Off Grid Solar Power Simplified: For Rvs, Vans, Cabins, Boats and Tiny Homes PDF AZW3 EPUB MOBI TXT Download

How to make a solar system without headache, even if you don’t know anything about electricity.More people are figuring out how to make off grid solar power work for them.In this book: Off-Grid Solar Power, you will discover:Energy units you didn’t even know existedFormulas you can’t live without when building a solar systemA comprehensive list of tools that you absolutely needHow to choose wire diameters the right wayStep by step guide on sizing your off-grid solar system without painful mistakesWhy not every wire is suited for solar energy installationsThe best way to protect your installation from catching fireDiscover different batteries; maintenance, price, increase lifespan, configurations, …Discover different solar panels; tilt, cleaning, optimizing solar input, …Discover different types ofphotovoltaicsWhat device is at the heart of any solar power system?Inverters; different types, different sine waves, efficiency, power ratings, …Discover the best way to monitor the state of charge of your batteriesThe safest way to charge your solar battery from your car alternator.A step by step guide on how to build your systemPeople can transform their RV, van, cabin, boat or tiny homes using these off-grid solar systems.This book is written by an electrical engineer who specializes in solar power design. A licensed electrician has reviewed it.This book has been written in a way to suit beginners to understand how an off-grid solar power system works and how to build one.If you want to learn about making your off-grid solar system, then scroll up and click the add to cart button.

Nick Seghers
January 23, 2020
301 pages

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This book is a wonderful manual to understanding solar system configurations to the core. Written in layman’s terms, the author allows you to get as technical as you need on the subject while allowing you to take a pass on some of the more difficult calculations. This is the side companion for those whom have purchased books on solar system configurations and found them wanting. I totally recommend this book. – The Coffee DudeThis is a great reference for someone wanting to put in or maintain an off grid solar system. Perfect guide for my cabin! Definitely recommend – ThunderbeastCalculations are given & explained for every aspect. Layout, system parts, etc. are detailed. This book is like having an electrical engineer in your pocket, but you would just need to do all the work and calculations…which is the DIY dream, anyway…right? – WesBeside overlanding my church group holds a fireworks booth for fundraising. This book help me do the math to calculate the size of battery I would need to run the lighting of this booth. The book also helped me set up the solar controller and set up my panels and my AC converter. – Jesse zamarripaMy brother loved this book he said it was exactly what he was looking for to get his cabin wired correctly for solar power. – Ryan From the Author #1 Bestseller in the Electric Energy category! Thank you everybody for making this happen!1,000 ratings and reviews! Thank you so much for your feedback! Version 1: January 2020: First release of the book.Version 2: November 2021: Changed layout and added more drawings.Version 3: June 2021: Updating inverters and small adjustments of chapters.Version 4: January 2022: added grounding, updated lithium section, and discussed 12,24, and 48 volt systems more extensivly. Fixed error on page 13. <div id="

  • Whoops, I put my review in the title. Hope someone can edit this….not used to typing on this machine this much.
  • Simply put, this book is very poorly-written.It’s not just that it’s confusing, but that its language simply doesn’t make sense.Two examples from the first two pages:”Energy can be described in many ways, but basically, energy is referred to as the capacity of developing a specific work.”What, exactly, does “developing a specific work” mean? And given that this is the first definition provided, and we haven’t yet defined “work”…Then there’s this on the next page:”The load is the element that receives electricity from performing some sort of work.””Receives from”? What does that mean? And he still hasn’t defined “work”. And as far as I can tell, he never does.
  • I appreciate all the math and calculations behind selecting solar components, but it can make the process very confusing. I enjoy math and I can tell that the author is educated on the subject, although it would be nice if they provided some charts, such as when selecting wire sizes instead of doing a bunch of calculations. However, this is probably the best guide I’ve read on the subject; I just wish it was a little more “simplified.”
  • Great book everything you need to know about going solar. I’ve read 6 books on the subject and this is by far the best book. Thx
  • Nick has done a great job explaining a sometimes confusing topic. Other books I’ve recently read were more designed to make the authors money on Amazon purchases thru links they provided and less about making sure you could build a safe and reliable system. This book walks you thru the entire design process. Whether you decide to build something or hire someone to do it, you can be confident you will understand the design choices for your situation.
  • I have another book on solar power and it had a lot of words that weren’t very useful. This one answers the questions I had and explains in detail how to do things. Very good and very readable. I am putting together a small solar off grid system for emergency backup power and this let me know for example what size fuses I need with my solar panels, it let me know if I can put multiple charge controllers hooked to the same battery set. It explained the difference between different charge controllers. I am not there yet, but this book is giving me the confidence that I will get there and do it right.
  • If you know how to do a basic Internet search, you can find more and better information. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to resell this book for 10 cents and end up paying $4 to ship it to someone… And yes, I said Internet search – Google is a noun not a verb, and they already know more about you because of the masses that “Google” instead of using other sources, such as the databases available through your local Community College, Library, or alternate search engines (although it won’t be long until Google owns many more of them, too… Sorry if this seems like a downer, but it’s beyond time to “WISE UP” folks – too many of us are like sheep that follow along just to get along…
  • This book is a wonderful manual to understanding solar system configurations to the core. Written in layman’s terms, the author allows you to get as technical as you need on the subject while allowing you to take a “pass” on some of the more difficult calculations. This is the side companion for those whom have purchased books on solar system configurations and found them wanting. I totally recommend this book.
  • The content is OK. But the pictures in the real book I got are without colour. When I phoned to amazon I wasted my time verifying my identity. No result. I would like to get a copy with colours.
  • Technical content, as one might expect. Writing style incredibly disjointed. Hazard a guess, a bad translation.
  • No this like I’m very pleased with it so far and i use it for my small hobby shop it work great 👍
  • Very good book. I wish there was a chapter on wind power. We get a lot of wind which could suppliment the power generation on cloudy days.
  • This is a great book for people who want to know the basics of electricity and solar power. It goes through all of the equipment and the steps you need in order to assemble your own simple solar energy system.
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    File Size: 14 MB

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