Ultimate Guide: Wiring, 8th Updated Edition (Creative Homeowner) DIY Home Electrical Installations & Repairs from New Switches to Indoor & Outdoor Lighting with Step-by-Step Photos (Ultimate Guides) PDF AZW3 EPUB MOBI TXT Download

Ultimate Guide: Wiring, 8th Edition demystifies residential electrical systems with easy-to-understand language, step-by-step photography, and detailed illustrations. Learn how to:Make common electrical repairsAdd new switches and receptaclesInstall lighting fixtures, appliances, & outdoor lightingRun wiring from room to roomAdd new circuits & service panelsAs a homeowner, you’ll learn how your house’s electrical system works and how to complete installations and repairs. This project-based book shows how to select the right cable, wires, and other equipment, and how to run wiring through walls and between floors. Projects guide you through installing switches, outlet receptacles, electrical appliances, and lighting systems.You’ll also learn how outdoor lighting, including security and low-voltage systems, can help improve and illuminate the exterior areas around your home.The eighth edition has been updated with the latest information on everything from big screen TVs to 3-way switches required by the National Electrical Code.Ultimate Guide to Wiring explains residential electrical systems in easy-to-understand terms to help you learn how to work with electric wiring and repair, replace, and install typical electrical-system elements. Learn how to work like a professional electrician, and save money with DIY home electrical installations and repairs!

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January 3, 2017
304 pages

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Ultimate Guide to Wiring explains residential electrical systems in easy-to-understand terms. It shows how to work with electric wiring and repair, replace, and install typical electrical-system elements. From the Back Cover ULTIMATE GUIDEWIRINGSave money by making all types of home electrical repairs and improvements with the help of this complete easy-to-follow guide.Replace faulty electrical switches and receptaclesInstall interior and exterior home lighting systemsLearn about the materials and tools you need to work like a proUpgrade your home’s wiring for safety and convenienceDetailed How-to Wiring DiagramsAdd lighting systems, switches, and electrical receptacles.Learn how to work like a professional electrician.Install safe and long-lasting outdoor wiring systems. About the Author Consumers recognize Creative Homeowner as their leading and trusted source for the best information, inspiration, and instruction related to the house and home. Creative Homeowner is the preeminent publisher of books on all aspects of decorating and design; home repair and improvement; house plans; gardening and landscaping; and grilling. Creative Homeowner’s books stand out from other publications with their complete and easy-to-follow instructions, up-to-date information, and extensive use of color photography. Among its best-selling titles are Ultimate Guide to Home Repair and Improvement, Updated Edition; Ultimate Guide: Plumbing, 4th Updated Edition; and Ultimate Guide: Wiring, 8th Updated Edition. Read more <div id="

