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Here’s your chance to become a more efficient carpenter. Larry Haun has been a production framer for more than 35 years and a teacher of apprentices for more than 20. In this book, Haun shows you, step by step, all the techniques he uses to frame a basic house, from laying down the sills to cutting the rafters. You’ll learn about:cutting and installing posts and girdersjoisting and sheathing fluentlylaying out, cutting, assembling, and raising wallsframing gable roofs, hips and valleys, and truss roofsbuilding various types of stairsThere is an opening chapter on tools, plans, codes, permits, lumber, and materials, and additional information throughout the book on safety and site-built tools.The Very Efficient Carpenter is no less than a complete course in basic framing.

Larry Haun
October 1, 1998
224 pages

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Larry Haun has worked as a carpenter in southern California for four decades and has been a Habitat for Humanity volunteer since the 1980s. He has taught apprentice carpenters at a local community college for more than 20 years. Larry lives in coastal Oregon, where he continues to build houses for Habitat. <div id="

  • Construction and remodeling are passions of mine. I love what I do. Larry Haun may be the very best of the best carpenters in the history of mankind.I started my own contracting business recently and what I love about building and remodeling is it’s truly science, math, art, teamwork, all Good things. It’s also ever changing with advancements in building science and materials. There is so much to learn about a huge number of topics. Start with this book as a carpenters baseline.I highly recommend ANYTHING from Taunton Press, Fine Home Building, Code Check, etcThis is a no brained 5 star recommendation.
  • I actually had thrown this particular book on the read pile almost a year ago. I found myself with a few hours to kill, and went to my local McD’s for a little breakfast and coffee.I spent about 2 hours skimming thru this book, from cover to cover, and I have to admit, there was a lot to learn in this book. No, I didn’t read this book from cover to cover, but I read enough content to familiarize myself with its contents, and to also glean several good ideas from it. I’m an experienced woodworker, but was delighted in finding several solutions to old problems that were better than my common practices.The section on measurements not only reminded me a lot of some of the things I learned in Geometry about 50 years ago (yes, kids – you actually DO use some of that stuff), but also gave me a good reason to go over to youtube and get some ideas on how to build a marking jig and maybe a compass. I got a chuckle out of how I’ve been doing things the “old way” (and making a lot of mistakes along the way. This section alone was worth the price of the book (which, btw, I got used).In the end, this book has earned a place on the bookshelf in my workshop, as a reference and as a reminder of techniques that I may have forgotten over the years. The book is well worth the few dollars I paid for it, and recommend your getting a copy for yourself or your son or daughter – there is something here for everyone, regardless of experience.
  • His name is Larry Haun… His name is Larry Haun… Now that my fight club chant of reverence is over Larry is great carpenter and teacher of the trade the book and videos are both great I recomend them for any one looking to learn how to build or repair homes. Larry may have sadly passed but he will always be my Jedi master.
  • This book is very informative and gives you an amazing insight into how to go about building a house. I know that sounds very specific but the fact that I’m a beginner in the construction business and this helps things make a whole lot more sense is a great win for me.
  • This man is amazing. If you have watched his videos you need this book because its the code…. Buy it.
  • This is a book about “framing”, the means of building a wood-frame house.Well illustrated with good explanations of teh small details of construction.Not too much about the actual craft skills and tools. But then, the title does not convey that.
  • I happened upon Larry Haun videos on youtube while researching multiple off-grid cabin builds. This book is an excellent resource for the Pro or the wanna-be carpenter that just wants to educate themselves on residential construction. Thanks to recent work, I am able to get under my 1939 Cape Cod to inspect much of the plumbing and electrical. This book has helped me to understand how the home was built in the first place (on piers) and what a proper construction would look like.
  • Great book about framing tips and general structural carpentry.If you haven’t seem Larry on HGTV or whatever channel it was, I highly recommend you watch his videos. He’s an old timer who just knows how to get things done fast and, as the book says, efficiently. I’ve never seen anyone drive nails like he does. It’s like watching an artist at work.Used this book and really no significant prior experience to frame all interior walls of an entire 1000sf third story addition at my place in Mass. The building inspector passed me first time and complimented the “framer” on his work (I hadn’t told him it was me since I didn’t want him to be looking for things to ding me on).
  • I am a big fan of the Author Larry Han.There is a video counter part to this book on the internet.A great carpenter, the book is superb as expected.
  • good read
  • The book was described as new, an unopened gift.It arrived and was exactly as described.
  • Good book
  • very happy
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