the absolute basics for math, reading, and science without presuming anyone’s prior knowledge. This would make lower-level learners feel more confident and would allow higher-level learners a good opportunity to review.Everything is very detailed, simple, and directly to the point without being wordy. I believe this book would be beneficial to anyone with an attention or learning issue. There are no extra pictures, colors, or fancy layouts to cause distractions. It may not be exciting to look at, but it is excellent for focus and learning. There is nowhere for the mind to wander.The specific tips for breaking down words, sentences, and questions create a strong base for taking the test. Detailed explanations of every answer in the sample tests are incredibly helpful. The strategy tips at the end of the book were very detailed with examples to help relieve some anxiety. Lists like that are usually just filled with a bunch of empty statements. This book really explains all of them.
  • I definitely recommend this valuable purchase. 318 pages makes for a very content rich study guide. The content itself is challenging. Each chapter is followed by the answers. The answers do not just answer the question but explain the answer as well so that if you don’t understand how that outcome was reached, you can learn how to do it. A lot of study guides leave out the explanation of the answer so you cannot learn how to understand the problem.This guide also has many tips that I had not thought of or found otherwise. I feel quite confident that this guide has given me the knowledge necessary to knock this out of the park.
  • A family member of mine is planning on taking the AFOQT and I thought I would give them this as an early Christmas gift. From what I viewed, the contents throughout the study guide are organized and very detailed. I like that there is a chapter dedicated to each of the subsections of the AFOQT where not only it provides examples but mini lessons before you perform the section’s practice test. It was a good idea to mention how much time the test taker will have per section. The best part that’s deeply appreciated is providing the “why” answers to the practice tests. I can tell this book was written for not only helping the test taker content-wise but add appropriate amounts of support for them when it came to providing helpful tips on how to mentally prepare themselves and what to realistically look at. It’s almost as if the narration is from a tutor’s point of view which is a bonus. It was thoughtful of Military Prep Academy to provide free math tips guide if the buyer provides feedback which is a fair ask. I am not sure if the company does, but if they sold a separate book as a part two with one or two additional full practice tests of the AFOQT, I’m sure buyers would get it too. Very pleased with this study guide’s content and performance, I’m sure my family member would feel confident passing the AFOQT after using this resource.
  • This study guide is written in a clear and concise way, and divided into the pertinent categories, making it quick and easy to get an idea of what will be expected on the exam. There are plenty of questions to test your knowledge of each section and get a good general idea of what will be asked. Best of all, the answers are given with some explanation so that you know why you are right or wrong instead of leaving you in the dark. Overall, great guide!
  • Pretty good study guide as it explains in a nice amount of concise detail how you should approach each section while providing examples before the practice section. In one section (I’m writing this after just getting to a second section (out of 11 sections)) there was a typo for the answer option (block counting, #12 B and E were both 5). Tried uploaded a picture thru my phone but my phone’s glitching out. Based on other reviews and comparing it to my experience so far, it’s a pretty good book to let you know what you can expect. I’ll probably buy an additional book or two to further my testing skills to prepare.1. Needed a little more time reviewing their material before printing the guide because one question had the same answer twice… unless these tests are made so no one can get 100% lol
  • Just received this book recently and am very impressed with the content. Straightforward curriculum in all subjects of test prep, including; Math, Science, Reading Comprehension, Table Reading, Instrument Comprehension, Aviation Information, and more. Very good explanations in each section, as well as how the info ties into Air Force career. Sample tests are followed by detailed answers, so one can easily understand any answers that were incorrect. In the back of the book, guides for test taking tips and test prep tips can also be found. Great resource for AFOQT prep!
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    File Size: 73 MB

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