  • This book, is pretty amazing at a glance. Colored pictures and over 300 pages of information compiled within the pages. It has an index and glossary, as well as tabs very easy to see. So I guess you’re wondering why I gave it one star?The book is called a ultimate wiring guide, is so limited in basic information of wiring that I was surprised to see them go the national electric code standards. However a lot of information of what you would need for some very basic wiring of your home is not included. Furthermore information on types of plugs switches etc. are all over the place. Rather than put all the common information together so person that is looking for specific type of item to be adjusted. Installed..they put these in random areas throughout the book.The problem with people when they write books, is they look at it from the authors point of view. And I can see some of the logic in this book the way it was written. It is written from from the point of view of someone that has knowledge. And not the reader who will be looking for information. Looking at glossary, and the index the information is sure and unclear.This will be the first book, having been a member at Amazon for over 10 years, I usually will never return a book as being to active. Unless it arrived torn or something on the lines but this is nothing like the description is not a complete guide at all. In fact they go into other areas of the book, such as home security and other electronics rather than being thorough and basic electrical information. The book is kind of odd in the way it’s presented. They want to revise you some of the very most basic information a user will need to get started, understanding how electricity works. The may have incomplete schematics that make it impossible to understand the process unless you are in electrician. It’s like the book was written by a master electrician for other master electricians. But they include information for very basic wiring and understanding of electrical mechanics.I’m not trying to be hard on this book on purpose. But it needs to be rewritten to be sure it includes all the basic wiring information. A lot of this stuff has been around information wise for over 100 years but is absent from this book. I can appreciate the amount of work that went into this book, and it’s obvious there’s some passion behind supplying such a detailed piece of information. But it seems like at the end the book was not supplying the information a basic person would need and that’s disappointing being how nice the book looks at how much work obviously went into it.
  • Good overview over DIY electrics – comprehensive information, easy to read, lots of really good pictures and wiring diagrams. Includes lots of information on coax and cat5 as well, as well as good overview of materials and tools needed. My concern is that it focuses more on “this is how you do it” instead of “don’t ever do this”. For instance, in one guide about messing around inside the distribution panel, the “turn off the main breaker” instruction is just written as a part of step 2, with no special emphasis – it really ought to be in bold, red text with skulls next to it. And I just noticed another code requirements isn’t mentioned at all (metal boxes need to be grounded) which makes me question how complete the book really is.
  • This book is average at best, and backwards, understanding electricity and all the materials should be in the beginning chapters, not the last chapters. Book might be up to date with the text, but the pictures are severely outdated. They have drawings of VCRs and products which looks like they are from the 90s.No mention of any troubleshooting on anything electrical in the book.Not ultimate at all.
  • This book uses a lot of pictures with very limited and unclear instruction. If your home has the exact wiring colors as this book, you have a 50/50 shot. If not, you are left with very little understanding of troubleshooting the problem. Looking at the 3 way switch explanation is a great way to identify a bad book. The pictures really dont explain much, and the diagrams are a mess. I cant believe this book is the highest rated.. dont believe the hype, it’s an ultimate disaster waiting to happen. Electricity is not difficult, but many of the concepts people buy books to fix need more than a couple pictures.
  • This is my wiring Bible. I did my entire house from scratch. And passed my inspection on the first attempt.
  • Let me start by saying I love books. I would rather pick up a book to research a project than search the internet. However, that being said, the world moves at an icredible pace and a prime example is seen with some of the sections in this book. For me the section devoted to home alarm wiring is delinquent, there is no mention of wireless systems etc. With the home automation moving so rapidly it must be hard for book publishers to keep up. Simple projects such as wiring a light switch can be complicated with automation and wifi built into them. I returned the book as I realized most of the projects in the book would require further research because of the extra features that I would be using.
  • If you take wiring seriously, this is not the book for you.I’d misplaced my Rex Caldwell [while he’s listed as a “Contributing Writer”, he has his own book, which is superb] and thinking it would turn up eventually, decided to try this book. Didn’t realize it was a housewives’ guide!I knew I was in trouble when, in the first 30 seconds of ownership, I went to the index looking for “subpanels” … nothing. “Panels” ?… nothing. Checked the title. Maybe the title said “Writing” and not “Wiring”?Bottom line, too many subjects treated very superficially. Certainly not enough accurate information for anyone wanting to get their hands dirty. Pablum. Don’t buy.
  • It was easily written for those starting in the electrical trade. There were lot of easy to follow illustrations. Sometimes, it could be too simple for experience folks. Nevertheless, I wished there are more references to NEC code as the book progressed. I noticed there were only 30% references to the NEC code on the beginning of the book. I hope there would be more by putting them next to the pictures for beginners like me. Overall, I recommend it to those starting on the electrical trade. It is definitely not for those experience in the trade.
  • I’d have to move to America to appreciate it. This is not obviously apparent on Amazon UK and I can’t understand it’s prominence on books on home wiring in the UK on Amazon UK. Avoid unless you are emigrating to the States.
  • Didn’t realise it was for the American market, I’ll take more care next time
  • This product is unsuitable for the UK market as it relates to American electrical system and national codes and should not be sold this side of the pond. Totally useless – how it is stored in UK warehouse for distribution is bewildering
  • This book may have some interesting electrical information but non of the illustrations I saw were for British electrics. These books should state which country they are designed for. Each country has its own electrical equipment and regulations. I will be returning it.
  • DIYERS should be aware that this book is written for the USA MARKET – I found it confusing.
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