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The Backyard Beekeeper, now in its 4th edition, makes the time-honored and complex tradition of beekeeping an enjoyable and accessible backyard pastime for urban and rural beekeepers of all skill levels.More than a guide to beekeeping, this handbook features expert advice for:Setting up and caring for your own coloniesSelecting the best location to place your new bee colonies for their safety and yoursThe most practical and nontoxic ways to care for your beesSwarm controlUsing top bar hivesHarvesting the products of a beehive and collecting and using honeyBee problems and treatmentsWhat’s New?Information for urban bees and beekeepersUsing your smoker the right wayBetter pest managementProviding consistent and abundant good foodKeeping your hives healthy With this complete resource and the expert advice of Bee Culture editor Kim Flottum, your bees will be healthy, happy, and more productive.

Kim Flottum
January 2, 2018
240 pages

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“Kim Flottum’s expert advice is a comprehensive introduction to getting started with your own backyard hives. The book itself is also visually appealing: large photographs, illustrations, and callouts appear on nearly every page.”―Keeping Backyard Bees“A stunningly beautiful and wonderfully thorough guidebook for the beginning beekeeper.”―Thomas D. Seeley, author of “Honey Bee Democracy,” “Following the Wild Bees,” “Honey Bee Ecology,” and “The Behavior and Social Life of Honey Bees.”“The Backyard Beekeeper provides a concise and lucid introduction to the art of keeping bee colonies. A thorough introduction of bee diseases and problems guides the new beekeeper through some difficult but common challenges.”―Lawrence John Connor, founding member of Wicwas Press LLC and author of many essential beekeeping guides“The Backyard Beekeeper presents a modern look at traditional beekeeping. Numerous photos and diagrams supplement good, clearly written, beekeeping information. Particularly useful, the 25 Rules section provides current beekeeping fundamentals for successful beehive management. This is an excellent text for anyone interested in becoming a knowledgeable beekeeper.”―James E. Tew, PhD, beekeeping specialist, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn University, and author of “The Beekeeper’s Problem Solver” and “Wisdom for Beekeepers” About the Author Kim Flottum brings a rich background of plant science, honey bee research, and basic farming to his 30 years as the editor of Bee Culture magazine, where his main occupation has been finding the answers to the multitude of questions that beginning, intermediate, and even advanced and experienced beekeepers bring to the table. He teaches beginning and advanced beekeeping courses, travels extensively to educate and lecture, and contributes to a variety of other publications on the basics of honey bees and beekeeping biology, the business of bees and pollination, producing and using varietal honeys, and a host of other subjects. He is the author of The Backyard Beekeeper, First Time Beekeeping, In Business with Bees, and Common Sense Natural Beekeeping. His books, magazine articles, interviews, and blogs are widely read for both their fundamental and advanced contribution to beekeeping knowledge. He is beekeeping’s leading advocate for fundamental honey bee safety, including insuring excellent honey bee health, providing extraordinary forage, and minimizing the use of agricultural pesticides. <div id="

  • I did a good hour of research over this book and found it did the best work for someone jumping into the foray of beekeeping.I bought this for a gal who I hit it off with. Fantastic first date. Being the romantic I am, instead of buying flowers for the first date, I picked this up. The reason being that she mentioned that beekeeping was a dream of hers when she moves out of her apartment. I figured supporting someones dreams was more romantic than flowers.Anyhow the second date never happened because she ghosted me. Now I have this very comprehensive guide on beekeeping. Who knows, maybe I’ll take up a new hobby…
  • I got the second edition of this a year before I started bee keeping and read it cover to cover several times. The 3rd edition came with a beginner-all-inclusive kit I got the next year when I started keeping bees. I also took 2 beginning bee keeper courses – one at MSU and one on-line, and both seemed to follow this book almost chapter by chapter. Now I always get the updated version. Well written, up to date, great information for the beginning hobby bee keeper. This is my go-to bible. It should be the first book in any bee keeper’s library (in my opinion). The science of bee keeping is constantly changing. This book keeps me appraised of changing recommendations. If you’re thinking of bee keeping or just interested in learning about bee keeping, this is the place to start. I’ve compared this with several other books for the hobby bee keeper and none seem as simple and strait forward.
  • If you are considering getting involved in beekeeping, this is a book that will give you a general idea of what work is involved. Now better than half way through reading this book, I know I will not add bees to my garden for at least another year.Local information is still critical and can be found through your local beekeepers’ association. But, for an introduction to the equipment and an overview of the seasonal work involved, this book is worth buying.
  • I found helpful tips in this book, but some of it was quite buried in random places. I did feel like some pretty basic things were lacking though, whereas other basic things were far too drawn out.This book would be more helpful for those installing packages, but seems to leave out nucs other than one small section. It also very strongly leans towards 8 frame and top bar hives. It gives a large amount of space to disease and problems one may experience. Spending that much time discussing problems to look out for would be fine if more time had also been given to some very simple aspects of even just the bees themselves. It comes off as sounding negative.The pictures in this book don’t always coincide with the current topic or even get expanded on at all in the book, and sometimes show beekeepers doing the opposite of what the given suggestions are.I suggest reading other books along with this one or doing a lot of internet searches for what you need to know.My book also arrived with bent corners on some pages and the back cover.
  • I’m thinking about possibly starting to keep bees and figured I would read about it first to learn. I bought this book and found it very confusing. I don’t think this is a good book for the beginner. I also purchased another book and hopefully it wil be clearer on how to raise and kkep bees. This is probably a very good book for someone who already has the basics of bee keeping down. I don’t recommend this book for anyone who is just starting this hobby.
  • If you are are interested in beekeeping and need a general overlay of what beekeepers done in managing an apiary, then this book is a great starting point. As a NC certified beekeeper, I have reviewed many books about beekeeping. This… is the book I chose to use as a student guide for a new Backyard Beekeeping course I will “bee” at the local Community College, starting in Aug 2021. Kim Flottum gives a great overview for someone interested in becoming a beekeeper, nor just a person who keeps bees.
  • I cannot imagine a better resource to start beekeeping with than this book. It is great quality, cheap, easy to read, has all information you will run into in your first year, has pictures with captions, etc. I’ve watched YouTube videos for months, thinking that would be enough – boy, was I wrong. This book has taught me so many things. It has such great linear pace, information, etc.I saw other reviews harping on it that it talked about Varroa too much. I can tell you right now, those are not going to be good beekeepers. If a disease killed 90% of humans, I would not go to a doctor that got bored of a 200 page picture book that talked about it too much. I am on page 140 and there hasn’t been a dedicated section to Varroa yet, which I’m kind of bummed about.Great read. Don’t know how it could be better.
  • I ordered this book to complement my hive and bee order. I have ordered other beginner books and this is the worst. It jumps from the history of bees to harvesting honey. I wish I had read reviews prior to purchase. Fortunately I was able to hire a professional beekeeper to get my bees in the hive.
  • Lots of sound advice and useful colour pics, great information about most every day beekeeping issues, small niggle – written for the US market so some references to seasonal events aren’t 100% accurate but otherwise a good reference book.
  • Bought as a gift for someone, she seems to be enjoying it
  • This book is filled with lots of great and useful information about bees and the keeping of them. It is written by an american so it is good to be able to ignore the bits about skunks attacking the hive and wonder whether foxes are as brave!This is a book that will be looked at again and again.
  • Good product
  • An informative book with clear illustrations / photos of processes. Written for a North American readership.
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    File Size: 66 MB

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