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In this comprehensive guide, military experts teach you how to survive an attack on American soil, from North Korean missiles to weaponized smallpox North Korean nukes. Dirty bombs in train stations. Chemical warfare. Americans have more reasons than ever to be afraid. If a nuclear missile strikes, will you know what to do? If a nerve agent is released in your office building, will you know the best way to avoid harm? The U.S. Armed Forces Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Survival Manual gives you the information you need to survive a terrorist attack. It contains the best practices of all the United States’ military services, adapted for the first time for civilian use. Experts agree that the threats posed by terrorists and enemy nations have never been graver. This handbook is the single most effective tool you can own to protect yourself and your family against the danger looming over our homeland. This manual will show you how to: – Protect yourself during a chemical or biological attack – Recognize the indicators of nuclear, chemical and biological attack – Develop a simple and effective family action plan – Guard against the radiological effects of a dirty bomb – Assist victims of nuclear, chemical, or biological agents – Assemble and store the everyday materials that could save your life

Dick Couch
April 3, 2003
256 pages

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Preparing for the unthinkable is the key to our Code Orange way of life, according to this fact-filled but awkwardly packaged primer. Couch, an ex-Navy Seal and author of The Warrior Elite, has culled military and government publications for “best practices” in coping with nuclear, biological and chemical attacks, which he presents along with gruesome lore on the history, use and effects of NBC weapons. There’s a lot of information, but much of it is not for the average reader. One chapter covers protective military gear that Couch concedes is not very appropriate for civilians, and half the book is taken up by appendices, including a lengthy one of NBC casualty treatment protocols for doctors and nurses. While many of the procedures here require special equipment and training, there are some simple tips for laypeople. Curling up in a basement corner after a nuclear blast, for example, can cut your radiation dose by a factor of ten (provided you are outside the “100 percent lethality ” zone), while heavy clothing and a wet cloth over the nose and mouth help protect in a chemical or biological strike. After an attack, most fallout/toxins/spoors can be washed off, preferably with diluted bleach. And do use that duct tape. The manual is written in a dryly technical, safety-label style whose authoritative tone is reassuring (“If exposed to a chemical attack and protective gear is not available, attempt to seek shelter and to minimize the inhalation of the agent”). Readers will hopefully never need to use any of this advice, but some may sleep easier knowing they could. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc. About the Author Dick Couch, Captain, U.S. Navy (retired), is a former Navy SEAL, combat veteran and CIA case officer. He is the author of four novels, SEAL Team One, Pressure Point, Silent Descent, and Rising Wind, and a nonfiction book on the training of navy SEALS, The Warrior Elite. An avid skier and fly fisherman, Dick and his wife, Julia, live in central Idaho. <div id="

  • This is a good book for the price but the title is a little misleading. Let me clarify that this is not a bullet point to do list for NBC survival. While there is a lot of good detail it’s not the manual that you would expect. It’s more of a high level type discussion. Still a great one to have.
  • Don’t bother with this one. Only has a small amount of information you can find for free online, mixed in with lots of political opinions, and “history” that is not well researched.
  • Out of date, with very little easily obtained information regarding the most fundamental actions an attacked civilian population can take. Seems to me more of a frustrated military historians excuse to finally write the book he’s always wanted to write and then mis-title it for sales benefit. I mean…Mustard gas?? Where’s the 1000 times more likely EMF attack? Where’s the easily available ascorbic acid for radiation overdose? Dense, academic and pretty low use as an actionable quick-to-use self-survival emergency manual.
  • Mainly it is outdated. Published 16 years ago. Many references and illustrations have changed. Plus, It is has a lot of historical information. Might be right for someone with zero knowledge of the subject…A beginners book…but, even then, a good bit of out dated information.
  • Ok, so if the worse happens this book has the information you will need. If you want to know of the types of medication that is needed to defend against some of the biological attacks presented this book will tell you. I believe that knowing and preparing makes you a survivor. This book prepares you.
  • This book starts interesting, but it is truly a survival manual in the sense that a lot of the information provided is things like “yes buy a military gas mask”. In that sense, the title of the book is what you’re going to get. Most of the information isn’t very useful to the average American except those who really have the desire to build a doomsday prepper vault.
  • This book has a lot of philosophy, history and background information on cbrn. The instructional information is tucked within. So this isn’t a quick and dirty handbook on cbrn response it’s more of a book explaining the aforementioned topics with response tied in. So if you don’t like reading probably not for you.
  • Excellent well written read. Good hands-on advice on steps one can take to help survive a nuclear, radiation, biological or chemical attack or disaster. Written to a great extent in laymen’s terms and language to allow ease of understanding.
  • Very American. Very dry. Not an easy read. Ok if you like reading the phone book.
  • Have not got round to reading it yet, I am sure I will enjoy.
  • Received today, checked the content and solutions in case of a chemical catastrophe. Very good book, am going to read in full over the weekend, my husband as well. Going to add stickers on specific data you can quickly check in case needed. We just hope we never are going to need this book but better be prepared than not. Also very good information to keep in the First Aid kit so that we can help others. A+!
  • Hope that I will never have to uses this book in a real nuclear catastrophe.
  • Good info but as some have said, about half the book is appendacies. All valid information, set out like a manual but has a feel of something put together from a bunch of sources.
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