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A beginner’s guide to ruling the roost and raising happy backyard chickens The Beginner’s Guide to Raising Chickens makes it easy to start keeping these surprisingly smart birds right in your own backyard. From constructing coops to rearing chicks, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make sure your chickens stay happy and healthy all year round. Which breed of chicken is right for you? What’s the best bedding material? What sort of feed should you use? Expert chicken keeper Anne Kuo answers these questions―and many others―in this fun and friendly reference book that will get you excited to raise your new feathered friends. This book on raising chickens guides you through: Getting from the chicken to the egg―Find out how to raise chicks, keep your birds safe from predators, introduce new birds to the flock, and more. Creating a custom coop―Build the perfect home for raising chickens with detailed backyard coop construction guides. Expert care advice―Learn how to identify different behaviors in your chicken, help solve egg shortages, and navigate a range of potential surprises with confidence.Get your first flock started successfully with The Beginner’s Guide to Raising Chickens.

Anne Kuo
June 4, 2019
192 pages

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“As an avid urban gardener looking to start raising chickens, Anne’s book is a beautiful, informative, one-stop-shop for the beginner chicken owner.”—Kevin Espiritu, founder of Epic Gardening and author of Field Guide to Urban Gardening“We’re blown away by this impeccable resource for backyard chicken owners, and want to shout out it from the coop tops. It’s a fun-to-read go-to guide for raising happier, healthier chickens. Every last detail you could possibly wonder, worry, or dream about is in here. Whether you’re new to owning chickens, or a well-seasoned chicken parent, there’s so much to discover. The Beginner’s Guide to Raising Chickens is one of those ‘buy one for me, get 5 for my friends’ books.”—Hailey Dray, head of marketing at Grubbly Farms“For years folks have asked me for a book on raising and keeping chickens and I did not have anything I could confidently point them to. It is with great joy that I now recommend The Beginner’s Guide to Raising Chickens because I am completely aligned with how Anne cares for her animals and the consciousness she has around her ecological footprint and raising of the birds. Rejoice chicken keeping novices and veterans: the book you have been waiting for has finally hatched!”—Franchesca Duval, head chicken wrangler at Alchemist Farm“Being a chicken enthusiast myself, I was thrilled to read The Beginner’s Guide to Raising Chickens. Anne Kuo’s book is a comprehensive, enjoyable, and informative guide for any chicken keeper, and her expert chicken care knowledge is apparent. If you follow Anne’s journey with her flock on social media and her blog, you know that she takes great care of them. I am glad that she wrote this complete guide to raising chickens so that more flock owners can get off to a fabulous start.”—Janet Garman, owner of Timber Creek Farm ( and author of 50 Do it Yourself Projects for Keeping Chickens About the Author ANNE KUO is a backyard chicken keeper, avid gardener, urban homesteader, crafter, and proponent of living sustainably. She is the voice behind the popular Instagram account @RealHensOfOC and the Real Hens of Orange County blog. <div id="

  • This is a fantastic book for those new to chicken keeping and well-seasoned chicken companions alike. It does more than cover the basics – it gives real world advice on the realities of bringing feathered ladies and gents into your home. I wish we had this book when we first started with our 5 ladies! We were wholly unprepared for the amount of chicken poop that would take over our yard, but also how much we would fall in love with our new fluffy family members. This book is a must-have for those looking to start a flock or bring in a few (or many) new additions. Also, chicken math is a very real thing!
  • Fabulous book by a fabulous chicken keeper! I used her stand alone coop plans for a awesome home for my ladies (barred rocks, cochin Bantam) and the LOVE IT! Then shes got all the tips for entertaining your birds, feeding, what breeds are good for you, all the info youll really need, also great tips on saving money, recycling, keeping wood out of our landfills, and any info you really need on your new family members, i highly recommend buying this book
  • The information contained in this book is awesome. However, the plans for the chicken coop are definitely for a coop in a State without snow. We found the plans to have many structural inadequacy.
  • First, it does not cover meat chickens, this is primarily for egg laying chickens. Great information. It is not a full chicken raising guide, the author has only had 5 years of experience at the time of writing the book which is more than myself. It is truly a beginners guide. I think if I had read about the author prior, I most likely would have looked for a more detailed chicken guide written by some midwest farmer, but I don’t regret the book, It is just my preference to purchase a book loaded with as much information as possible. I did not use the coop build in the book, however I do feel I’ll be referencing the book quite often as it has good info on bird ailments and chick raising. So if you are not a heavy a reader I think this is a great option. I know I’ll be purchasing a more detailed chicken book.
  • So… this book is great! Very detailed! I already have 4 chickens… in their “teenage” stage and now Im beginning to regret buying them after reading this book lol It talks about the pros and the cons. Im a first time chicken owner. I bought them so we could have our own eggs to go along with our future garden! But it seems like chickens are high maintenance which is not what I would’ve thought at all. I feel like Im in a dilemma before building their coop. Keep them? Find them a new home? After reading this I’m not so sure! I should’ve purchased this before the chickens haha! It really is a great book…. it just made me terrified to be a chicken owner. 🙂
  • We are first time chicken owners – they came with the house! We’re obsessed now. Love those dang birds. This book is awesome – it is so well written. We have learned a lot and even our 9 year old read it cover to cover! Now we know how to keep our ladies happy and healthy.
  • I’ve had chickens in the past but they were full grown, needed a safe home and were literally saved from the stew pot. I had never had any hens that wanted to brood, so we collected the eggs and always thanked them. The antics that Anne describes are spot-on!The advice and preparation for chicks are also spot-on. The only rationale I can justify my opinion is that I did raise Canadian Geese. And they grew fast.There is so much information in this book, it’s unbelievable.
  • There wasn’t as much information as I have found in other books since.
  • Easy, fun book to read. I do feel that this book (alongside an amazon prime video series (Becky’s)) has prepared me well for keeping chickens, with good advice of everything required to raise chicks and chickens well. I am sure that I will keep coming back to this book as a reference support throughout my chicken adventures.I knocked one star off, as this is really written for a American audience. It refers to US shops and products, so you will need to figure out the UK (or other) equivalents. Nevertheless recommended read if you like me are new to the world of chicken keeping. So keen to get my little chicks now!
  • This book is very basic and just gave me ideas of things I need to do more research on which unfortunately is not what I was looking for. I wanted a more comprehensive guide. It is also a book written by a US author and I would rather have had a UK perspective on things particularly legislation.
  • This is a really good book for a beginner in the chicken keeping stakes.Very informative about everything to do with chickens and how to look after themPlus there are detailed instruction on build coops.This is going to be my bible for the next future while i get my girls settled.
  • Very ‘American’ and not many practical chicken keeping tips. It doesn’t actually cover food, how to prep a coop etc but it does have some interesting points to consider pre-purchase. This book is best for those considering buying chickens before they do it.
  • If this is the first book you buy about chickens, it will probably be fine, but as you learn more about chicken care and health a book with a deeper content and more advanced information will be required. I found some details would have been nice to know more about in a beginner’s book, but in general the author covers all the major topics clearly. The book is nicely laid out, easy to understand, full colour, and a great beginner’s guide for someone who knows nothing at all about keeping chickens. If you are trying to decide if chickens are for you or not, this is the perfect starting point. If you already have some books or have been researching on your own, this book is not for you.
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    File Size: 65 MB

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