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Help your hive thrive with this guide to beekeeping for new-bees.Wouldn’t it be great to raise your own bees, have a fresh supply of honey, and bring thousands of healthy pollinators into your yard? Beekeeping for Beginners is a simple, step-by-step guide that helps you learn the fundamentals of modern beekeeping. You (and your bees) will be buzzing with delight.From picking the right hive and bringing your bees home to surviving winter and collecting honey, experienced beekeeper Amber Bradshaw takes you on an easy-to-follow journey through your first year of beekeeping and beyond.Beekeeping for Beginners includes:Just the essentials―Learn everything you need to know to begin your first colony―written with brand new beekeepers in mind.Modern beekeeping―Start your colony off right with guides that feature the newest practices and current, natural approaches.Learn to speak bee―Clearly defined terms and a complete glossary will have you talking like a pro beekeeper in no time.Begin your beekeeping the right way―and avoid getting stung by mistakes―with Beekeeping for Beginners.

Amber Bradshaw
June 25, 2019
178 pages

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“Finally – a beekeeping book that’s truly for beginners. Amber walks the reader through all the basics of beekeeping with patience, a sense of humor, and honesty – including information many books skip. Well done.”―Laurie Neverman, Common Sense Home”A must-have resource for any beekeeper! We’ve had two hives for about four years and I still learned so much from this book. Before reading Amber’s book I felt like I was winging everything we did with our colony. But now I feel confident to make the best decisions for our bees!”―Victoria Pruett, A Modern Homestead”Amber passionately and beautifully expresses the necessity and how-tos of keeping bees. Her in-depth knowledge―from the legality of keeping bees, equipment necessary to the extracting of honey, and maintaining healthy hives―is evident throughout. Every chapter is filled with…instructions that will take you through the entire process of beekeeping.”―Stacy Lyn Harris, TV Personality, Author of Stacy Lyn’s Harvest Cookbook, Blogger at, and lover of bees! About the Author AMBER BRADSHAW’s passion is teaching others how to become self-sufficient by making things from scratch that are eco-friendly. Besides being an expert beekeeper, Amber is a college instructor, author, public speaker and owner of an online Farmer’s Market. Learn more about Amber at <div id="

  • I’m a second year beekeeper but wanted a book with the basics for reference…this book was OK…some of the info was a good, but one piece of bad advice it contained was to feed honeybees syrup made with organic sugar…DO NOT DO THIS!!! Plain white sugar is what should be used. Period. Honeybees cannot process the minerals or any lingering molasses in organic, unprocessed sugar….
  • The book is set up like the new books for middle school, for me it is a bit hard to just read and learn. There are things that are described in the book that should have detail drawings just understand what the author was talking about. I guess it would make the book a bit longer, the limited detailed drawing and photos needing detailed arrows with explanations I need to buy a few other books. It should have a list of government agencies at the end of the book to allow people to seek indepth help from. The book does tell the reader to find these places for in depth help. The book does have great advise for people that like honey bees, and honey, but never had any hives. The book was a great first book to get one to read more. What was written above was a point that if it was more detail oriented I would not need to read as many other books on the same subject. IF YOU ARE LIKE ME, HAVING NEVER WORKED / OWNED ANY BEE HIVES: THIS BOOK IS A GREAT START!!!! I WOULD BUY THIS BOOK AGAIN AND PLAN TO DO JUST THAT: GET A FEW FOR FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS, AND FAMILY TO HELP THEM IN SUPPORTING THE SAVING AND HELPING OF BEES AND THEIR BEE-COLONIES.
  • Great book for a person “thinking” about getting a hive started. This book gave me so much information: different styles of huts, different bees, different reasons for keeping bees, are your required to register your hive…on and on….who knew!Absolutely great book!!!
  • I purchased this book because I am planning to take over the beekeeping for my husband. He no longer has the time he needs to keep bees, and I don’t want to get rid of them, but I didn’t feel comfortable just stepping in for him. After reading this book, I feel much better about taking over the care of our hives, and I will have some local help to get me through the transition.This book is a fast read, and yet still highly informative. I’ve been learning about bees for a few years, and this book filled a lot of gaps in my knowledge. The glossary and simple definitions throughout the book help those not comfortable with bee lingo, the book is well organized, and she leaves page number references in the book if you are trying to find specific answers to questions, which is convenient and helpful.Aside from being knowledgeable about bees, presenting the information in an easy to read format, this book is beautiful! Not important for the learning aspect, but I had a lot of fun just looking at the book design.
  • After reading and doing some research I decided to hold off on the bee adventures. I think for same amount of money and effort I will get other animals on the homestead and do the bee keeping thing in another year or so. This book helped me understand and learn of things that I was unaware of. Bee keeping is way more intense than just buying a bee hive kit. Nerves even considered some of the expense and effort outlined in this book. Great read if you are thinking of keeping bees.
  • I am in the process of getting my first two hives and this book helped me well to get up to speed. It covers every aspect of beekeeping for beginners and I really enjoyed the personal touch. In addition Amber Bradshaw includes her good and slightly quirky sense of humor, without loosing the focus on what is most important to beginner.The knowledge I gained through reading this book helped me to be well prepared with additional question I had to my local beekeeper organization.I am pretty sure there are other great books out there, but I won’t need another due to what I learned from this book.
  • Following an online course by Texas A&M Ag, this book was purchased to help me along the way to getting started with bees. This is not advanced level book, nor is it intended to be one. It is for beginners (as the title says), in that it succeeds. Apparently bee keeping is easy until it is not easy. With that in mind one will be buying other books too; this one is a very smart place to start in the journey.
  • This book is brilliant, it’s incredibly informative, really easy read. Went through it in 2 days. It is amazing
  • easy to read and helpful
  • Unfrotuakteky it’s Americanised
  • Great book.Very helpful.Would recommend this book.
  • This is a great book it gace me a real buzz!
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