Prepare Your Home for a Sudden Grid-Down Situation: Take Self-Reliance to the Next Level with Proven Methods and Strategies to Survive a Grid-Down … the Modern Family to Prepare for Any Crisis) PDF AZW3 EPUB MOBI TXT Download

You can stockpile all the rice you like… but do you know how you’re going to cook it if you’re without power for months on end?Once upon a time, disaster preparedness was a fairly niche pastime. Today, it’s becoming mainstream… and you only have to look at the headlines to see why.Extreme weather events… global pandemics… growing unrest… All of these factors are in your consciousness all the time. It makes sense to be prepared for the worst… and with celebrities like Ryan Seacrest and Ronda Rousey joining the ranks, more and more people are beginning to understand why.But despite this growing trend, there’s one thing most people are missing.You’ve stocked your pantry; you have enough toilet roll to see you through the next few months; you have your bug out bag prepped… But have you thought about what you’re going to do if the grid goes down?If the power grid fails, it’s not just your lights that go out. It’s your water supply. It’s your heating and cooling system. It’s all your usual ways of cooking food or doing the laundry.Without the grid, life as we know it changes in an instant.Are you prepared for that?Don’t panic. If your emergency preparedness plan has a few holes in it just now, you’re in the right place.In Prepare Your Home for a Sudden Grid-Down Situation, you’ll discover:The most likely causes of a grid-down situation — and how they’ll affect your familyEasy immediate short-term solutions to see you through the first few days of disasterGrid-down cooking options (you’ll be amazed by how many ways there are to feed your family a delicious hot meal without your cooker)A full range of emergency backup solutions you can fall back on if you’re currently totally reliant on the gridWhat to do when cash means nothing — think outside the box to make sure your family thrivesThe ultimate guide to making sure your family has access to clean, safe water (no matter what’s going on outside)Exactly what you can do to stay healthy and well when the toilet won’t flush, the washing machine’s useless, and a long hot bath is out of the questionEverything you need to know about communicating with the outside world in a grid-down emergencyA clear breakdown of your off-grid power options — so you can plan now for any unexpected eventEasy DIY projects you can work through right now to sharpen your skills and prepare for the worstAnd much more.If you thought your stash of canned beans and laundry supplies was enough to see you through an emergency, think again. It’s a great start… but have you thought about how you’re going to cook those beans? Do you know how you’re going to wash your clothes?Being prepared is about more than stocking up. It’s about thinking outside the box and learning essential survival skills.But don’t worry: These skills are accessible to anyone… and you’re about to discover them.If you want to make sure your family is safe, healthy, and protected no matter what happens, scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now.

