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Are you looking for a fun way to boost your child’s learning while providing hours of screen-free entertainment? This book of word search puzzles is the perfect choice. Brain games are a proven, engaging, and fun way to learn: Reading speed, word association, vocabulary, spelling, and other subjects are improved with word search activities. And using a pen or pencil to complete the puzzles engages certain parts of your child’s brain that digital products do not.100 word search puzzles: The large number of puzzles means hours of screen-free entertainment for your young learner. They are designed specifically for this age group (6-8) and were created by college-educated, native English speakers. Kid-friendly themes and categories with illustrations: Superheroes, ocean life, family, food, and camping are just some of the 100 categories and themes of these wordsearch puzzles. Every puzzle has a different theme and category, which helps develop word association and general language arts skills.A format that encourages skill-building: This book is designed to help kids gain confidence, by starting out easy and then getting trickier as children progress through the puzzles. This will both encourage and challenge your child, expanding their capacity to learn. This layout will also help ensure children ages 6, 7, or 8 will have something to look forward to, no matter what level they start at.Word Search for Kids Ages 6-8 is full of fun search and find puzzles. The book starts with easy word searches and gets trickier as it goes on. If you are looking for a kid’s word search book, this is a great first choice.

Word Adventure Books
September 18, 2020
105 pages

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  • Word Search for Kids Ages 6-8 is a great mix of topics with different difficulty levels of search words. I really like how the first section has the word search in very large and bold letters but as you flip through the pages there are more letters in the search bringing more of a challenge. The quality of this book is high. Since the book is made of thick paper, a highlighter can be used, and it won’t bleed through the page. I deeply appreciate how the topics of the word search are found on the top with the words to find are at the bottom next to a few cute images that match the theme. Plus, everything is printed clearly and opaque. I really recommend this word search book. Definitely going to implement it for my classroom activities on Fun Fridays!
  • This book says the puzzles are for six to eight year olds. We’ll, the first third are. The second third are for ten to twelve, and the last third are as hard as most adult puzzles. What are the publishers thinking? You do 30 puzzles and you’ve improved so much you’re ready to advance? My child can only do the easy ones, so most of the book is wasted.
  • This word search book is aimed at 6-8 year olds but I also think children up to 10 would enjoy it and find the vocabulary and spelling aids useful. Some of the words may be difficult for 6 years old to read and understand. I would use this as a way to help expand their vocabulary, reading, and spelling of common words. My nephew is almost 8 and has always loved word games etc. He played on lots of apps on his tablet but now loves this book and does a word search or two every day!I really like how the word searches are laid out. Each has a different theme (fruit, shoes, music, etc) and lists 10 words to be found in the word search. They start off easier with a 10×10 square and large letters. By the end of the book, it’s 15×15 with smaller letters and longer words/phrases to find. I really like this progression because it keeps the word searches interesting and kids motivated to try harder ones once they’ve become confident with the easier word searches.There aren’t any page numbers but I would guess there are at least 100-word searches in this book. It’s a very affordable price for so many hours of fun!
  • This is a good word search book for kids, filled with fun puzzles that gradually go from larger type with easy-to-find words to smaller, more complex puzzles. The only criticism I have is that there is no answer key at the end. Most word search puzzle books have an answer section at the end showing players where are the words are. So if you are getting this book for a child with reading or spelling problems or a child who is a reluctant reader, they won’t have the satisfaction of checking their puzzle-solving abilities when they are done with the puzzle. Or if they have trouble finding a particular word, they won’t be able to look at the solution in the back for a hint as where the word can be found. For kids, this is kind of a big deal because they like and need the positive feedback.
  • Bought this for my 6 year old and he loves it. He loves the random word searches in coloring books so I figured I’d get him just a word search book. I feel this book is perfect for his age. The puzzles are relatable to him and some of the words give him a challenge to find so I like that it’s not too easy. The font is appropriately sized and there’s a whole bunch to keep him busy. Definitely recommend for your word search enthusiast!!
  • I have always been a lover of word search puzzles, and this puzzle book is no exception! Great puzzle book for both young and old to enjoy! Geared towards elementary-aged children, this word search book begins with easier puzzles and progresses to more challenging ones. Topics covered are interesting, such as; colors, numbers, animals, countries, technology, bedroom items, breakfast dishes, and so much more!I have always enjoyed learning new words while doing word search puzzles, and no doubt that this book will teach your child new words to learn, as well. Highly recommended word search puzzle book for young minds!
  • This puzzle book is nice for all ages. The puzzles are easy enough to solve, so they’re fun for taking a moment to unwind. Definitely perfect for kids, whom it is catered towards. Unfortunately, the book is large, so one can’t pop it in their purse or discreetly take it on the go. Otherwise, all in all, it’s a pretty nice puzzle book. Plus, the price is about right for it. Recommended!
  • Some words are backwards which is frustrating for the first grader in our home. Backwards diagonally just wouldn’t be a choice I would label for 6 year olds.
  • My grandson loved his new Word Search book
  • The cover both front and back is cute and the word searches are tidy, logical and suitable to the age group listed on the front cover. Text is clear and puzzles increase in difficulty as you work through the book.
  • Like the size of the letters and the size of puzzle…and like the level of vocabulary used…user friendly and not daunting….perfect for my 8 year old grand daughter.
  • very clear, quality print, words search by theme .. my kids enjoy this book
  • Great word search for kids, big letters,
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    File Size: 66 MB

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