Ted Riley
March 24, 2022
242 pages

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  • The book covered a lot of ground from keeping food stored to water treatment to security to economic collapse. I enjoyed most of it. Some parts were a little slow for me but that could be because I already knew something about the subject matter or just lower interest. I think this is the type of book you can skip over areas you know about or are less interested in at the moment. Regardless of your state of preparedness, though, I feel there is something everyone can learn from this book.
  • This book is excellent for a person who is new to the prepping community and looking for detailed information on what they can do now to prepare for any future grid down situation.If you want realistic advice for how to handle emergencies in the real world on a short term and moving into a long term basis, this is your difinitive guide for that.But it’s not only great for beginners, it also serves well as a refresher for those that have already been prepping for awhile, and most definitely in that case will give you some pointers you haven’t thought about before.Easy read, informative, and the author’s writing style makes the book coast right along seemlessly from one topic to the next.Great read, would recommend!
  • Few of these types of books talk about making tools for hunting, but this one does. You’ll want to spend a Saturday afternoon experimenting in the garage! The all-important basics of food, shelter, water, and most important of all, water, are covered here.
  • Lots of helpful information to know in case of a grid-down. Highly recommend if you’re interested in preparing for an emergency.
  • Bottom line up front: This book was very well researched, provided great context, and appropriate for both novice and experienced people interested in surviving a power grid breakdown. I enjoyed the references listed at the end and would look them up in the event that I wanted more information. Well worth the time.This is the second of Ted Riley’s books that I’ve read. It is totally worth the time for experienced preppers to newbies who are just figuring what this is all about. The tone of the book is engaging, it felt like talking with a buddy. Some other prep books I’ve read are a bit preachy, but this one felt very personal.Examples of why we might lose power are stated matter-of-factly, not presented alarmingly as I’ve read in other books. Recommendations for necessary equipment are included and somewhat prioritized. Ted does a great job indicating what are must haves and then goes into the nice to haves. Very helpful when just setting up gear.Ted talks about micro-climates…something I’ve not considered before. I love the idea of the micro climates and indoor tents! Don’t forget that dogs are great heat sources and a great addition to add heat!I love the checklists that are focused on when/how to be ready. I also love the how to make your own solar back up to charge a 12-volt battery – he explained it so well that even a non-mechanical person like me could make it!I love the diagram/pictures of the DIY compost water heater. That made all the difference for me since I tend to absorb things more visually rather than through the written word.I like how he separated short term and long-term need. To novices, the amount of info is overwhelming. By separating it into short and long term, the focus can be on the current need.I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the sardine in oil tin DIY light! That is so clever! I’d never considered that before. I tried it just to see how it works and that little can of oil made a great light (yes, a little stinky) and I put a hurricane shade over it to amplify the light – this was very successful!I didn’t know that we should not store bottled water on cement because of potential chemical transfer. I have a tarp down under my water stash, but that is simply a happy accident! I also mark the packages with the date I purchased them so that I can easily rotate my supply. Even people who have been doing these kinds of things for a while can learn from this book.The descriptions and illustrations for making the cross bow was a bit daunting for me. I am non-mechanical and even though the illustrations were good, I don’t think that is something that I would ever undertake. I showed it to my husband and he said he could probably make it.Love the DIY hand sanitizer and laundry detergent recipes. I have one that I was using, but these seem gentler and easier to make.Excellent resource and well worth taking the time to buy and have on hand. Mostly, take the time to read it!
  • In our everyday busy lives do we ever stop to think, what happens if electricity goes out? Are we prepared for days of nothing working? This is an excellent book packed full of information for situations like this. What to store, what to stock up on? What if it’s winter? What if it’s an extremely hot summer? From short term solutions to long term, this book walks you through what to expect and what you will need for all sorts of weather. Even when you think you are fully prepared, this book gives you information you didn’t even think of. Without electricity, what happens to our money? We can’t use it if it’s in a bank and with everything kept on computers now, how can we survive? We rely so much on modern technology that in a crisis most people will start freaking out. Why not be ready so you can stay calm and enjoy a more simpler life for a few days or months. Protect and prepare yourself. I highly recommend this book!!
  • “Grid Down” isn’t something many people have experienced – or want to experience. Imagine a day when mains electricity stops working. No phones, no internet, TV or radio, no water out of the tap, no electric cooker, no flushing toilet, but that is just the start. In a matter of days there will be no food in the shops and potentially violence in the streets as people realise the enormity of their situation. War, weather and other natural disasters can destroy critical power stations in seconds. A terrifying concept if you aren’t prepared for it.Preparing to survive (prepping) is rapidly becoming a ‘mainstream’ interest as we begin to face financial ruin, possible war and climactic change. Each presented a unique set of challenges that needed to be faced without a comprehensive book of instructions. However, Ted Riley has used his extensive knowledge and understanding to create a comprehensive handbook to alert people to the dangers and explain ways to combat them.As a long term prepper (30 years and counting) I’m well aware of potential issues but I gleaned a huge amount from Ted’s book. All kinds of strategies and ‘hacks’ to cope with negative situations alongside lists, instructions and so much more make this an invaluable publication for newbies and experienced preppers alike. Don’t take my word for it, go and get a copy for yourself, you won’t regret it!
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